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Seedy reviewed on 20 Nov 2013
Simple. Works. I keep my music arranged in folders and don't care to edit metadata. The left column shows me the list of folders, I double-click on one and it loads everything in that folder to the main playlist and starts playing it, including subfolders.

So far it plays everything I've thrown at it. Much easier to use than Clementine.
[Version 0.08]

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Seedy replied on 20 Nov 2013
Also, the MU link to the dev website is for the abandoned version, the URL for the fork is...

Seedy reviewed on 19 Oct 2013
It's a shame that the devs dismissively dropped support for 10.6. A lot of the people who are looking for an iTunes alternative are also the people who dislike the iOS-ification of more current versions of OS X and the comglomeration that is iTunes these days, so in effect they are dropping support for many of the very people who have an interest in this succeeding.

That said, it's not an easy way to play music. One has to add songs to a playlist first, and if the playlist already has stuff in it, new songs get added to the bottom of it. Later this becomes a mess, but would be great for a party.

I can clear the playlist with a button, but if I do that playlist loses the songs I originally put there. So to play one needs to make a new playlist first.

I made playlists of the folders of songs I like, but then the header gets crowded and the titles get unreadable.

Simply put, the UI is not competely sorted. It has some nice features and plays with good sound quality, but really all I want to do is select a folder and play the contents, not jockey files around.

Also, playing from the folder side it supports fewer formats than playing from the DB side for some reason, perhaps because it can't use Apple's built-in stuff?

I use Rockbox on my little Sansa Clip, when I want to play a folder I select a it, select a song in it and hit play, it plays the rest of the folder without any intervention, regardless of format. It starts up almost instantly with 72 GB of files on it, without having to catalog. Why can't any desktop player do this?

The reason for this preference is so I can decide what an album is for myself, without all the "helpful" labeling and categorising that most players want to do, or without delving into metadata when all I want to do is move a file somewhere else or delete it. It's easier for me to put stuff where I want it using the Finder and not have to "find" a file for a DB that's out of date..

If I move track 7 out of the folder it no longer is part of the album, and if I like a remix to finish off with it becomes part of the album even though its metadata would show it to be part of another album.
[Version 1.2]

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Seedy replied on 20 Nov 2013
Just an update since I groused about Clementine's UI. The latest build of Cog works perfectly for my style of music playing. It supports the keyboard buttons! And it works on 10.6.

Seedy reviewed on 13 May 2013
I like Max, use the latest version from the Dev's site. Makes good files, works well, great option choices.

Howevah, Music Brainz is incomplete, to say it nicely. Got tired of typing titles, esp when the Finder already knew what the CD was. So now I'm ripping with XLD, which finds the titles.

Anyone know how to make Max use freedb, I'm listening.

And yeah, there's certain things Max doesn't like, so we don't do those when he's open. Like adjusting the prefs when a disc is ready to convert.
[Version 0.9.1]


Seedy reviewed on 03 Apr 2013
Total PITA and ripoff. I hadn't used it for some time, then discovered a need for it, had it working before.

The bundled version I bought via MU would not open, my two choices were update or quit, even though I could see the app working behind the modal dialogue. Update doesn't recognise serial number from bundle version.

Website is useless. Found dmg of original purchased version, it won't work either.

MU should not be including this POS in bundles. Company is so concerned about someone using it without a license that a license holder can't use it either.
[Version 3.8.16]

Seedy commented on 26 Nov 2010
Thanks for the suggestion about iTubeX, would have never found it without you.


Seedy reviewed on 10 Oct 2010
After trying and succeeding easily in the usually-thorny import of exported Quicken data, I am now switching. I also tried iBank 4 for a bit before deciding. This version does not allow direct entry into the register yet, but it's coming soon, according to the developers, who are very responsive.

Good features include:

-the ability to reverse memo and payee fields when importing, which helps me overcome my blockheaded credit union's QIF exports.

-no idiotic handicapping of trial users, so I could work with it first without pressure.

-responsive developers, who I hope don't get weary of it, because I'm plunking down for this one. Every question or comment I've made had been politely responded to.

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