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Sixtyk reviewed on 04 May 2012
Been in the printing and graphics industry for the last 16 years. I'm the senior graphic artist at a printing company in the Midwest. We accept files and artwork from thousands of customers every year. We get PDF files, InDesign files, Word and Excel files, even the occasional Publisher file... but I can not remember the last time I received a Quark document from any source. We removed Quark from our workflow four years ago and haven't looked back.
[Version 9.2.1]

Sixtyk commented on 15 Feb 2011
Dear Quark, Stop emailing me. I haven't updated your software in over seven years. I'm not going to.
[Version 8.5]

Sixtyk rated on 21 Jan 2011

SixtyK commented on 23 Jul 2007
I have a cell phone with a fairly limited calling area because I rarely travel out of that area.

When I do travel out of the area, I use Skype. Its free, most hotels anymore have Wi-Fi accss and Skype works as advertised.

What else do you want?

SixtyK commented on 08 Feb 2007
You make a claim that it doesn't work and you are being reasonable.

I make a claim that, in my experience with the program, it does work and I am being smug?

Sure thing. Not everybody has to agree.

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SixtyK replied on 19 Feb 2007
Fair enough, but don't I have the same right to point out the strengths?
SixtyK commented on 05 Jan 2007
Whiny nit-picking, I know...but technically, it was "System 7" not "OS 7". *grin*
[Version 5.9.4]


SixtyK reviewed on 10 Jul 2006
Me again... While I have not yet attemped to import pre-ripped tracks again, I successfully used the current preview release to rip the first 3 tracks from a store-bought CD+G.

I am hoping later developments will help simplify the ripping process but overall, I am impressed.

I like the keyboard combos to trigger pitch and tempo controls and they worked nicely.

I ran the video to a second monitor which likewise, worked great! This is turning out to be a solid product and I'm looking forward to see its continued deveopment.
[Version 1.0d43]

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SixtyK replied on 12 Jul 2006
Well, at the time that I wrote that, I had only tried the iTunes method... I decided to try it that way first before downloading the LAME codec.

I have since tried ripping tracks using LAME and it is quite a bit simpler.

I did have one idea I wanted to pass along though I don't know if it can even be done... It would be a nice feature if I could select a 640x480 pixel graphic to replace the black screen between songs. Basically to have my logo come up between singers instead of just the black screen.

Just a thought.

Good work anyway... You will likely be getting my money very soon *grin*

SixtyK replied on 13 Jul 2006
More questions, I know (that means I'm interested).

Is there any possibility of a demo of the burning plugin in the future? I'm a little cautious about buying it without knowing with 100% certainty that it will work with my system.

Next question. As I said, I have an iBook G4 that I use as my DJ system but because its optical drive is not CD+G compatible, I have to rip them on my G5 which is no big deal. I'll be storing the ripped files on an external 160 GB hard drive and my question is, can both computers reference the same k-Tunes library files (primarily the XML files) so that the actual import to library only has to be done once?

Hmmm... This seems to be venturing toward tech support. Perhaps it would be better for me to email you...

P.S.: I bought k-Tunes Lite last night. Thanks :)
SixtyK commented on 25 Apr 2006
There is a proposal in the voting items (I will try to find the link) to get a Mac-specific client written but at last check it had not received enough votes to be reviewed by Linden Labs for consideration. I have all of my available votes allocated in favor and again, I will try to find the link to post here.

The Linux version is allready in development. Great.

SixtyK commented on 21 Apr 2006
I don't know which amuses me more, that somebody made this or that 259 of you have downloaded it...

Seems like a waste to me.
[Version 1.0]


SixtyK reviewed on 20 Apr 2006
I have been using this program since I found it on my old Mac User Group in the mid 1990's. It has always been a useful, solid and stable program and well worth the surprisingly low shareware price.

I work for a printing company and we occasionally get images from customers in strange, non-Mac formats. This program has converted every one of them into something we can use and edit and that is only scratching the surface of what this program can do.
[Version 5.8.2]

SixtyK had trouble on 07 Sep 2009
I love Jiggler. I have been using it for some time but it seems to crash at startup under Snow Leopard.
[Version 1.3]

SixtyK had trouble on 22 Dec 2006
I hadn't played in a few months so when I ran the software yesterday, It needed to update as I expected. There was an error during the auto-update so I downloaded the installer to do it myself. The installer won't open either.

Tried it on a PowerMac G5 and an iBook G4
[Version 5.0]

SixtyK had trouble on 28 Feb 2006
I'm a little confused...

I installed this on my 12 inch iBook (1.33 GHz/512 MB RAM) and it runs great... it looks good... smooth animation...

I installed it on my G5 tower (1.8 GHz/1 GB RAM/PCI-X) and it struggles to hit 5 fps... very jerky...almost stop-motion appearance...

I would think the G5 would outperform the lower-end laptop...
[Version 1.1]

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