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Sichan reviewed on 19 Nov 2013
There are several things that I like about using Playback to stream media to my PS3 compared to some of the competition. Most importantly, Playback seems to be incredibly fast at delivering media to the PS3 and allows the PS3 to scan through movie files very quickly. It can also play media files that are linked through aliases and it can even allow the PS3 to access folders through aliases too. This is something that is not possible if using MediaLink or PS3 Media Server or if you simply connect an external hard drive to the PS3. I also like the way that searching through my massive iTunes library by artist always goes to a list of the alphabet to select for the first letter of the artist name first, rather than just displaying a complete list of all artists in the library. This greatly speeds up selection of music through the PS3 menu bar.
Other than these features, which suit me, I'd like to know from other users what are the main advantages of paying for this rather than using say, Plex, which is completely free?
[Version 1.8.16]


Sichan reviewed on 10 Aug 2010
Another Microsoft Office update that won't install.
I'm trying to install this one over version 12.2.5 but it fails every time during the Running Package Receipts phase of the install. I previously had this problem trying to install version 12.2.5 over 12.2.4. I eventually got that version to install after wiping my hard-drive, doing a clean install of Snow Leopard and then installing all my applications from scratch. I didn't install Entourage or MSN Messenger from the disk and that might be confusing the updates.
It says that installing this update will take up 239.1 MB on the hard drive even though the disk image file is around 350 MB in size so something is definitely weird with this update.
[Version 12.2.6]

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Sichan replied on 11 Aug 2010
Wow. It eventually installed. I didn't do anything different either. It just succeeded on the 25th or so attempt.
Sichan commented on 08 Jun 2010
Tried installing this around 20 times now over my current 12.2.4 installation. Every time, it says that the installation has failed when when it gets to the "running package scripts" part. I thought I must have downloaded a faulty .dmg, but I've since tried downloading it twice more and I get the same result every time.
[Version 12.2.5]


Sichan reviewed on 08 May 2010
Having used this beta 8 version for a while now I can say that it's definitely more stable than the previous beta release and hasn't caused any crashes yet. It seems to do what it's supposed to these days. Having already paid for this I'm looking forward to the finished product.
[Version 2.0b8]


Sichan reviewed on 02 Mar 2010
Every time I try and use this to stream video to my PS3 (no transcoding), the video will only play for a few minutes before I get a DNLA error and no further ability to access my files from my PS3. When I check my Mac to see if I can restart Medialink I always find it has had a hard crash i.e. can't shut down or re-start, can't re-launch the finder, only way out is to hold power button down. I connect my PS3 and Mac to my router via ethernet cables so it's definitely not a wireless network problem. I used to have no problems with Medialink 1.x when I was running Mac OS X 10.5 but since upgrading to Snow Leopard I've had to use this Beta release. Definitely not recommended. I'm going to have to start using PS3 Media Server or Playback instead.
[Version 2.0b7]

Sichan commented on 18 Jul 2008
I really like the way this GUI works but it seems to have a problem running games that require the CD to run. If you drag the game CD to the boxer icon it opens DOSBox with the CD set as the D drive and your chosen folder as the C drive. However, if you then try and run anything it seems to forget that the CD is the D drive and you get a message saying the CD is not there. It even renamed a folder that I already had on the desktop to "D" which I'm pretty sure it shouldn't be able to.

I'd like to add these games all loaded fine when using Petit DOSBox GUI which is far older and not even a Universal binary.
[Version 0.71]


Sichan reviewed on 22 Dec 2006
Obviously it would be great if this was updated to a Universal binary as it runs a bit slowly on my Intel iMac but it's still a useful piece of software.

Although it claims you can add any movie file that can be opened in Quicktime to the Movie Jukebox library this is not the case. Even with Flip4Mac installed it will not allow you to add .wmv files unless they have been opened in Quicktime and saved as a .mov file first. Also, any .avi file with the FourCC code XVID will cause Movie Jukebox to quit, even if these files open fine in Quicktime with the DivX, Perian or FFusion codecs installed. Doctoring these files with DivX Doctor allows them to be added for some reason though.
[Version 1.2.1]

Sichan commented on 30 Jun 2006
I've just noticed this script creates a file called hotmail.script in your root folder. Nasty.
[Version 0.2]

Sichan commented on 30 Jun 2006
It would be great if this thing worked but the installation instructions are increadibly sketchy.
Once installed do we need to keep the applescript file in the Applications folder?
After the applescript has been run it creates a new folder in applications with a .jar file and a .script file in it.
Instructions are then available through the webpage on how to set this up. First you have to create a new POP account. So far so good. It then isn't clear what the "incoming mail server address" is. Is this your e-mail address or the incoming mail server? This has to be named "localhost" but I've tried this on both my e-mail address and incoming mail server and neither works. The Incoming mail server port must then be 11110. Is this the port in Advanced options in Mail or actually the incoming mail server address? What are we supposed to fill in under e-mail address?
Most of the time the newly created account goes offline as soon as you try to use it to fetch mail. By mixing and matching the settings around a bit I once managed to get it to stay online but it did not fetch any mail from my hotmail account. I tried sending new messages from another account and it did not retrieve these either.
I used to have the httpmail pluggin installed and opened Mail through Rosetta on my Intel Mac but deleted and deactivated it though terminal before installing Mail To Fetch. Really wish I hadn't bothered now as this is very disappointing.
Please can the developer write better step by step instructions for installing this for Mail so that dumbasses like me can use it? Can't be that difficult.
[Version 0.2]


Sichan reviewed on 16 Jun 2006
This codec is handy for playing a number of file types with Quicktime that the DivX codec cannot handle. These include MS-MPEG4v1 and MS-MPEG4v2 encoded movies. It can also play XviD, DivX 3.11, DivX 4 and DivX 5 encoded files but since it lacks an audio parser like that of the DivX codec, it requires that any .avi file containing mp3 audio be converted to a .mov file using DivX Doctor before sound can be played. I would therefore recommend having the DivX codec installed to play back those file types. The DivX codec overrides FFusion if both codecs are installed and the decoding capabilities of the FFusion codec are only invoked when a file with video encoded by a codec the DivX cannot handle is opened. This version of the FFusion codec is fully compatible with Front Row.

On PPC machines FFusion is the fastest Quicktime decoder available for many file types. This is useful on slower machines that would otherwise play back high bitrate movies with stuttering or jerky picture. The Intel version of ffusion is much slower at decoding video than the PPC version working under Rosetta. It is also slower than the Universal binary of the DivX codec for file types that both can handle.

With both this codec and the DivX codec installed there are very few movie file types in .avi, .mov or .mp4 containers that Quicktime cannot open. The DivX codec would decode DivX 3.11, 4, 5 and Xvid movies, the Apple MPEG-4 codec would handle MPEG-4 and 3ivX 4.5.1 encoded movies whereas FFusion would decode MS-MPEGv1&2 encoded movies and any movie that has been converted to a .mov file with DivX Doctor.
[Version 3.1b]

Sichan had trouble on 14 Dec 2009
I found the only way I could get this b1 version and the last a1 version to stream video to my PS3 via an ethernet connection was to trash the album art preview component. If I didn't do this all I would get was a DNLA error followed by my PS3 telling me all my files were corrupted.
Also, this version automatically transcodes all .wmv files. This is a bit annoying as the PS3 is already compatible with most WMVs and I assume that transcoding them on the fly can only lead to a drop in quality. It would be better if there was an option to turn off automatic transcoding.
[Version 2.0b1]

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