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Skyhorse reviewed on 29 Mar 2014
I started using Task Coach about a week ago as an alternative to an older, less capable Mac/iPhone synching to do list app, and I have a LOT of stuff in it already. However, I started running into a problem with the sync, which is critical for me. I reviewed the error code that I'd pulled up from taskcoachlog.txt as they recommended on their site, and provided a copy of it to them with a bug report. One of the senior developers fixed it within 24 hours, and this new version (1.3.37) is the result. Wow, how's that for responsive?
[Version 1.3.37]


Skyhorse reviewed on 09 Mar 2014
A fast, powerful, highly capable database with only one absolutely critical failing--it has NO autofill! It does have pick lists, and two layers of them, but you have to manually populate the pick lists--not an option if you have dozens of columns of data with dozens of potential entries that need an autofill capability, and you do have to go pick your item manually each time you want to use it (if it's in there yet). Otherwise you risk a mistype that will cause you to miss that item on a search or find ONLY that item when there should be dozens. You can use an external product called TextExpander if you want slightly more ease of use and don't mind spending the additional money (TextExpander costs more than Tap Forms if for Mac), but TextExpander also requires you to manually build pick lists and then select them. What I really want is to be have to use a second product to go find a data entry in the one I'm using to select from a long list of for every field in my database, oh yes.
[Version 2.1.1]


Skyhorse reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
Like all software, your perception of ColdFusion is likely to be a function of your requirement and your familiarity with the product. In the U.S. Department of Defense environment I worked in for years, ColdFusion was unbeatable (I'm retired now, but it's still in use). It enabled us to provide heavy duty operations for our entire agency across 40 sites and 16,000 personnel worldwide, providing 115 ColdFusion apps from major installations even down to tactical sites in live fire areas where bandwidth was extremely limited...and do it very securely. We did that with only three ColdFusion servers, only one of which actually faced our community. There is NO user license, so our ColdFusion requirement was about $7,000 overall, the same now as it was years ago. The system was and is fully accredited for operation. Despite this, we found that a test instance could be stood up (including the MS SQL Server back end we used) on a SINGLE Pentium 4 laptop (used just to see what could be done). Despite the fact that there are a number of Open Source ColdFusion alternatives, we found that NONE of them implemented all of the features and capabilities Adobe's version did--and we used ALL of the features and capabilities and even created new ones that we provided to Adobe for consideration for inclusion in their version. Unlike the nightmare PHP users went through a few years ago when the entire codebase changed, ColdFusion has only incrementally and effectively changed over the years. So if you need a super reliable, very easy to learn, highly secure, very reasonably priced for its purpose, super capable product of this type, it definitely should be something you look at. It is NOT a practical product for single user use, but is very much so for any size of business or organization. And no, I do not and never have worked for Adobe.
[Version 10.0 Update 12]


Skyhorse reviewed on 24 Aug 2012
Utter trash...and I've done dozens of Mac updates over the years--every version and every step since 10.1. THIS installation went very smooth and fast on my new MacBook Pro 13" (SD drive and faster processor)--BUT I didn't notice until I sync'd with my iPhone that it had ZIPPO in my calendar--and thoughtfully wiped my iPhone's calendar as well! Worse, I can't get it to take ANY modifications of the default alert times in Calendar, can't get it to use some of the calendars at all (like Birthdays), and can't get it to sync properly with the iPhone--which otherwise sync'd up with no difficulties. I've been able to recover SOME of my events from my iPad 2 as this ML setup was kind enough to tell me that I hadn't sync'd this iTunes Library with it yet, so would I like to ERASE my iPad and start over? HELL NO! I have several key apps that I use all the time that are no longer on offer on the App Store, so I guess I will have to continue to sync it ONLY with my old MacBook Pro till that one dies or I replace the iPad. I've felt for some time that iTunes sucks since you can't update and combine accounts, and now parts of the OS do too. Calendar in ML is not just useless, it will make your sync'd devices useless as well. The instructions say just restore your calendar from a backup. WHAT BACKUP? Apple doesn't want to trouble you by making things easy to find hierarchically anymore, just use Spotlight--which can't find any backups (though I should have several a week for several months before I upgraded). Wonderful job by some brilliant idiots.
[Version 10.8.1]

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Skyhorse replied on 24 Aug 2012
Now ALL my calendars on ALL computers and devices are hosed with worthless data, alerts, and in some cases duplications. Forget being able to set--or use prior set--items like on the fourth Monday of a month. Oh, and it only wiped my FUTURE calendar items--but all my old alert times and options. THANK YOU SO MUCH ICLOUD. THIS IS MY LAST REPEAT LAST MAC MISTAKE--I WILL NEVER UPGRADE OR BUY ANOTHER.

Skyhorse replied on 25 Aug 2012
Triple trash! Even when I painstakingly put ALL of my events (that I'm aware of, based on my iPad's older calendar data--but which had none of the new October or November appointments), Calendar won't take the alert times I set on the calendar, even when I tell it in iTunes to take the Calendar data off my MacBook Pro this one time. It puts in whatever alert times it feels like. This makes the calendar utterly useless on my MacBook Pro, and I'll have to stop entering events on it or alerts for events as they won't take and the iPhone overwrites the good data with trash alert times. Utter disaster. Apple, this truly SUCKS!

Skyhorse replied on 26 Aug 2012
Apparently you didn't read my first post: I DID do repeated backups. All gone! What I didn't do was try to backup my iPhone and iPad's records offline, which Apple does NOT make it easy to do. I consider this a design flaw: you should always be readily able to be in full control of your data.

Skyhorse reviewed on 20 Jan 2012
NOT so perfect. It downloads easily and looks relatively easy to figure out and use, and there is an instruction manual. However, in order to use Print Preview for pre-press or PDF export features you MUST download Ghostscript. These features are kind of critical for the intended purpose of a DTP. OK, no problem there, Ghostscript is easy to find following the links in Scribus or externally and it has its own Mac OS loader. But once it's loaded, Scribus can't find it on its own and wants YOU to give it a path. How to do that? NOT in the manual though there is a convenient placeholder for it and I couldn't find it in the user forums. Bottom line: too much Linux in this for use by most Mac users, including this relatively experienced one who's used X11 for years (but never needed Ghostscript). So for me, it's unusable as is.
[Version 1.4.0]

Skyhorse commented on 20 Jan 2012
Interesting. I have two Macs running 10.4x and 10.6x, and no need at present to buy I have an iPad 2 as well and actually now use that more than the two Macs together, to say nothing of my iPhone. Here is a tool for creating books (I'm writing my second one now)--but it works only on 10.7, not even on iPad. Real useful. Sigh. I'll stick to Calibre.
[Version 1.0]


Skyhorse reviewed on 03 Oct 2011
This is a decent product that I've used for ten years now, donating to occasionally. When they went to a subscription basis, that was OK by me to keep the product coming and updating. However, I have now donated $10 twice this year alone...and when I get notification that a new version's available, I find that I "haven't donated enough money in the last year" and can't download it, which really frosts me because it is a violation of their own terms of $10/year--NOT $10 every single upgrade! There is no way to readily resolve this with them, either. I have been using Libre Office more and more lately, and will now switch to that entirely, though there are some things in Neo Office that I do like better at the moment, some less (like the inability in Neo Office to sort multiple columns in a spreadsheet on the one selected like you can in Libre--or Excel). Too bad, but it is beginning to look like the extremely hostile, nasty postings about the change in terms earlier when they went to a subscription model were closer to the mark than what Neo has posted.
[Version 3.2.1]


Skyhorse reviewed on 20 Sep 2011
I've used this product for many years now, and have found it to be stable, effective, and incredibly useful. I have used it to manage daily tasks, personnel management, IT systems operations management, new projects, event management, and much more...and it's worked extremely well for all of these. It's more flexible than a Gantt (though those do have their place and I use them too), and I feel an excellent buy for what you get. I've had one problem with a previous version that I contacted the developer on and described, and he jumped on it and got it tracked down and fixed very quickly--great response. I have used other products of this type as well, and to my way of thinking, this is the best of the breed.
[Version 1.6.2]


Skyhorse reviewed on 27 Jul 2011
I bought this app today and spent several hours learning it well enough to put a couple of task sets into it. It does have a learning curve as it is not what it looks like (a Gantt chart with tasks). It is instead a task list with Gantt-like display option. Once you wrap your mind around that and don't try to list every item in sequence but by priority or date (using it like a task list, in other words, not a Gantt chart) then it gets a lot easier. It appealed to me because of that timeline display feature and the ability to track multiple lists at once (each with its own timeline display if desired), which make it easier to track deadlines coming as well as shifting priorities. I have sometimes previously used a Gantt chart for tracking to do and other items, so recognize the shortcomings of a Gantt for that as well. Use the right tool for the task (this for lists of prioritized to do items, a Gantt chart tool for project requirements and status in a sequential display), and both will work well for you. I like the added clarity that this approach gives to task lists, and it does do what it says it will in a way I haven't seen any other do. It's a fine product at a reasonable price for what it does and no I have no connection with the developer except as customer. Understand what you're getting into and you won't be disappointed.
[Version 2.0.3]


Skyhorse reviewed on 22 Jul 2011
To update some of the comments below, I thought I should make some new ones. I'm using OSX 10.6.8 now after using 10.6.7 and all versions back to early 2006 when I converted to Journler. I have encountered no difficulties, and there are multiple export opportunities in Journler (many outputs in many formats). They do work well to my own experience. I converted to Journler after starting a journal in Daily Journal for Windows on May 5, 1994, and have made entries just about daily ever since. I converted to MacJournal (importing my Daily Journal entries in RTF) in about 2001 while it was still free, but exported everything out to Journler in RTF after MacJournal sold out because I could see it heading for the expensive bloatware it's become. As of today, I have 7,371 entries in 18 annual folders in Journler, including a number of links and some pictures, and it continues to work like a charm. In fact, it works so well, is so easy to search, and is so important to me that I am delaying installing Lion on my MacBook Pro (or even buying a new Mac) until I know that Journler works well on Lion. I don't like to mess with success, and Journler has definitely been that for me. This is the last and longest lived of my critical softwares to update--and to me it is absolutely worth the wait. I too have tried all the journaling apps, and this is the best when you get into the kind of volume I deal with. Anything can do 200 entries. A lot fewer are reliable with 5,000 or more.
[Version 2.6b3]

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