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Ryde commented on 10 May 2013
Note that this app really doesn't do anything except cropping. Yes, this is in fact stated in the description, but I was still hoping that it would be possible to select the output size for the resulting cropped image.

I.e. if you want to generate a bunch of nicely cropped 800x600 pictures for mom's digital photo frame, this app does only half of the job. So I guess I would have been better off with the competing app "Click 2 Crop".

Another problem I noticed is that the app wasn't able to preserve the EXIF metadata of the picture I tested it with (which is surely a bug that they are going to fix as the preservation of metadata is on their feature list).

I am not in the position to write a full review here because I lost interest in the product after these observations, but I still wanted to let you know.
[Version 2.3.0]


Ryde reviewed on 20 Feb 2013
I've purchased quite a few licenses for OCR applications in the last couple of months, and all of these products have something going for them, but OCRKit stands out for at least two reasons:

a) OCRKit can be invoked in an automated, i.e. "batch", fashion.
b) OCRKit is able to preserve CCITT Group 4 compression in scanned images, at least in some cases. This finally gives me output files which have the exact same image quality as the original and are only marginally bigger due to the added text content. Kudos!

OCRKit is not perfectly straightforward to use IMHO and could definitely use a better documentation, though.

Regarding the recognition accuracy: I have been able to obtain very good results with OCRKit provided that the quality of the scanned image is high. In other cases the recognized text will contain errors, as with any other OCR software. OCRKit is said to be able to utilize a dictionary for better results, but it seems to me that this does not yet work in all cases.

So overall I am quite impressed with OCRKit, but improvements are of cause welcome. I hope the developers continue to bring their app forward, it has a lot of potential.

Please also see my comments added to the review of "brianvon" right below.
[Version 1.13]

Ryde rated on 10 Oct 2012
[Version 0.6.5]

Ryde rated on 26 Aug 2012
[Version 1.4]

Ryde rated on 26 Aug 2012
[Version 2.5.2]

Ryde rated on 26 Aug 2012
[Version 1.5.2]

Ryde commented on 26 Jan 2012
I am a satisfied user of Typinator 4 — but this new version (an update which I'd have to pay for, too) leaves me irritated.

They do list a lot of new FEATURES, but I cannot see the BENEFITS that all these alleged features could be providing to me at the end of the day.

What I had really hoped for was a way to place my own variables into the expansion texts and have Typinator ask me for their values during expansion ("Dear {recipient}, thank you for your {stuff} ...").

If the new version doesn't have this (which I assume since I cannot see this mentioned anywhere) I might just stick with the old version — or spend the requested upgrade fee on a competing product instead.
[Version 5.0]

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Ryde replied on 30 Jan 2012
This sounds good! I just sent you an email.

Ryde replied on 29 May 2012
All right, Typinator 5.1 is out since today, and the new expansion features are really awesome and an enormous step up from Typinator version 4.

So I just purchased the upgrade. I am glad I stayed patient and faithful during the four months we had to wait for 5.1 to arrive. :-)

Typinator does still lead the pack!
Ryde commented on 20 Jan 2012
This comment here is just meant as a proof to Barbpassman that you can actually write a comment without the requirement to assign stars along with it.

You just need to choose "write a Comment" in the selection switch at the very top of the dialogue that pops up after clicking on "Write a Review" link.

I admit that this is somewhat obscure, and I also think that the MacUpdate site owner should try to improve on this.
[Version 1.6.35]


Ryde reviewed on 14 Jan 2012
This web design app is very cool, very different from all the others. It allows you to change the design of ANY existing website since it can work with the HTML and CSS code that is already there. Yes, it has no file format of its own and does not rely on special formatting, structure or comments placed inside the HTML. This feature alone makes Flux priceless IMHO. And the code it creates itself is very clean — just as you would write it by hand.

The second great feature is that you can in fact write the code by hand, inside Flux, but you can also use drag and drop and mouse manipulation — and you can jump between the two styles in a second, whenever it pleases you. This is the second great thing about Flux that I haven't seen elsewhere in such a powerful and seamless way.

The third positive thing I want to say is that everything else is, IMHO, done right, too. Flux looks and feels like a real Mac app, since it is a real Mac app. Including Javascript and scripted actions into your HTML is also nicely supported (it even ships with common libraries like DoJo and jQuery and stuff like Flowplayer, and you can add more). It can work directly over FTP and SFTP, supports creation of Wordpress and concrete5 themes, and so on.

Does it have a steep learning curve? Yes, perhaps for those who are not web developers.

I mean, this is a serious tool for professionals. If you don't know HTML nor CSS nor Javascript, then you don't need nor want to see any source code, but instead you want to be given a boatload of templates to choose from and a lot of guidance. Those people should in fact be better off using apps like iWeb or Sandvox.

If you are a pro, then you know HTML and CSS, and the learning curve for Flux should really be a non-issue since the interface is nice and intuitive, and there are quite a few tutorials and videos, too.

If you despise tools like iWeb because of their lack of flexibility and the really crappy and bloated HTML and CSS they generate which is a nightmare to tweak manually — then Flux is definitely for you.

Flux is also actively developed with a lot of updates, which I personally find important. Note that the Flux version in the Mac App Store often lags a bit behind, so I recommend getting Flux through a different channel.
[Version 3.2.59]

Ryde commented on 25 Dec 2011
Too bad that this app does not support the extraction of CCITT Group 4 compressed images from PDF files.

(CCITT T.6 aka Group 4 compression is a very space efficient lossless compression algorithm which was originally developed for facsimile transmission of black-and-white images over telephone lines and data networks. It is optimized for documents with black letters on white background, where it typically yields output files which are multiple orders of magnitude smaller than the results of any other image compression algorithm. So CCITT Group 4 is still the best choice when storing scanned bi-level images in a TIFF or PDF file.)
[Version 4.28]

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