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Sleav reviewed on 24 Nov 2013
Much as I want to love BookMacster (and BookDog), they both suffer from the same issue - the developer thinks like a developer, not like a Mac user. The interface is filled with esoteric naming protocols that may be unfamiliar to the new user, the graphic interface is anything but intuitive. I do programming myself and became really frustrated trying to make it work. I have well over a thousand bookmarks and keeping them well-organized is a major challenge - and I wish this software were less grating. For instance, just try and drag a subfolder out of a folder - every folder you drag over pops open in fractions of a second, you try and let go and the difference between a folder being nested or placed outside is a few pixels of mouse position. Lots more stuff like that. Safari is just as irritating, but then that's why I was looking for a third party. This great app needs a good U/X designer to give it an overhaul
[Version 1.19.7]

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Sleav replied on 26 Nov 2013
This is a remarkable reply, I am truly impressed. I’m going to reactivate BookMacster (I turned it off, it was simply too frustrating) and follow SheepSystem's suggestions. FWIW I find the Mavericks Bookmark manager far MORE infuriating, for instance, good luck trying to drag and drop a bookmark in between an existing subfolder and an adjacent bookmark (one level up) immediately adjacent vertically. It’s like Whack-A-Mole. I’ll review and if they’ll let me, I’ve got to beef up this app's MacUser rating at LEAST one star just for this amazing responsiveness. I still stand by my feelings - at least for the moment - about this app's overall U/X experience, and I suspect it’s something to do with the way the developer's mind looks at these problems. I’m not sure that I need a reduced feature-set, it’s that the graphical way the information is presented is just not intuitive. But then, being a designer, I’m a pain in the ass that way. In the meantime I have to say thank you so much to Jerry for clarification, and teaching!

Sleav reviewed on 25 Oct 2013
This software is brilliant, and has become my go-to solution for hourly billing. I even have Mac Calenders integrated with BusyCal and it all syncs via iCloud on to iPhone, iPad and MacBookPro - so keeping track of billable hours (and time spent otherwise) is a click and some typing away.
I set up individual "calendars" for each project, by name, and then write in a short name (just to be safe) and what the time block is to be billed for. Example:

calendar description hours
sony sony des rev+emails .5 .5

At the end of the month, I just run a search on text string "sony" and every billable hour is waiting - and totalled up. Can then export to text, dump the text into a statement (or add as an attachment) and it's done.

Also Steven Riggs has been super-responsive and dead on with customer support.

The software could perhaps use a facelift if you're picky, but it's still working fine under OS X Mavericks 10.9
[Version 2.0.3]


Sleav reviewed on 24 Oct 2013
What a regrettable blunder. Apple's Pages program was inches from becoming the ultimate document/content creation tool - a decent word processor combined with a fabulous page layout program.

Instead, this latest upgrade to version 5 (under Mac OS X Mavericks) is hobbled. They actually REMOVED key features. Some examples: Want to multiply-select a number of pages in thumbnail - you can't! Want to change character spacing - used to be if your "Inspector" was open, you could reach over and click. Now you have to select a tool, click on a symbol, open another box -you get the idea.

I am IMMEDIATELY restoring my v 4 version if it will let me. Apple, you really blew it. I dont' care if I paid $90 once upon a time and now its free - its just BAD.
[Version 5.0]

Sleav commented on 20 Oct 2013
This is NOT a review of TimeLog (so why waste your time, you may well ask) - the news that TimeLog adds in custom URLs scared me off - my entire billings operations floats or sinks based on the integrity of my Mac's Calendar/iCloud database. I just wanted to put in a good word for Steven Riggs' TimeTable - it's in need of a facelift and some updating, but really gets the job done. I do wish ANY of these apps were smart enough to notice FOR ME when I change tasks - but that's asking for a lot, and most likely and interrupting popup asking "Are you switching tasks?" would grow to annoy me in short order...
[Version 4.6.1]

Sleav commented on 02 Sep 2013
This seems to be a good little app, but I noticed that after a sort (I chose to sort with "folders first") I wanted folders to be LAST in my bookmarks toolbar only - so I opened up Bookmarks in Safari and manually dragged the folders to be last. Then, when I opened up the folders - the bookmarks inside had been returned to their unalphabetized state. Not sure what I did wrong or if this is a problem with the app.
[Version 2.0.0]


Sleav reviewed on 27 Apr 2013
I really wanted to like this app, and I did until it abruptly stopped syncing with my iCloud Contacts. Just one day, showed 0 contacts. (I have over 2,800 in the "Contacts" app). Emailed for help and after several days, got a question that was already answered in my first email. Resent the original question (ie WhatThe...) and after five days gave up. Deleted all Cobook files, re-downloaded and reinstalled. Worked again, for 24 hours, then - 0 contacts. I gave up, deleted the app. Fifteen bucks wasted, I guess.
[Version 1.2.5]


Sleav reviewed on 10 Dec 2012
Blue Crab has proven to be the #1 software for grabbing up URL contents. The interface takes a bit of looking around, it is amazingly packed with features - but it's reliable and does exactly what it says it does, very fast.

Best of all, Limit Point Software has been VERY responsive to any and all questions.

If you're serious about web work, this software is the only way to go in this category, in my Humble Opinion...
[Version 5.0.06]


Sleav reviewed on 02 Aug 2012
I've been a dedicated fan and owner of FA Pro 5 since v.2, but this version appears to be off to a not-so-good start, at least in my experience with the demo.

First of all, I'm surprised that Insider is still trying to force us into setting up a library named "FontAgent Pro Fonts" in our documents folder. All I want is a folder named "Fonts" and I again have to try and outsmart FA Pro's default behavior on this. I should have the easy, no thinking about it option to store my fonts (over 10,000) where I would like them, and name the folder what I would like, without having to delete folders set up for me and backtrack and re-do the program's defaults.

This version asked to create a new library of fonts in spite of my FA Pro 4 fonts folder being already set up - ok. So I asked FA Pro to import my fonts, and about 10 minutes later.... the program crashed.

Also, I don't know why but FA Pro seems to be rendering in the "Player" 2/3 of my font collection in the system default font instead of previewing the font. If, however, I locate the same font in the finder and double-click it, the font preview opens and shows the font A-Z, 1-0 perfectly. Truetype seems particularly troublesome for FA Pro 5.

So far, I'm glad I haven't plunked down my upgrade fee - yet.
[Version 5.020]

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Sleav replied on 20 Aug 2012
Jer - OK, perhaps "Forcing the name" wasn't correct - one can name it what you want. But, meanwhile, FAP has already created, named and installed a folder named "FontAgent Pro fonts" in your User (~) folder. Creating and naming another storage location will work - but the FontAgent Pro folder is there - to discover and delete later, I suppose.

In much the same philosophy, when one goes to create a new library, FAP gives you the option of the default library "My Fonts" - but if you create and name a new library, the "My Fonts" folder has already been created, named and installed in your fonts storage location, whether you like it or not.

I'll contact Insider about the repeated Application crashes I've experienced with every attempt to import all fonts from my User folder, but I am surprised that FAP has'nt use this "upgrade" to change what I feel is Microsoft-like user interface behavior.

Sleav replied on 20 Aug 2012
Yes, me too. After the fifth unexpected quit during imports - and because of a lack of any perceptible improvement in the interface, I'm sticking with 4 as well. Tx

Sleav reviewed on 30 Jul 2012
I wanted to give BackBlaze five stars across the board - ease of use, great value! problem is, at least for those of us with LOTS of data to back up, BackBlaze's team acknowledged a tech bug that made it impossible for me to continue to use it - after a certain amount of files are uploaded, the database file controlling BackBlaze simply hits its maximum - and no more backups can take place. I have almost 3TB of data (including lots of graphics files, html files and mp3 files) and I was unable to complete backing up these drives in several tries. BackBlaze has acknowledged the problem, said they were working on it, and sadly I haven't heard back that they've solved it.


Sleav reviewed on 24 Jul 2012
Wow. Once again Intuit rides to the rescue - with a flaming pitchfork. Here's a question: how many paid Apps on your Mac have announced that they won't run on Mountain Lion without a paid upgrade?

Answer: 1.

Intuit has just announced that Quickbooks 2011 will not run on Mountain Lion. No problem, as long as you don't mind that the upgrade price for Quickbooks 2012 is the same cost as buying the software new: $183.96.

It amazes me, just after you think Intuit can't be any more venal and disrespectful of its loyal Mac customers, it ups the ante yet another time.

Moneywell, here I come. Quickbooks, I hope you follow Quark's example of extreme corporate arrogance, and find yourselves with a market share slowly dwindling toward zero.
[Version 13.0.8 R9]

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