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Scrivens commented on 14 Jul 2012
Just a heads up - Fairmount is no longer shipped with DVDRemaster, so keep your old copy.
[Version 8.0]

Scrivens commented on 09 Feb 2012
Can't get 1.10.7 to work on my 2011 iMac under 10.6.8 no matter where it is installed. Asks for the admin password, then 'loading database' then spinning beachball and 'Application not responding' in Activity monitor. 10.1.6 still works fine.
[Version 1.10.7]

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Scrivens replied on 10 Feb 2012
Thanks guys, worked a treat.

Scrivens reviewed on 02 Dec 2011
The update works fine, but the ability to send edited recordings directly to Toast has been removed from this version. (There is no longer a Toast button in the Recordings window.) You can still open the .eyetv package and drag the video file into Toast, but having it within the app was handy. I'm getting a bit tired of product updates losing functionality; been happening a lot recently.

Removing the user forums - bad.
Removing previous versions link - bad.
[Version 3.5.4]

Scrivens commented on 06 Jul 2010
This isn't SWF Player as we know it. I don't really want yet another huge media player, so this one in its Elmedia guise is for the bin. An explanation of what the uninstaller does would be handy as it doesn't do anything as far as I can see.

scrivens commented on 03 Sep 2009
I have a Miglia Mini2 and an EyeTV DTT Deluxe and both The Tube and EyeTV - both have good features that are missing in the other, but neither is particularly brilliant on its own. The main problems I have with The Tube are the lack of double-clicking to go to full screen, the very clunky 12 hour EPG update, what appears to be a total failure to work with IceTV EPG in Australia and (huge one) the fact that Closed Captioning (Teletext) also doesn't work at all in Australia. The sidebar menu appears to only be able to be activated/deactivated by selecting a menu choice, not with the usual toolbar icon or popup menu. All these features work in EyeTV - but then it doesn't keep the selected screen size constant when going between normal and HD channels, has various "can't get there from here" traps in its popup menus, doesn't work with the Miglia TVMini2 and so on. I know these apps are generally supplied free with TV sticks, but the cost if you have to buy them is far beyond their actual worth as they are really not particularly good as far as function and Apple UI consistency when it comes down to it. The licensing rigmarole for both is quite ridiculous - one of the points of using a USB TV stick should be the ability to swap it over between a laptop and a desktop and with both these apps this cannot be done without deactivating and reactivating the software - and a lot of stuffing around. Hence the two TV sticks; the cost of the second wasn't much more than the cost of having to buy a second licence for either app to use on the other machine.
[Version 2.9.4]

scrivens commented on 19 Mar 2009
Doesn't seem to work properly anymore under 10.5.6 - links become inactive on pages followed from the original link, back-tabbing replaces asterisks with letters and the links fail. Shame really as I used this thing dozens of time a day for quick searches and it's the only one there is.
[Version 0.9.2]

scrivens commented on 26 Feb 2009
Any intention of including known bad peer blocking and encrypted peers only connections? Without those two, yes it is very fast connecting to peers - but a lot of them are ones you really don't want to be using. The lack of protection is curious to say the least.
[Version 0.9.1b]

scrivens commented on 24 Feb 2009
I wish Apple would lose Cover Flow down the nearest drain; might be OK on an iPod but it's rather pointless in a browser. (And Top Sites as well - Opera's wall does it neater.) Would prefer the tab bar to be in its previous spot too, and without the auto-resizing, as it feels more integrated - the top tabbing reminds me of IE7 which is one of the worst laid-out apps I've used. Seems to be pretty zippy and has a nice clean interface. Unfortunately it causes Mail to crash on downloading new mail on my Mac, even with the single mail add-in (MailFollowUp) removed. 10.5.6 on a 2.66GHz iMac.
[Version 4.0b1]

scrivens commented on 02 Feb 2009
"To continue using Google Earth, you must accept the new Google privacy policies and allow Google Software Update to run in the background on your computer."

I don't think so. Nice app but I don't want Google updating anything without my knowing about it. This company is getting way too big for its boots.
[Version 5.0.11337.1968 ]

Scrivens had trouble on 20 Nov 2009
Just tried 5.0.3 and it is not showing current version number, release date and description for 98% of apps and most are greyed out. 5.0.1 still gives the full display, as did 5.0.2.
[Version 5.0.3]

scrivens had trouble on 14 Apr 2008
File downloaded from the "Download Now" link says it is version 3.1.3 from 6 Feb 08.
[Version 3.1.5]

scrivens had trouble on 12 Jun 2007
Previous version failed with the Safari 3 Beta and 0.9.2 won't work either. Just have the blue box, no input box, no information "i" etc. I've completely removed the previous version, plists and so on.

(Great little widget, use it a lot.)
[Version 0.9.2]

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