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Strob reviewed on 16 Mar 2013
This doesn't support my perfect good 2009 MBP. I can't get my Windows 8 Boot Camp partition to run without crashing. I have resorted to VMware which is not quite the same thing. Once again I am very disappointed with Apple's forced obsolescence policy.
[Version 5.0.5033]

Strob commented on 12 Mar 2013
No demo? No sale.
[Version 1.0.8]


Strob reviewed on 29 Oct 2012
I got terrible results from this app trying to convert a picture to text. The result was not remotely usable. I had much better results from ABBYY screenshot reader (Windows) or by importing the same photo into MS OneNote (Windows) then converting it to text.
[Version 8.2.6996]

Strob commented on 10 Mar 2012
Where's the demo? The older listed demo above doesn't even work for Snow Leopard. How does the developer expect to generate sales without one?
[Version 3.0.1]

Strob commented on 03 Mar 2012
Developer: Please explain what besides Lion compatibility does this paid version do that the freeware 2.3 can't. I am using Snow Leopard.

MU: The developer link is broken.
[Version 3.0.1]

Strob commented on 27 Nov 2011
Despite claims above version 1.8 will not run on a OS X 10.4/PPC configuration.
[Version 1.8]


Strob reviewed on 25 Sep 2011
Installed this this thing out of curiosity. Can't figure out why anyone would decide to use this with its overly complex UI. Reminds me of Outlook. Can't sync calendars or contacts without Zimbra dialing Youtube. What the ----? No thank you. Bad app. In the trash you go.
[Version 7.1.2]


Strob reviewed on 13 Mar 2011
I was looking to replace SplashID with another so I could sync my iTouch with my desktop. Unfortunately at this time mSecure does not support custom fields within a type. So while importing my items from SplashID was fairly easy, many imported files do not have any field names and there doesn't seem to be a way to edit them so they do.
[Version 2.1.3]


Strob reviewed on 05 Mar 2011
An outstanding application for solving hard drive issues. I've used this on a Macbook Pro and a Powermac. It kept a failing hard drives alive longer than they should have been. More recently it has resolved I/O errors due to some bad blocks.

It's latest addition - live defraging - is a notable welcome addition. Nothing built in to OS X can do all Drive Genius can do.

Drive Genius has not yet failed to resolve a problem that I expected it to. The amount of utilities it possesses are second to none that I know of. I find it extremely easy to use. I do, however, find that the upgrade options a little too expensive. But overall it has been an invaluable tool.
[Version 3.1]


Strob reviewed on 19 Sep 2010
I'm disappointed in this app. I had a WD Raptor hard drive fail in my Powermac G5 and SmartReporter never gave warning and still reports it as good even though it is totally inaccessible. Send feedback from within the app is to a non-functioning account.. It failed to do what it claims which makes it unreliable.
[Version 2.5.2]

Strob had trouble on 04 Oct 2011
Unhappy to report that this is the slowest experience on a browser that I ever had. I am using a iMac G4/800mhz/1GRam/7450. Switching tabs takes 3-10 seconds and everything is painfully slow. Not possible to use this everyday. Any pointers to speed this thing up?

One other thing: typing a z in the address field clears everything in it.
[Version 7.0]

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Strob replied on 23 Oct 2011
I am using Tiger OS X 10.4.11. TenFourFox v.6.0.1 has the same problem - way too slow for practical use. I can see the cpu jump to the 50-80% range as soon as I click on a link and stay there for at least 5 seconds. Plenty of ram space for it too so I don't think my 1gb limit is the problem.

Strob replied on 24 Oct 2011
Tried version 4 but not happy with that either. Using Camino which is faster and more stable.

Regarding the "z" problem, a little more testing has shown that typing a letter/symbol that is not in the autocomplete suggestions the URL field clears and erases what has already been typed. Very frustrating.

I have tried Leopard on this iMac but found it more sluggish than Tiger, particularly with any animation (hey it's only 32MB vram). Besides Leopard doesn't run Classic and you can't change its theme.

Strob replied on 03 Nov 2011
You're correct, it does get faster after disabling most add-ons. However, the big bug still remains - I can't type anything into the location field before in erases. I tried disabling the history and bookmark suggestions in the preferences but then I can't type one letter without it being immediately erased.

Strob replied on 04 Nov 2011
Created new profile and the location field is working properly now. Thanks for the suggestion!
STRob had trouble on 18 Aug 2008
I installed v3.0.10 onto OS X 10.4.11 with G5 using universal installer. But as with the initial upgrade to v3.0.8 this version prevents access to the internet. I am hoping that the developer fixes this as fast as he did the last time.
[Version 3.0.10]

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STRob replied on 28 Aug 2008
Well, about one week later I received a kernel panic and had to reboot. I then received a pop-up asking me to fix my security settings. All of a sudden Privoxy 3.0.10 is working. Not sure what happened to make the upgrade work. Is a reboot necessary?
STRob had trouble on 06 Aug 2008
Latest version has become almost useless to me. Logging takes 75-100% cpu and usually shows as not responding, slowing my Mac down to a crawl. CleanApp itself will sometimes not launch if the logging is running.

More things than ever are now showing up as related items which have nothing to do with the application being deleted.

This is disappointing. I notified the developer but this time my email has gone unanswered. Their support site forum said that they will fix the daemon but that was back on 7/12.
[Version 3.0b7]

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STRob replied on 09 Aug 2008
3.0b8 seem MUCH better that 7. No more problems with daemon. So far everything seems to work as it should.
STRob had trouble on 19 Nov 2007
Documentation states that it requires OS 10.5. Unbelievably inconsiderate!!! Filemaker (Apple) should make it backward compatible to at least Panther. Pass.
[Version 1.0v2r1]

STRob had trouble on 26 Oct 2007
I don't yet know the value of this application. However, I do have a problem with it. In the short amount of time I have tried it, I have woken up a few times to find the screen plastered with "SMART Status Warning! The SMART status of your startup disk is Verified".

First off I use SMARTReporter to tell me if anything goes wrong with my startup disk so I don't need OmniGrowl telling me it is OK. Second, I don't need my screen half plastered with these notifications which need to be deleted one by one. Very annoying, developer. Can you fix?
[Version 2.0.1]

STRob had trouble on 01 Jun 2007
AOL Radio 1.2b1 crashes within 5 seconds after choosing the connection speed launch on my G5.
[Version 1.2b1]

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