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Rufty Tufty reviewed on 28 Oct 2011
Great support from the developer. I sent in a request for support for .amr format files, and heard back from the developer within a couple of days that he had added support for .amr plus some other formats. And, it would be out in the next release. Sure enough, a couple days later, a new release with support for the added formats.

This is a great new addition to audio converters - easy to use, free, frequent improvements, and free!
[Version 1.3.3]


Rufty Tufty reviewed on 18 Feb 2011
Bought NeatWorks software to use with my ScanSnap S510M scanner (which they claim is supported) to scan receipts.

First - the "automatic" setup with my scanner didn't work. I managed to find manual instructions for setup on their web site, but these instructions aren't referred to in the software or the help info. I've reported this to their tech support.

Second - once set up, it's possible to scan directly from the ScanSnap into NeatWorks. However the results are useless - the numbers NeatWorks is reporting for receipts are way off.

I tried tweaking the ScanSnap settings, and got slightly better results, but still far from usable. Contacted tech support for help (e.g. guidance on optimal scanner settings), and first got a completely incorrect, irrelevant answer. Second response was at least on-point, but not helpful - they have no recommendations for settings or resolving this problem.

So, at this point, the software is useless to me (I don't want to buy another scanner - maybe it works better with their own scanner), and I'm waiting for either an update or guidance from them on whether I can get better results with different settings.
[Version 3.0.8]


Rufty Tufty reviewed on 20 Dec 2010
While the feature that this will continuously monitor for changes, and update your backed-up or synced folders/volumes continuously, would be great, this is way too buggy to recommend.

Published reviews of this app are fairly positive, but I couldn't find any real "user" reviews. I decided to give it a test run.

This is for NTI Shadow, on 10.6.5, Intel Mac.

I tried creating both "backup" and "sync" jobs, both with "Continuous" mode turned on, using my 2GB Desktop folder as the guinea pig.

The backup job:
- initial backup went OK
- but, when I added 3 2MB .avi files to the source folder, their copy never completed. I got "ghost"/grayed out, zero size copies in the target folder. Attempts to delete these showed that they were "in use". Restarting NTI shadow didn't fix this.
- deleting files from the source didn't delete the corresponding files in the target. this might be the desired behavior in some cases, but not in others, and there is no option to choose.

I then tried creating a "sync" job using the same folders:
- changes to one folder at first were reflected in the other, but very quickly this stopped, and no further changes were propagated. I.e. doesn't work as advertised for me.

- very limited documentation
- limited control of options
- keeps complaining that the target volume is has less than 50% free (this is plenty of space for the backup jobs set, and there's no way to set the percentage or turn this off).
- very limited logging
- keeps complaining about a name conflict on the hidden file .xprtbtreecache5a
- uses more CPU than I would expect for very minor changes (not bad, though)

I didn't bother trying a Volume Clone - would take way too long, and there's no way I would trust the results.

Summary - while this has the potential to be a groundbreaking backup app, it seems that they haven't done much testing. A backup app needs to be reliable, and behave as expected. I can't recommend this to anyone.

I'll stick with Carbon Copy Cloner and Time Machine for now.

Rufty Tufty commented on 22 Nov 2010
The demo is very limited. You only get 60 beats per start of the program, and only about the last 20 beats of the second demo song has a full salsa band and rhythm. Has some promise, but this is not nearly enough to get a sense of the program's usefulness (not for me, at least).

To the developer: I understand (and support) your desire to combat piracy, but I have two suggestions for improving the demo:
- limit the total program run time, or number of starts (these are more common demo limitations)
- in the interim, use a clip from the middle of your second demo song, rather than the beginning, so there is a longer sample of a full band sound.
[Version 3.0.2]


Rufty Tufty reviewed on 06 Oct 2010
ditto on upgrade policy. i was planning on keeping this around as part of my general ipod/iphone "toolbox" when i bought it last year.

but, 70% of the full purchase price, up to once a year, just to add compatibility with the latest itunes/iOS? no significant functionality changes, and my older version (3.41) is now completely broken, since it won't connect to any of my devices since i upgraded to itunes 10.

i don't mind paying for updates, but this is too much to make it worth planning on keeping it around. i'll look for something else.
[Version 3.6]

Rufty Tufty commented on 14 Feb 2010
Sleazy Business Practice

First, they release FontExplorer X as a free product, and get people hooked on it. As with any new product, it's got problems at first, but users stick with it while the developer works out the bugs, etc., partly b/c it's free, partly because it's a decent product. Meanwhile, the users invest their time and energy in learning the product, recommend it to friends, adopt it in larger settings, etc.

The developer then releases a "Pro" version and charges for it. No problem - there are lots of "pro" features that any business will gladly pay for (server integration, etc.).

But, then the developer quietly, but completely drops support for FontExplorer X. The last release of it was Feb 2008 - 2 years ago. Snow Leopard is not supported by the non-Pro version, and there are "issues" running it on SL.

So, even the "non-pro", lightweight user has to switch to the paid Pro version in order to keep using FontExplorer, including students/etc. for whom $79 is not a trivial amount of money.

Is Linotype the only business which has done this? No. But, most businesses who start out with a major free or "lite" version keep and support some kind of lite version, either free or inexpensive compared to the pro version. I.e. they treat their existing customer base well, and entice some portion of that base to pay by adding additional features which will be valuable (even invaluable) to them.

But, leaving that original customer base out in the cold is just plain sleazy business practice.
[Version 2.5]

Rufty Tufty commented on 02 Nov 2009
"The Unarchiver" should be able to do most of what you need, but if you really need Stuffit Expander, here's a link to the current direct download (no email address required).
[Version 14.0]

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