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Smccandlish commented on 10 Mar 2014
This company badly needs to get their product and company naming, icons and version numbering settled into some sane system. As of this writing, Mac.Informer says that "My Alarm Clock" is a free app, by, and is at ver. 1.6. Meanwhile, MacUpdate says "Alarm Clock" is free and a ver. 1.2.1 but that "My Alarm Clock" (with a different icon) is at 1.1, but not free, and that both are products of MYW Productions at Then to confuse things further, the Apple App Store says both are at ver. 1.1, that "Alarm Clock" is free, "My Alarm Clock" is not, both have the same icon, and both are products of Apalon Limited a.k.a. Apalon Apps. Please get your act together. If you can't even get the basics of your company and its products in order, I don't trust you to code anything I want on my system.
[Version 1.1]


Smccandlish reviewed on 03 Mar 2014
This has been working very reliably for me since 2013, including in Mavericks. Turning it off feels like dropping back into Mac OS 9 or something, I'm so used to the features this adds to and enhances in the Finder. Agree with other commenter that you should turn features on one at a time until you understand what they do and decide if you want them or not. This utility is very individually configurable. I once criticized it for trying to do too much, but it's handling it all well. I too occasionally get Finder crashes, but I did even without this installed, so I'm not entirely comfortable blaming this software for them. The recovery is graceful enough - just restart finder and XtraFinder.
[Version 0.18.2]

Smccandlish commented on 17 Feb 2014
This really only works with the MacBook, not other Macs? I run Mavericks on a 2010 Mac Pro, and this would be useful for me, if it works. If it's not limited to MacBooks in particular, I'd suggest a rename. If it really only work on MacBooks, how hard would be it be to broaden this app to include other Macs? I'm guessing not too bad, since you're also making something similar for PCs. :-)
[Version 9.3.0]

Smccandlish commented on 11 Nov 2013
Just use VLC or MPlayer. This isn't working with the current QuickTime, and QT is a pain anyway. For conversion/transcoding, see another free tool, Handbrake.
[Version 1.2.3]


Smccandlish reviewed on 17 Oct 2013
It's pretty much perfect for its purpose, and I really like the effect. Of course, it's subjective - I don't have brainwave scans or whatever, to prove that it's improving my computing experience at night - but I feel that it is. The only thing I would change is that the option to shift brightness and color tone gradually should certainly be on by default. You don't even notice it happening over the course of the evening, like the sun itself progressively going down. The default sudden-change option is jarring.
[Version 23.0]

Smccandlish commented on 01 Oct 2013
Does NOT work in OS X 10.8.5. This WAS actually still working (other than it would not auto-start at startup) in Mountain Lion up to 10.8.4, but is now completely malfunctional ever since I allowed the system to update itself to 10.8.5. Bummer. This was a 5-star utility for me.
[Version 2.2]

Smccandlish commented on 27 Sep 2013
Didn't work for me. After installing it and allowing it to make itself the default app for ZIP files, I clicked on a ZIP file and it simply expanded instead of opening like a Finder folder as promised. (System 2010 Mac Pro, OS X 10.8.5, enough RAM and disk space to kill a horse.)
[Version 1.0.1]


Smccandlish reviewed on 07 Aug 2013
Now works as advertised, with regard to all of its features that I've tried, which is most of them. All of the bugs I reported about a previous version have been fixed, and the app is much more stable now. I use it primarily for the tabbed Finder windows, but many of its other features are useful.
[Version 0.16.3]

Smccandlish commented on 08 Apr 2013
PTHvolume (also free) does all of this and considerably more than option-click on the built-in Volume menu bar icon in Lion and Mountain Lion. There's no need for this app at all any longer (or its various clones). PTHvolume gives you some extras, however, including keyboard shortcuts that work on non-Apple keyboards, different shortcuts for controlling volume of different devices, and ability to exclude devices from the menu if you don't use them.
[Version 2.5.1]

Smccandlish commented on 08 Apr 2013
PTHvolume (also free) does all of this and considerably more. There's no need for this app at all. The functionality it provides is provided by Mountain Lion itself (option-click the Volume menu bar icon). If you need more than that, like separate volume controlling keyboard shortcuts for different audio devices, keyboard shortcuts that work when you don't have a stock Apple keyboard, ability to exclude audio devices from the list if you don't use them, use PTHvolume.
[Version 1.35a]

SMcCandlish had trouble on 04 Jan 2007
If you can't get this thing to install (e.g. it says that it can't find an existing version to upgrade, but you do actually have one installed), just use Pacifist (available here at MacUpdate) to extract all the bits and pieces and put them in the right places. Hints: To install to /usr/bin and /usr/share (the unixy bits), use Terminal to go to /usr/bin and do "open .", and do the same in /share, to open those usually hidden folders in the Finder, so you can drag-drop from Pacifist into them. Be sure not to overwrite entire folders; i.e. do not drag-drop /usr/share, but open /usr/share/man/man1 and drag-drop the appropriate FILE into that folder; same goes for the stuff intended for /Library and /System, etc. Put the files EXACTLY where Pacifist says they should go (e.g. the app must be in /Applications not /Applications/Utilities or ~/Applications). The only downside is that Pacifist runs a prebinding update after every single drag-drop operation (even for, say, documentation files, which have no prebinding). So it takes quite a while. Lastly, because I trust Apple's installer to get the permissions right more than I trust Pacificist, after doing all of this, I re-run the .pkg installer, which now has an "Upgrade" option, that actually works (it just reinstalls everything I just manually installed, but does it the Apple-preferred way.) PS: Pacifist is a little buggy - sometimes it can take two drag-drop operations to actually get it to do anything. You'll see it working when it happens correctly. Hope this helps folks.
[Version 3.1]

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