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Schoschie reviewed on 10 Jan 2012
I cannot recommend this. It takes much longer to load and much longer to unpack files than even the built-in Archive Helper. I had this for a while and it's got a nice icon, but that's about all there is to it.

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Schoschie replied on 21 Jan 2012
Sure. I'm under 10.6.8.
Sorry my review sounds so negative. It's always harsh to add negative reviews for free apps since it implies I'm not appreciating the work put into it. Of course I do. But still, I am being honest here.
I cannot give you precise load times; I've recently deleted the app, but I remember quite well that it took a couple of seconds of bouncing in the Dock until it was launched, and then everything was fine. But I found other solutions to start up instantly, so bottom line it was not the fastest solution for me. Of course YMMV. I still dig the app icon :)

Schoschie reviewed on 06 Jan 2012
I wish I could like this because I appreciate the obviously enormous effort put into this free (!) package.

However, the one time I tried it, the experience was so hideous, I am afraid to ever try it again.

The one thing is its user interface is terrible. It's cluttered, it does not guide the user, all kinds of UI paradigms are mixed, not a joy to use at all. Mac users are pretty spoiled in terms of UI, so this might not be your experience, but I had to cringe all the time while using it.

But, while I can live with a bad UI, I just couldn't even get it to work, so it was a complete failure for me.

I tried to do two things: convert and reflow a PDF to an ebook format that my 3rd gen Kindle can display better. What happened is I waited for about half an hour with nothing happened, no UI updates until I found out that the app had just frozen. Nothing was converted.

I then tried it with a shorter, simpler PDF to see if it worked at all. It did, but the result was completely useless. They layout was broken beyond recognition; it was unreadable, most images/illustrations had disappeared.

Maybe I used a broken release or I simply failed to use it properly, but the experience was bad enough for me to just delete the whole thing outright and never try it again.
[Version 0.8.33]

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Schoschie replied on 06 Jan 2012
Thanks, JCH2, yep, I'm on a Mac.

The documents in question aren't commercial eBooks I bought from some publishing company, but free documentation PDFs that I gathered from all around the web.

True that PDF was never meant for interchange (which is never claimed, anyway) but instead to ensure that the visual appearance is identical on any platform. Realizing that, PDF is a good format. It's just not meant for eBook devices where you would need dynamic adaption to the usually smaller screen size. I am aware of that, but I thought that tools like calibre address exactly that problem.

I might have to go and look if those documents are available in other formats; I know this to be true for some of them (they are available as HTML) but definitely not all.
Schoschie commented on 28 Mar 2011
It is a crying shame that this app was sold to M$. This was my favorite media cataloguer, but now that it is a M$ product, I don't want it on my disk (you might think that's childish, but if you, like me, have had to endure about 20 years of hell using M$ products, you would understand).

Does anyone have any suggestions as to a replacement?

I am using iPhoto to catalog my photos, but I really hate iPhoto; it is bloated, slow and buggy (boo to Apple! There was a time when you wrote good software…). Also, it only does photos, no other type of media, and I cannot save individual catalogs (such as all the media available for a certain project).
[Version 2.6.4]

Schoschie commented on 26 Jun 2010
It appears Amua can no longer connect to Any station you try, you get a "Playlist Update Failed". Seeing that the app is almost 2 years old, have probably made changes to their radio service and Amua was not updated to support it.
[Version 0.6.2]


Schoschie reviewed on 01 Jun 2010
Just used this to successfully unpack an encrypted .zip archive that Mac OS X's built-in unpacker as well as The Unarchiver could not unpack. (This had never happened before). Thanks for making this available!
[Version 1.7.1]

Schoschie commented on 17 Apr 2009
Broken download link; developer page cannot be found. Didn't find the download anywhere else on the net either. Pity.
[Version 1.0]

Schoschie commented on 25 Jan 2009
Yes, I think this should be re-listed as freeware. I've not found any note on the website or in the app itself that it's shareware. Please fix, thank you!
[Version 3.3.3]

Schoschie commented on 11 Dec 2008
Audio Recorder is no longer free. Its $20.
[Version 2.1]


Schoschie reviewed on 24 Oct 2008
Works like a charm. Sweet and simple. Thanks for making it!
[Version 1.72u]


Schoschie reviewed on 30 Sep 2008
I'm wondering why I hadn't heard of this app earlier. It's a godsend! I've been listening almost exclusively to net radio stations for the last three years while doing work, and it bugged me to have to launch the big iTunes behemoth just to tune in to the radio. Now I don't have to anymore, as FStream does just this, and it's much more lightweight and easy on the system, and it starts up in no time, and automatically re-connects to the station you were last listening to. Also, it has a nice streams manager where you can organize all your stations.

FStream can also record the radio stream. I had previously bought RadioLover for this purpose (the non-free successor to the no longer updated StreamRipper X), but I didn't mind that FStream would obviate an extra app for that purpose, too. However, I was a little disappointed to realize that FStream apparently re-encodes the audio before saving it to disk, in contrast to what RadioLover/StreamRipper X does, which is basically just write the stream packets into a file and put an appropriate container around it.

I wouldn't mind about the re-encoding (although I'm questioning the necessity), but it's rather heavy on the system. On my (admittedly old) machine, FStream uses up nearly the entire CPU while recording, which makes it impractical to record a radio stream while doing work. This, for me, is FStream's one major weak point (and this is why I'm giving only 4 out of 5 stars for "Features").

I've suggested to the author the possibility of recording the radio stream directly (without re-encoding), but he seems to be rather reluctant to consider it.

I can't really complain though because FStream is of course free, and it's the best choice for listening to radio streams, afaik.
[Version 1.4.1]

Schoschie had trouble on 31 Oct 2009
Great app, but after I upgraded to Snow Leopard, FStream now takes up to several minutes to connect to a station. Before, it was almost instantaneous. Have no idea why. It's quite irritating when switching stations to see what's on.
[Version 1.4.4]

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Schoschie commented on 30 Nov 2009
Fixed: I had used the stream URL from within iTunes, which itself re-directs to the actual radio stream's home website and downloads the playlist (this was working fine until a while ago). I've now entered that direct .pls url into the stream URL and it connects quickly again.
Schoschie had trouble on 31 Jul 2007
It launches, but then nothing happens for a couple of minutes. I quit. :(
[Version 0.2]

Schoschie had trouble on 13 Jul 2007
Follow-up to my previous post: The converted SVGs are upside-down and horizontally flipped. May be a problem with the SVGs I used, but they display correctly in a web browser.
[Version 1.0b1]

Schoschie had trouble on 05 Jun 2007
Compiling and installing Bochs isn't soo hard. It's described here:

You don't even need to read this, though. The steps to compile and install are rather simple. Do this:

1) Get the Developer Tools and install them (if you haven't already). You can get the Dev Tools for free from Apple's Developer website after you have registered as a Developer using the "free plan".

2) Download the bochs source package. Unpack it.

3) Open the Terminal. Change into the bochs directory by typing "cd " and dragging the unpacked bochs directory into the Terminal window. Press the Return key.

4) Enter the following lines, waiting for the operation to finish after each line:
sudo make install

Each will take a while and you will see hundreds of lines printed out. This is normal. The last command (sudo make install) will ask for your administrator password which is your normal login password if you're a user that is allowed to administer the Mac.

You now have a finished MacOSX binary executable inside the bochs directory. You can launch it by double-clicking it like usual. It will complain about not being able to open a hard disk image file and an unknown display extension "vbe".

To fix this, follow these detailed instructions to setup bochs. Afterwards, everything will work fine.

It does take some time. And it does help to RTFM once in a while.
[Version 2.3]

Schoschie had trouble on 17 Oct 2006
I've just updated a bug report I filed earlier:

Path Snagger has a problem with paths that contain special characters such as German umlauts, French accented characters etc. These are represented as escape sequences of the form xxx. PathSnagger apparently gets confused by these and does not copy the path in that case. Since we have a LOT of paths that contain umlauts and the like, it would be so cool if this could be fixed.

Other than this, PathSnagger is extremely useful and I recommend it to everybody.
[Version 1.1b5]

Schoschie had trouble on 13 Jan 2006
Hi, just freshly installed the Fink package and FinkCommander. However, when I launch FinkCommander, the icon just bounces for a while in the Dock and then it crashes, even before any GUI elements appear. Any solution? Thanks :)
[Version 0.5.4]

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Schoschie replied on 13 Jan 2006
Oh, never mind. Just read this on the developer's page:

As of version 0.5.0, the FinkCommander binary will run only on Jaguar.

(using Tiger, so... *damn*)
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