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SGHuebner commented on 17 Jun 2008
This is about version 0.4. I am still using that thing on a 1 GHz-iMac G4. And I can say, though the game still lags often, it has gotten a whole lot better. Playability in the wilderness for example is great, as in most other areas.
And the game itself: It has evolved and everyone interested in finding kind people with an interested to roleplay should give this one a try. Though the world is not that big, there are numerous quests to solve that might keep you busy for some time. And there are a lot nice, strange, friendly, weird... whatever players around that will be happy to roleplay with you.
For newbies: Seek out the ps-forum on their website or their wiki. Most questions are answered there, so the start in this world should not be as steem as it was once.
[Version 0.4]

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SGHuebner replied on 17 Jun 2008
sorry, a typo in my comment. I wrote "steem" instead of "steep" in my last sentence. That way it would have made a whole lot more sense :)
SGHuebner commented on 15 Feb 2008
I am sorry, there seems to be no way to edit a review so I have to use another one. There was a typo in my last comment. The last sentence should read "...then make a *comparison*...", not "computer". Don't know how this got in there :-)
[Version 1.12]

SGHuebner commented on 15 Feb 2008
Maybe I am the only one but I think the new behaviour of 1.12 is very un-intuitive compared to how it worked before. Reasons:

1. The toolbar-buttons do other things than their label suggests.

2. "save" not only saves the state, but it does a compare again. Totally useless and unnecessary as I only want to actually "save" but not want to compare again.

3. It is not clear to the user that "compare" actually not only compares but also saves the new found state.

This is bad for several reasons. In my opinion, "save" should only be available in two cases:

1. There is no earlier state
2. right after a "compare" and only once.

"Compare" should really do only "compare" and no save at all. The reason? The user may only test try a comparison to see if anything has changed. He might decide to leave Uninstaller without saving, install something else and then make a computer which then would include the unsaved changes plus new found entries.
[Version 1.12]

SGHuebner commented on 04 Jan 2008
I've tried out several iterations of this game on a 1-GHz iMac with a 64MB-GForce 4 MX and 1.25 GB of RAM. And while some elements where added to the gameplay and I liked the graphics and character-creation and the missions), the game itself didn't get faster, no, the latest version seems to be slower than ever before, even when using the simpler city-map without grass.The range of playability on the above mentionend configuration starts at "not much fun" to "completely unplayable" in the main town of the gaming-world, where I could count the seconds between each step of my character. It even did something I've never seen before with any other app: it slowed down the animation of Apples's spinning beachball. The idea might be nice to have a free alternative in this game-genre, but I think everyone with enough money to buy a fast-enough Mac won't worry too much about paying for commercial (and better) alternatives. And those that can't afford one won't have much fun with this game.
[Version 0.3.18]


SGHuebner reviewed on 23 Dec 2007
Whoever said defragmentation is useless on OSX was wrong. Accorrding to iDefrag, all my data was scattered among my HD (though 30 of 80 GB are still free). I mainly tried out this App because the Mac didn't work fluently anymore as it used to when I first installed OSX. And after a five-to-seven-hours defragmentation over firewire I can say that this App was worth every penny. Not only does the Mac start up so much faster now, but I can finally work with it again without seing the spinning beachball all the time. Absolutely great!

Also, the Diskmaker thing worked without any problems. Though I didn't like the fact, that the downloaded diskimage resides in the Apps' caches-folder. It would be nice if one would have the option to delete it as the diskimage is quite big and probably not needed anymore after the boot-cd is burned.

And two things about iDefrage (hope I didn't miss this in the manual): It would be nice if the manual would explain what the different algorithms do. Plus, some kind of logging would be nice, something that, after defragmentation, give a summary on how successful the process was. Something that tells me, if (and what) could ne be defragmented because of size or whatever. for example.
[Version 1.6.4]


SGHuebner reviewed on 13 Dec 2007
The best feature of this searching-app (imho) is the possibility to use terms like "&&" and "||" when looking for tags or filenames, just like one would in Javascript, for example. This plus features like searching for substrings, in certain locations or for certain kinds of files makes this one an enormous useful application.
[Version 2.0]

SGHuebner commented on 12 Dec 2007
The download link only leads to an updater which is just plain silly if one wants to try out this. Also the links on their site doesn't seem to guide one to a real demo-version. Not the best impression, to say the least. After all, given the commens above, it's probably better not to try this piece of software... :-)
[Version 11.0.3]

SGHuebner tipped on 26 Jan 2007
My guess is that you have activated the „code injection alert“ in the LittleSnitch-Preferences and that DockFun is trying to change something in the dock that reacts on this switch. You should deactivate the option in LittleSnitch-Prefs.
[Version 1.2.4]


SGHuebner reviewed on 30 Oct 2006
Awsome! Among the best icons I've ever seen. All extremely beautiful und detailed, just as all the icons on their site. Great work.

There's just one glitch: I am not quite sure what some of the icons could be used for other than looking at the beautiful images as many do not represent a specific application but real world items.
[Version 1]

SGHuebner commented on 26 Sep 2006
Did not do anything more than Apples poor AutoFill in Safari (on some German webforms, at least). Only filled in the name and the Email, also on Firefox. Nothing I would consider buying at the moment.
[Version 1.5.3280]

SGHuebner had trouble on 29 Jan 2009
Can't test this software because

a) the latest release-candidates are intel-only apparently, though stated otherwise

b) the last available version of WengoSoft crashes with showing some messages in the console like these:

29.01.09 15:12:22 [0x0-0x18b18b].com.openwengo.WengoPhone[2332] (error) 15:12:22 void QuicktimeWebcamDriver::initializeCommonComponents(): can't create a video channel

29.01.09 15:12:22 [0x0-0x18b18b].com.openwengo.WengoPhone[2332] (error) 15:12:22 virtual StringList QuicktimeWebcamDriver::getDeviceList(): can't get device list
[Version 2.2rc3]

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