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Smayer97 reviewed on 23 Nov 2013
VERY basic tool. Many alternatives available that are cheaper and even free.
[Version 2.0.1]

Smayer97 commented on 14 Nov 2013
screen shot is out of date...Does not look like this anymore
[Version 4.3.3]

Smayer97 commented on 09 Nov 2013
Thanks MacUpdate BUT too bad for me, I cannot use this as I am still on Snow Leopard (OS X.6.8). Too bad choice was not better. Oh well.
[Version 2.0]

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Smayer97 replied on 23 Nov 2013
Thanks for sending me v1.4.1 for OS X.6.8

Smayer97 reviewed on 22 Oct 2013
Overall I think I like GLIM (since using 1.0.38) BUT a few issues I have.

First, I notice that the X to close tabs is gone and do not know how to restore it.

I only recently discovered that it installed a publin in my FIREFOX browser TOO. What in the world? I was only looking to install for Safari. I have no idea what it does in Firefox.

Reading the notes for 1.0.41 I saw a reference to blekko and have noticed look ups to blekko when browsing in Firefox but had not idea what it was. I do not appreciate GLIMS installing in Forefox without my knowledge or approval! Hence the low rating.

Not sure what 1.0.41 will do.
[Version 1.0.41]

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Smayer97 replied on 22 Oct 2013
publin -> plugin

Smayer97 replied on 23 Oct 2013
You say it is only for Safari but I have a GLIMS plugin in Firefox too. I know no other place this could have come from. I search internet and I am not the only one that has found this. And why do I see Firefox trying to access blekko when doing searches or browsing? I never noticed that before.
Smayer97 commented on 15 Oct 2013
Note that itap Mobile has been discontinued as of October 8th 2013, as per their website:

Smayer97 rated on 04 Jul 2013
[Version 2.01.3]


Smayer97 reviewed on 04 Jul 2013
Unfortunately does not capture full width of webpage; gets cut off and no settings to adjust this behaviour.

One of the reasons I bought the bundle but does not perform as desired.
[Version 2.01.3]

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Smayer97 replied on 04 Jul 2013
Forgot to mention: need to naviaget to URL using their built in web browser; no integration into browsers, or other means trigger without having to go through multiple steps: copy URL, open their app, paste URL, capture page.
Smayer97 commented on 12 Mar 2013
It actually attenuated my sound for ALL apps instead, at the MAX settings. WHen I removed, it all returned to normal.

What a shame.
[Version 1.0.2]


Smayer97 reviewed on 13 Oct 2011

I tried this and it rendered my Mac very unstable.

I am a Mac (and Wintel) veteran of over 26 yrs. I know my way around. In my test, I only cleared cache and non-essentials.

The only part I find useful is the version tracking report.

Has lots of useful features but I have no confidence in them as this point.
[Version 1.8.1]


Smayer97 reviewed on 13 Oct 2011
TERRIBLE! Very limited!!!

1. does not allow chaning partitions on boot drive
2. does not work with SoftRAID
3. Does not work with AppleRAID (per their documentation), which is odd because AppleRAID is listed in the format types. I don't get that!
4. does not recognize RAID volume names, so cannot be sure which partition is which, when partitions are similar size
5. Loads both main drive AND volumes separately in list clicking on volume states it cannot find a Partition Map for the volume, but allows manipulating the volume without having to go to map of original drive map...DANGEROUS!
[Version 3.3.1]

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Smayer97 replied on 18 Oct 2011
@iPoopStore - Oh my word! You would think I was threatening the life of your only born child! Lighten up!

I guess I could have stated that...I do like its graphical presentation, and the level of detail in its identification and information of partitions.

And, I am glad you have had a good experience with this product and with their support. Fact is, it still has come serious shortcomings for a serious partitioning tool, especially where it presents partitions in a way that can be altered that should not be permissible, i.e. point 5.

And no, I have not purchased the product for the very reason of its shortcomings. I used the demo and read in detail its documentation. These are factual researched and educated statements, not "I am so sure..." like you say, without verification.

Smayer97 replied on 09 Nov 2013
Wow. 8 months for a response.

Anyway, I have not tried the current version (3.4.3) but my review stands. Boot drive partitioning did not work (I did try from another drive at the time--been around Macs since 84).

The response is just a bunch of excuses. Bottom line is iPartition does not handle many situations you ought to expect AND does not protect the user well from causing undue damage. For such a utility that is inadequate, to say the least.
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