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Shotgunweddings commented on 24 Mar 2010
I have a few feature requests too.

How about deleting an archive once it has been decompressed as an option in settings

I use stuffit expander with the OPTION key held down and it allows me to use temporary settings. That would also be a nice option for this tool too because I don't want to have to keep checking or changing settings when I drag and drop files to Rucksack

Thanks for a great product and hope to see it become more simplified so we can just drag and drop files onto it or use the OPTION key to change settings for the one time.
[Version 1.0.3]


Shotgunweddings reviewed on 10 Dec 2009
Works as advertised and it's free. No complaints.

Love the version number too 666. That should send the religious zealots into a frenzy.
[Version 6.6.6]


ShotgunWeddings reviewed on 06 Sep 2009
Does what is says and does it easily and painlessly.

I like the interface and the integrated functionality instead of having to things in separate programs.

The best part about the software is that it's idiot proof unlike other tools that assume you know what your about delete.
[Version 1.0]


ShotgunWeddings reviewed on 25 Jun 2009
Talk about some PMS'ing fangirls over my last 2 reviews.

Just because I don't like the amount of real estate wasted when trying to view a web page with FF3 doesn't give any of you whiny çunts any excuse to call me an idiot.

I'm sick and tired of more and more space being wasted for each new FF upgrade and the constant crashes when I view web pages is annoying as hell.

Unlike FireFox 3 that crashes every few hours, my Safari versions 3 -4 have not crashed once in 3 years and the only Third Party plugins I used were 1Password and iGetter

And if I wanted any lip service then I'll rattle my zipper
[Version 3.5rc3]


ShotgunWeddings reviewed on 24 Jun 2009
Wasn't even worth my bandwidth downloading this.

Should have stuck with the version 2 GUI because this has gotten uglier by the update since version 3 was vomited up from some MicroSh*t world

Thanks but no thanks
[Version 3.5rc3]


ShotgunWeddings reviewed on 21 Jun 2009
I had no serious issues with the last update 3.1.2, so I don't expect any from the 3.1.3 release.

Thanks Apple for keep us up to date with all these great developer tools and examples.

5 stars from me all across the board again!
[Version 3.1.3]


ShotgunWeddings reviewed on 18 Jun 2009
QuicKeys has no competition, I tried them all but nothing is comparable to this program's power and flexibility.

I can't wait for the final release of 4.0 especially if it finally has support for Little Snitch's windows and sheets

Thanks for such a great product all these years!
[Version 4.0b7]


ShotgunWeddings reviewed on 17 Jun 2009
19.95 for this game

I don't think so, even if you paid me the 19.95 I wouldn't play it again

This game is far from finished, repetitious and boring and far too lack lustre to be worthy of a price tag at all.

And it's not shareware, it's a demo lain and simple, a shareware game would offer a registration option within the game instead making us bandwidth on another download.

Thanks but no thanks
[Version 2.60]


ShotgunWeddings reviewed on 16 Jun 2009
What? People think this ugly browser is even close to Safari 4's speed, not for me it sure ain't.

I like FireFox for one thing and one thing only , the Tor-Privoxy button, other than that I don't use this painfully ugly and slow browser for much else. Even then when I am forced to use this program it randomly crashes and with 1 measly plug-in.

99% Safari 4 for me and 1% for FireFox

And to boot version 3 of Firefox is uglier and more wasted page viewing space than version 2 was.
[Version 3.5rc1]

ShotgunWeddings had trouble on 21 Jun 2009
Not ready for prime time!

Crashes when launched on my Mac under native Intel code or under Rosetta mode.

Using a Mac - Intel with 10.5.7 and all the latest Apple fixings
[Version 0.9]

ShotgunWeddings had trouble on 02 Jun 2008
Looks like the OSX 10.5.3 update broke something with Parallels Desktop 3.0.5600.

When I leave my windows or programs open in Parallels Desktop they start flashing like crazy. Happens when I switch from Parallels Desktop to any Mac program or the Finder and switch back to Parallels Desktop. Basically if anything overlaps Parallels Desktop's window it goes nuts when I switch back to it.

Temporary fix : Resize the Parallels Desktop window or switch from full screen to window and back.
[Version 3.0.5600]

ShotgunWeddings had trouble on 09 Dec 2007
Nothing happens after I manually copied the screensaver into the Screen Saver folder.

Just get 5 empty tubes and a very faint background of whatever windows I had open in the Finder.

Using a MacIntel with OSX 10.5.1
[Version 1.0]

ShotgunWeddings had trouble on 11 Jun 2007
Doesn't do diddly-squat for me.

Drag a file or folder on it's icon and it always says "Task completed" , even double-clicking the icon for it.

No location prompt, no tracker details, nothing but "Task completed"

Kind of strange for the tool to say it's completed when it hasn't done a thing.

MacIntel running 10.4.9 and all the latest Apple updates.

Great idea but useless at the moment, so no rating yet.
[Version 1.0]

ShotgunWeddings had trouble on 27 Mar 2007
Hey where is the icon in the menu bar gone to?

No way to control the program without it!

Mac OSX 10.4.9 , G4 PPC
[Version 3.7]

ShotgunWeddings had trouble on 21 Nov 2006
If you are experiencing the "Never ending connection" problem and empty searches, then one of the files associated with Acquisition has been corrupted.

(The ~ means your OSX user account)
1 - Delete or move these folders:
/Users/~/Library/Application Support/Acquisition
/Users/~/Library/Application Support/AcquisitionCore

2 - Delete or move this file:

3 - Launch Acquisition and register it again! Done

And make sure you haven't accidentally blocked internet access to Acquisition/Java with NetBarrier or Little Snitch. If your /System Prefrences/Sharing/FireWall is ON, make sure ports 6346, 6881 are both open!

Good luck all, and enjoy your software again!
[Version 132.7]

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