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Scottyo commented on 12 Jul 2013
"It does exactly what you see and nothing more. "

- Unfortunately it's hard to see what it does, and the animations on the dev's web page go too quickly to understand. Then there's the JSON config; I don't speak JSON, and do not look forward to learning YAL.

I just want to ssh in to my 2 NASs for some maintenance and run local search scripts I wrote.

Gave it a miss, pending better description.
[Version 1.0.1]

Scottyo commented on 29 Mar 2012
Fixed a problem I had in 10.7.3 where iTunes 10.6 would quit almost instantly after I selected my connected iPhone 4S or iPad 1 in the devices list. Don't recall whether I saw the same issue with 10.6.8.

Another problem that may/may not be related to iTunes 10.6 was that syncs of my old iPhone 3G running 4.1 would not complete. Will try it later.

Trying to sync iThingies is just about the most negative experience I've ever had with Apple products; seems to fail at least 25% of the time, no indication why, no cure except maybe groveling through the web for other people's experiences and fixes.

A sinking feeling every time. I hate hooking them to my Macs because of this.
[Version 10.6.1]

Scottyo commented on 26 Mar 2012
The new version started pausing playback and loading buffers every 10-15 seconds on my 802.11n connection (iMac i7, pretty new Samsung 46"/Rosewill wireless USB dongle), for 640x480 movies.

In the Transcode Settings tab, inputting


got it streaming smoothly; IOW, I increased vqmin from 2 to 3. I also lowered the AC3 bit rate to 384 kbps, though that may not have been necessary. These were shot on our ca 2005 point-and-shoot, so didn't really benefit from high-quality settings.

But this change probably wouldn't get 720p or 1080i/p streaming working smoothly, though increasing the vqscale and vqmin parameters *might* do so. For the HD formats you might need a 100 mbps wired ethernet connection.
[Version 1.52.0]

Scottyo commented on 25 Mar 2012
Note that 0.4.2 appears to be the last 32-bit version. 0.4.2 appears to be Intel-only, not PPC. All the 5.x versions appear to require Intel 64-bit.
[Version 0.5.3]


Scottyo reviewed on 07 Dec 2011
I thought I was interested in this, since I have written a home-grown design application very similar to a Genetic Algorithm and wanted to see someone else's GA up close, but with no Help and no explanation of what the system is trying to evolve to, it's pretty well useless to me.

After completing the requested number of evolution steps, it displays some kind of result table, then whisks it off the screen before I can read it.

The Fitness table contains gigantic numbers that are too long even for the maximum width of the table column, no idea what this is intended to show me.

On second thought, I'd give it better marks in consideration of its being an early beta (TOO early for publication even as a beta, IMHO) but having once set the star ratings, MacUpdate's comments form does not seem to allow me to modify them, an egregious omission.

MacUpdate, please fix this.
[Version 0.1]

Scottyo commented on 19 Oct 2011
Get Bwana from MacUpdate. Runs in Safari (and Firefox too, I believe, though I haven't tried it.) It's free. It's fast. It's reliable. You want the text bigger, use Safari's standard display control tools.

With Bwana installed, type in Safari's location field (where you'd type http://...) man:whatever, e.g. man:ls, and if it has a man page it'll be presented in a standard Safari window, nicely typeset and scrollable. Links in the man page to man pages for other UNIX resource are clickable, especially handy for See Also items and getting to config file man pages.

If you run the Bwana application itself, you can request it display an index of all man pages for browsing (takes a few minutes, so patience required; the next time you request the index, it'll be quite fast).
[Version 4.1]

Scottyo commented on 22 Sep 2011
Well, if they're to be believed, there's a legitimate way to suppress auto-update by requesting a specific download. It does indeed download the rev described here.

Take the Visit Developer's Site link at the top of this page, and wend your way down to the download page for OS X version. Near the top left of that page, below the images, turn off the Google Chrome checkbox, then near the bottom go for the "advanced setup" link above the buttons. From there it's obvious.

If they're Not Being Evil, that is.

Scottyo commented on 26 Aug 2011
What happens when you do an iTunes sync? Is iTunes prevented from applying its own rules to syncing photos, or does it ride roughshod over your PhotoSync decisions?

I can't even seems to get iTunes to ignore photos altogether when syncing.
[Version 1.3]

Scottyo commented on 03 Aug 2011
I find the low-contrast gray-on-gray in combination with small font make the text almost unreadable.
[Version 2011.4]


Scottyo reviewed on 23 Jul 2011
I heartily second the "Awesome" comment. This is my favourite screensaver of all time.

Unfortunately crashes in Lion on iMac 11,1 (27" i7, late 2009)
[Version 1.0b6]

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