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SegN3rd commented on 10 Dec 2013
I have the same problem with the clipboard being posted instead of the expansion.

I appreciate the troubleshooting info, but the fact is that this program has been at least partially sherlocked. In Mavericks, you can just go to System Preferences->Keyboard->Text. I understand that this feature is not as versatile as TextExpander, but it is more reliable and and can also work with iOS.
[Version 4.2]

SegN3rd commented on 07 Nov 2013
I don't really like that it says "Free everywhere with no catches," but then it says you have to upgrade to the paid service if you want to use it with mobile devices.

It does say free "on all your COMPUTERS," so it's not false advertising. My point is just that syncing with mobile devices is the only type of syncing most users want.

Although I appreciate their decision to be honest and upfront about it, saying "Free for everything (except the one thing you want)" means this has no obvious advantages over Dashlane.
[Version 3.0.3]

SegN3rd commented on 16 Apr 2013
The appeal of Google Reader was not just the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds (which many, many free programs can do), but the ability to sync your subscription and read/unread settings across a variety of devices.

This software does not any syncing ability - in fact, it doesn't even have an iOS version, although it does oddly have a Nokia version.

Advertising this as "not dependent on Google Reader" is kind of like advertising a refrigerator as "frost free" and trying to hide the fact that you achieved this by removing the freezer.
[Version 1.0]

SegN3rd commented on 12 Feb 2013
Wow, an app that reminds people sitting at the computer to drink water! This is the best idea since the app that reminds people lying in the bathtub to use the toaster.
[Version 2.1.7]

SegN3rd commented on 14 Nov 2012
TechTool, Protogo, and Checkmate all seem to be pretty much the same basic troubleshooting engine in different formats - the standard version, the flash drive version, and now the version with special scheduling capabilities.

I'm glad they offer a wide variety of options for using the software, but I wish they would simplify the methods for buying it. Currently Micromat expects you to buy each program separately, and buy updates for each of them separately, even though they are pretty closely related. Protogo contains TechTool (although that's not clearly explained), but other than that there are no bundling options. Some products can be updated via downloads, but others require ordering a CD. After a while, it gets very confusing.

I think it would be great if they just offered some sort of "Micromat Everything" package that unifies all the functionality and upgrades. Even if they had to make it cost just as much as buying all the products separately, it would be nice to have the option of feeling more organized.
[Version 1.0]

SegN3rd commented on 05 Sep 2012
I agree. I bought the previous version at Amazon for $99, so I have no idea how $149 is supposed to be a good deal for upgraders.

The previous version doesn't work with Mountain Lion. It's not just a GateKeeper issue either - it just plain doesn't work. If you are charging $149 for a compatibility update, not only am I not interested, but frankly I believe you should have to refund the $99 for your now non-working program (although I don't exactly expect that to happen).
[Version 3.0]

SegN3rd commented on 26 Jul 2012
I'm glad that Apple is enabling Power Nap for more models, but it would sure be awesome if they would enable it for MacBook Pros with third party SSDs. Probably a longshot, but many people are asking for it!
[Version 1.6]

SegN3rd commented on 25 Jun 2012
In my opinion, private betas don't really belong on the front page of MacUpdate. It's always a little saddening when I see big red letters that say "iOS 6" and then fine print that says, "Psych!"

You could certainly have a separate section for developers, but if you ask me, the main section should be stuff that's available to the public.
[Version 6.0 Beta 2]

SegN3rd commented on 30 Jan 2012
Regardless of who you agree with, I think it is inappropriate for the developer to keep complaining to customers about the cost of bandwidth. Whatever concerns you have about bandwidth are between you and your bandwidth provider. We don't have anything to do with that.

The deal you have with us is to provide a certain program for a certain price. Many people have taken the opinion that you have taken that price and are now suddenly refusing to provide the service unless we pay more money. Although you have pointed out a loophole that makes it legal for you to do this, personally I am not especially eager to give my money to developers who take the money and find a loophole.
[Version 5.8.3]

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