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Shadymac reviewed on 26 Apr 2013
I had to review this, today I had my very first mac malware - barclaysform.htm - yay!!! I have Mountain Lion installed on separate external hard drive, the malware was identified on that from my snow leopard install on my mac by sophos!!

I am truly impressed by this and thought I should share it. It quarantined the malware and alerted me to it promptly. Very efficient and effective!!! Thus I highly rate it!!!
[Version 8.0.10]


Shadymac reviewed on 10 Sep 2011
The thing with the numbers that Firefox is bent on doing at the moment is pathetic, it shows u they have lost direction!!! They have nothing better to focus on. Firefox's new strategy is "Chrome is doing this... and safari is doing this... so we should do this"!!! IDIOTS, the moron running Mozilla needs to be lined up against a wall...
They no longer focus on speed or stability, its oh chrome is on version number 350, we need to be on version 1000 etc what a bunch of morons, I hope they read this and get it into their heads how useless and lost they are, since they are bent on copying other browsers these days I turned to Safari, I will probably turn back once the morons leave!!!
[Version 7.0]

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Shadymac replied on 17 Sep 2011
@Umaromc, If you need a review to try software, makes you a bit of a moron, try it yourself and get your own review!!!

Shadymac reviewed on 22 Dec 2010
This app is brilliant used it for a while now switched from Onyx. But lately its been playing up somehow it changes my menu bar to transparent and now when I change it back it causes all sorts of issues especially when u open a program the menu bar doesn't know whether to stay solid Max OS colour or transparent.

There is no option in the Itweax to just keep it normal???? This needs solving I had to delete the program today, sad really as it was a brill app.
[Version 2.1.1]

Shadymac commented on 25 Sep 2010
My itunes icon has disappeared its gone invisible it loads properly but the icons not there???

I agree with most that this is the worst designed app Apple has ushered in. This year has been terrible for Apple from iphone reception issues, useless ipod designs and now itunes. Its not going well. And the way I see it worse is probably going to come.
[Version 10.0.1]

Shadymac commented on 12 Sep 2010
I am worried with the way this little app although really handy causes some worries. In this day and age where facebook and the like seem to get people's information so easily... I want to know why we have to create an account and why lastpass needs all our login info on various sites throughout the web for it work to be sent to them?

Some people are naive to the point they don't question these minor things, which really has major implications. As far as i am concerned lastpass doesn't really add anything new that safari autofill doesn't do already. I also find it very stupid that you need to create an account first just to uninstall it. I wanted to get rid of it soon as it asked to create accounts and will send information to their servers. This is the best way to keep tabs on people, especially since we don't know who these companies really are or work for.
[Version 1.69.13]


Shadymac reviewed on 08 Aug 2010
I don't get it??? Why is this app so popular? It isn't as good or FAST as utorrent. Sure it is compact and better looking thats it! I like the icon a part from that I have tried this time and again and found it to be ridiculously slow in comparison to utorrent.

It may have certain other features yet the basic task of downloading torrents is seriously slow. It does not deserve the attention it gets in my opinion.
[Version 2.04]


Shadymac reviewed on 22 Mar 2010
This is a brilliant tool! Please can you bring back the original icon, the new one is dull!
[Version 1.8.2]


Shadymac reviewed on 22 Mar 2010
What a brilliant little app! fantastic!!! It is simple and very easy to use not so frustrating as some of the over done renaming tools! It gives you a simple way to rename files via drag and drop for batch naming, sequencing etc in a straightforward fashion.

One minor issue, the app when opened, opens dead centre of the screen, if it can open around the sides that will be brill when selecting files and drag and dropping them into the apps interface. Also it will be great also if you can just drag and drop on to the app icon itself will make things hugely simple.

Thank you for making this app, I hope it remains free, but I will definitely make a donation!
[Version 1.1.0]


Shadymac reviewed on 13 Mar 2010
I don't see what the fuss is all about? I have used Frostwire on a mac for a year now without any issues or problems. I have used Tranmissions but find it overhyped and useless compared to the speeds I am getting out of Frostwire!

The interface is something that is off putting and not so mac like. But so far frostwire has managed to download torrents, and every other thing that I needed it to do quite successfully.
[Version 4.20.3]


Shadymac reviewed on 20 Dec 2009
I nice little app that does what it says in a simple and effective way. And is very handy, well done to the developer.!
[Version 1.0]

Shadymac had trouble on 01 Apr 2010
This is a brilliant app, however i have noticed that on a couple of occasions it freezes on 66.67%! I wonder why this is? You have to stop and resume it to get it going again. But other wise it is a fine app. It does seem to be slower then folx downloader though, I have found that folx shaves nearly 15 mins on large files.
[Version 5.2.14]

Shadymac had trouble on 09 Nov 2009
I have tried to install this app several times but the installer keeps telling me it fails to install. I have no idea why it will ot install, any hints or pointers will be welcome.

I do shut down when installing other than that there is nothing I cna figure that prevents this app from installing???
[Version 1.1]

Shadymac had trouble on 07 Nov 2009
This was a good app I did use it here and there but I noticed when drag and dropping files on to my phone the app copies over folders thus when the phone player is trying to play music it can not, simply because of the folders, you have to select a folder open it and then play a song file!

Is there a way to simply select the song from itunes and just have that song file rather than its folder? Also due to itunes DRM protection or whatever some songs were not transferred over but when I dragged the files into the phone without using doubletwist it does it without any problems.

I now have decided not use this app unfortunately was a good app when it worked.

My phone by the way is a Nokia 6700 classic!
[Version 1.0b13]

Shadymac had trouble on 04 Oct 2009
AS the last poster points out folx has this major issue of "hijacking" links and downloading without authorization I found out today it downloaded 2 songs from whatever site I visited even though I did not want to download those songs!!!

I am fed up with folx hijacking links what if it downloads a virus next time, I suggest the developer remove this automated function of downloading automatically or capturing downloads it severely eats into my speeds and renders my internet usage nil.

And despite disabling the functions in Firefox, on the folx icon deleting the folx add ons it still attempts to dictate downloads. The developers need to get it into their head we decide what to download not the software. I no longer recommend folx and now think your better off with speed download instead. As it does not leave bits of files around and does not hijack as much links, and has the courtesy to ask if you want to download a file or not!!!!
[Version 0.9.365.366]

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