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Sixnon reviewed on 20 Jan 2010
Contactizer Pro is pricey as many have suggested, but I took the opportunity to purchase it at a reduced price in a bundle.

At the outset syncing to mobile devices was problematic but i decided to persevere with what had the potential to be a powerful tool.

Often at upgrade [fortunately free!] syncing to Apple's sync service would be broken, but over the period of usage I managed to reinstitute a working relationship between contactizer and my mobile devices.

The latest upgrades of CP broke sync services rather more pronouncedly that prior, and so I sought help from the Objective Decision "customer service" department. A sync would regularly take 100% of my CPU resources for hours on end, produce multiple entries, and in the end necessitated a complete clean out of ICal data, and complete removal of CP.

In the course of contact with Objective Decision I initially received no reply. Upon pressing for a reply I was told that I had not been responded to as "no one else had reported the problem". This was despite OD's forums being littered with similar or identical situations. I followed advice to other posters, completely reinstalled a CP beta, and again caused havoc with multiple entries, and non functioning sync to mobile. I expressed my frustration on the OD forum for that beta and was told, yet again, "Please instead of writing 40 lines, make shorter posts, use the right support channel and *describe* your problem precisely.", placing the onus for not functioning software upon me.

Despite promises of an overhauled sync system, I must caution prospective users to read the other reviews here and steer clear of this potentially useful, but functionally terrible software.
[Version 3.8.4]

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Sixnon replied on 22 Jan 2010
The discussion at the OD forums is accessible to read [although topic locked to further comment] here

Those who care to review it can make their own decisions as to what has occurred. Note the focus on customer service and ACTUAL functionality of the software. My comments do not differ markedly from others reviewing the software here.

The suggestion that this is an isolated case is patently false, as a cursory search of the CP forums will reveal.

The suggestion that my expression of frustration apropos non functioning software and poor customer service is "flaming" is absurd, and in and of itself problematic if suggestive of the culture of allowable topics for discussion within OD forums.

I also have been customer for some years.

Sixnon replied on 07 Feb 2010
I don't think that there is any disagreement that the software has potential to be a very useful addition to a business. Nor is there disagreement that syncing information with a mobile device can be fraught with difficulty.

As with Stassi, I would suggest that the bulk of the users of this kind of software would require it to be synced to a mobile device, and that despite claims to the contrary by OD, this is simply not reliable.

An issue which also does not seem to be in dispute, even in those who do not have a poor view of the efficacy of the software, is that OD's customer service is at least "not ideal". The first reply to my review suggests that my experiences were anomalous, or indeed that this was the response from OD, but this is not the case as the comments of Stassi and many others confirm.

If you have an issue with your software, put your hand up, own it and look for a solution with your customer. Do not berate them in public about their poor communication of the issue and pretend that no others have had such issues, or that this is a justification for ignoring their communication.

I also patiently awaited a fix over progressive updates, but not only did that fix not arrive, but the problems became progressively worse through said iterations of the software.

In fact I also suffered the extended all day event bug, but did not even get to the point of reporting that!

Again, it is not sufficient to point blame at apple and leave it at that. Apple sync services may be a "terrible, unreliable annoyance", but the long and the short of it is that Apple's sync works with my mobile devices efficiently and CP's does not.

I have said clearly if i can see a real (rather than sometime in some nebulous future) fix for the issue I will gladly put my own hand up and reevaluate my reviews of the produce.

To this date I have received no personal response from OD, and have been locked out of the threads of discussion of this issue on their forums. This does not strike me as the action of a company prepared to deal with the issue of customer service.

I think as with the previous commenter, it is reasonable for me to express my experience such that other's can make informed decisions.

Sixnon replied on 07 Feb 2010
Thanks for your reasonable disagreement.

As I have said I would happily adjust my star rating if I a. received some support from OD or b. the issue with sync was resolved.

Initially I approached OD with an issue of massive processor usage and "beachball" upon trying to access the calendar, or change a date. I was told, upon sending a log, that it was "something to do with syncing and I should turn of syncing". Alas syncing pivotal to my business which operates in multiple locations, thus necessitating mobile devices. Picture the situation. I am on the phone with a client "I think I can fit you in on Thursday at 10. I'll just check my calendar...oh hold on a minute, my computer has locked up...I'll call you back to confirm". Sometimes this calendar lockup would take 5 minutes to resolve. I decided to live with it, making notes on paper, and calling folks back, as I could not turn off sync services.

Then the situation of multiple entries, all day processes [which for me happened in 2009 not 2010] extending across weeks, then finally corruption and complete non functioning of syncing. I deleted all aspects of CP as per instruction on the forum, loosing in the process over a year's rich linking information that makes CP worth using, reinstall the latest beta, to have the same issue repeated and be told by OD that the issue was my fault or not reporting in the correct syntax!

Up until that time I had remained cheerfully supportive of the process, trusting the advice that the "the next update would fix it". In my experience each update compounded the problems, making the software completely unuseable. Given the level of communication from OD and this unuseability from me, I had to give that rating, as regardless of the potential of the software, it simply didn't work.

It may be that other third party software has issues, and indeed that APple's software itself has sync issues, but as I said prior, Apple software does the job i need it to do, and CP does not.

I went back to OD forums subsequent to reading this debate here and came across this link suggesting that even supportive members of the community there have similar issues regarding the direction of the software.
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