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Scifi commented on 10 Jan 2013

Caution to the Intel® 32-bit users here that need the PDF™ NPAPI (browser plugin) version of this 11.0.01 update:

Adobe® has apparently eliminated (or “forgot”) the 32-bit chunk of the code — it is only 64-bit in this 11.0.01 package.

But they did provide the 32-bit chunk for the Non-NPAPI plugin here (it should therefore work in both modes).

[FYI Firefox needs the NPAPI version; Firefox is still built for both Intel® bit-modes, even the Nightly official builds… The previous Adobe® PDF NPAPI plugin (for 11.0.0) did have both chunks, so this 11.0.01 build would seem a regression… I have tried every–which–way to login with my id at so I could report this, but they use URLs that won’t pass my thick DNS filters (ergo no browser can successfully log me in here, and no I am not going to change the filters ‘just’ for them)… Maybe if someone really cared about this apparent regression, s/he might go file a bugreport with them about this… ]

[Version 11.0.01]

Scifi tipped on 21 Jan 2010
The in-app updater in my current 3.3-5848 build says no updates available.
I suppose Elgato has not updated their 'update' server.
I clicked on the 'Download Now' shown near the top of this MU entry, and found a direct link for the 5851 build dmg right there (at least for me).
[Version 3.3 (5851)]

Scifi tipped on 27 Oct 2009

“Fixed Da[y]light Saving Time display problems.”

YIPPEEEEE !!!! :) :) :)

Some of us have been complaining directly to the project author(s) about this problem for *years* !!!!

Let's hope it is _really_ fixed, soon enough for the “fall back” coming this weekend. ;)
[Version 0.72]

Scifi tipped on 09 Apr 2009
It seems the author has fixed the problems mentioned below with v2.2.2 available at his website. Hoping he will come back here to fix the links as well. ;)
[Version 2.2]

Scifi commented on 22 Oct 2008
I do not see any indication whether or not Google is ignoring support for Tiger users.

You must know many Mac users are not (yet if ever) able to "upgrade" to Leopard for wide-range of reasons.

Please do not forsake us. It won't be difficult to support Tiger if you go-ahead at this early stage, rather than buck-slipping code at a later stage.
[Version 0.3]

Scifi commented on 13 May 2008
There is no reason I can fathom for not supporting earlier OSX systems as in previous releases of your app. There are many reasons why some of us cannot "upgrade" to Leopard yet if at all. Stop relegating your products like this.
Thank you.
[Version 0.60]

Scifi had trouble on 03 Jul 2011


I cannot seem to use the “Intel–only” build of 0.11.0 on my 10.6.8 system (model iMac6,1 with C2D, and 24" display, and NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT).  The screen initially turns absolute–black, then other apps windows will eventually “uncover” parts of what we’re suppose to see there bit–by–bit.

OTOH the “universal” build of this same 0.11.0 is functioning adequately (altho mouse–drags are sticky & slow, it is usable here).

I’ll try filing a bug–report at their launchpad repo.

[Version 0.11.0]

Scifi had trouble on 18 Feb 2010

For those with the Reader installed on Case-SENsitive partitions and receiving the error popups when the Updater is run:

This is an OLD BUG, the people at Adobe seem to have not heeded previous bug-reports.

Please try the Renaming Steps found in this post, made by Techtronic:
(I called-up Terminal and placed symlinks with ‘ln' in related ways. This needs to be done whenever a Major Update is installed.)

Also please file a proper bug-report here:

PLEASE submit a bug-report as the sheer number of them ought to raise concerns how wide-spread this problem is.


[Version 9.3.1]

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