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Shatfield reviewed on 11 Aug 2010
I'm a long time ShareTool user, and I just bought Slink. Slink offers me full access to my home iTunes collection via "Home Sharing", where as ShareTool just offers access to the collection. The difference is that I can drag-n-drop tunes from my home collection via Slink, but not via ShareTool. That was a big differentiator for me.

It's been very stable, as well... and the "Always keep connected" setting works, even when my cable modem at home dropped for a while, it let me know (via growl.. nice touch!) that it had disconnected, and then a few minutes later I saw a growl notification that it had reconnected.

I'm very satisfied with this app... keep up the great work!

BTW, I rated it a 4 because the 'demo period disconnect timer' ticked me off. The trial period should be for x number of days, period - no disconnected timer at all (what's the point - if you use it for x number of days and it stops working, you'll register it!), and even after I opened the license file, it still disconnected me and I had to restart Slink.
[Version 1.3]

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Shatfield replied on 25 Aug 2010
Thanks, that's great! Keep up the good work.

Shatfield reviewed on 25 Jul 2010
I am a Java developer, and I use Windows 7 in a VM on my MacBook Pro to do my coding (it's a company standard).

I used VMWare for a long time, perhaps over a year, and it worked ok, but was not fast enough for me. I decided to test VMWare and Parallels, and Parallels came out on top as far as speed of compilation goes, but not by a wide margin. I decided to switch to Parallels because every little bit helps. I also reinstalled my Mac from scratch, so that it was 100% fresh.

After just 2 weeks of using Parallels, I noticed a few things.

Firstly, the VM would become unresponsive for long periods of time, perhaps as many as 30 seconds. During this time, I couldn't do anything at all - not even the menu bar in OS X would respond. This always happened at the most inopportune moments; right before meetings, when I had a critical bug to fix, etc. It was incredibly annoying. I did not experience this with VMWare.

Secondly, I noticed that I would have whole system lockups sometimes when the computer would sleep. It happened twice while at lunch during the 2 weeks that I used the machine, and then it happened last night while I was sleeping.

I came into my home office this morning and noticed that the screen saver was frozen. I tried connecting to the machine from my wife's Mac, but as I suspected, it was unresponsive... forcing me to power off the machine.

Upon restarting, the Windows 7 VM was in a "repair loop", that I could not get out of. I restored back to a snapshot from a few days ago, but have since decided to switch back to VMWare, as Parallels is too unstable.

YMMV, but if it is close to my mileage, you will be very unhappy with Parallels.
[Version 5.0.9370]


Shatfield reviewed on 25 Oct 2009
After messing with Synergy on the PC platform, this was like a breath of fresh air, just like working on the MAC platform should be. It was so easy to set up that I had 2 Macs working side by side in less than 20 seconds. Seriously! Very intuitive, very easy, and very well thought out. 5 stars!
[Version 1.0.2]

SHatfield commented on 09 Sep 2009
$40 for an email client. $40! I used to really like this app, but as soon as I heard that they were going to start charging for it, I switched back to Sorry, it's not worth $40!
[Version 1.0]

SHatfield commented on 18 May 2009
No "follow symbolic link" option?! Without that, Changes is completely useless to me.
[Version 1.5.6]


SHatfield reviewed on 29 Mar 2009
I started using ShareTool only 3 days ago, so this isn't a comprehensive review. I have MobileMe, with "Back to my Mac" enabled, running a full Apple network - Airport Extreme, Macs throughout. Only when I am home does it actually work as described by Apple. When I am at my office or in a hotel, I have about a 20% chance of it working. I could not connect to my computers, even though they were listed in the Shared section of the Finder window.

Enter ShareTool! This has worked for me 100% of the time. I see the machines in the Shared section, click on them and voila! I get connected. Not only that, but I could access my iTunes library as if it were on my local machine. Brilliant!

I did notice that the tab order on some of the windows was not right, but the developer (Yazsoft) responded to me very quickly to let me know that this will be fixed in a future update.

Highly recommended, and worth the $30 for 2 machine licenses. Apple can't attain this degree of connectivity at 3 times the cost!
[Version 1.2.7]


SHatfield reviewed on 22 Feb 2009
I just set up Postbox with MobileMe and my employer's IMAP server (Exchange 2007). Both worked very well and I did not have a problem setting up the accounts.

I was able to access all of my email on those accounts without doing anything special, and what was great was that I immediately had access to all of my Address Book contacts!

I could create HTML emails, embed pictures, etc. It even has growl integration!

If you would like to use Thunderbird but are turned off by the lack of the Native Address Book integration, then Postbox is your answer, and it is a very nice program as well!

Does anyone know if they will charge for Postbox 1.0?
[Version 1.0b7]

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SHatfield replied on 24 Feb 2009
Just to follow up on my initial review:

1) You cannot create a filter and filter by Message Content. This is a huge problem for me.

2) You cannot create a new Contact in the Mac OS X Address Book, it is read only. No problem, I just use Address Book to create contacts.

3) It is not aware of the content of a message like is... dates are just more text, and you cannot highlight a date and create an iCal event from it like you can in Not that big of a deal.

4) No Spotlight integration. This isn't much of a problem, you just have to use their built in search mechanism.

5) Safari -> Mail Contents of Page doesn't work, but you can still mail the URL.

6) No support for HTML signatures, just plain text signatures. Not that big of a deal for me.

7) No "top level" Inbox. You have to check your different Inboxes (work, home, project, etc) separately.

8) It will likely be a paid application, where as is free.

This is what I've found so far. Other than these things, I am pretty happy with it. Most of these problems will be addressed in future releases, according to their forum.

Keep up the great work, guys, and good luck!
SHatfield commented on 01 May 2008
Open the address book from Thunderbird and click "New Card".

Look at the Internet section of the card...

Additional Email:
Screen Name:


WTF?! Where is the ability to add as many email addresses as I want to a "card"? Additional "screen names"?

What a joke.

SHatfield commented on 04 Apr 2007
Because iTunes sometimes doesn't get it right.

I had a CD that was imported using a Linux box some time ago, which I then imported into iTunes when I switched to a Mac. Well, the MP3 files had v1 tags, but the v2 tags were empty. iTunes displayed the tracks correctly in the song browser, but when I played the song, it would add an "_" to the name and strip the tags!

ID3 Tag Editor fixed the problem by allowing me to update the v2 tags from the v1 tags.
[Version 1.7.7]


SHatfield reviewed on 25 Feb 2007
This program started off very good, and is approaching greatness. The developers keep putting out release after release, with better functionality each time. I've never had it crash or do anything "wonky" on any of the pages that I visit, and when I am at a machine that doesn't have it installed, I really miss it.

When it provides web server directory authentication (not just web form authentication), it'll be perfect.

Keep up the great work!

[Version 2.3.7]

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