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Rtouris reviewed on 23 Dec 2013
This is **NOT** the same tool as evasi0n 1.x which was used to jailbreak iOS 6.x...

In fact this is called evasi0n 7 1.0 which as the name suggests works only on iOS 7.0 upto 7.0.4 for the time being..This installs a **beta** version of Cydia that was not approved by saurik for mass iOS7 usage at the time this (Cydia) was compiled, since no jailbreak was available back when this took place. Things will eventually iron out, in the meantime I would suggest saving SHSH blobs with tools as TinyUmbrella and the likes and waiting for the main tools, such as Cydia, MobileSubstrate and all to get their updates before proceeding..

On a sidenote there appears to be some controversy over an "alternative" Cydia-style app that this installs in chinese-iDevices...I suppose it's up to anyone to comment or suggest, however I'd strongly suggest holding off until the dust settles..
[Version 1.0.0]


Rtouris reviewed on 13 Sep 2013
Is it **just** me or is the Finder window zoom-to-fit function **still** broken in 10.8.5? I've been sending out feedback reports to Apple with regards to this particular issue (i.e. Finder windows DO NOT ZOOM properly when viewing contents in list-mode cmd-2) ever since 10.7, but oh my..this is getting lots of Apple M$-like love for the last couple of years now :/Other than that, pretty stable and all.
[Version 10.8.5]

Rtouris commented on 10 Aug 2013
from dev's version history:

"Known Issues:
[Generic] On OS X 10.7, Skype sometimes crashes when clicking on profile pictures or file transfer icons. Workaround: update to OS X 10.7.5 or later."

10.7.5 or later? What's up with that, I thought 10.7.5 IS THE LATEST 10.7.x branch version published at least a year ago...


Rtouris reviewed on 20 Sep 2012
Let me start off by saying that I have been a HUGE growl fan since it's inception and believe me when I say it's been a long time ago...

Now; on to the newbies..Ver. 2.0 is definitely an improvement over 1.4 which was the previous version, that is if you're on 10.7, because I get the feeling that the devs still have quite a few things to sort out with 10.8's Notification center.

Back to 10.7..I claimed that this is an improvement over 1.4...however I fail to see why oh why this needed to spin off ver. 1.2.2 which was free to say the least and worked like a charm. The subsequent releases introduced a myriad of problems (even the buttons where hard to comprehend as to which way they swayed)...v. 1.4 was the first one I used in Lion 10.7.4 and back then for some strange yet familiar to the devs reason this failed to launch at startup, a problem to which i found a solution digging into their less-than-stellar-user-friendly new website and even then in some instances it would again fail to launch....

On to v.2...all is good for the time being, buttons remade, quite a few things tweaked here and there, a good feeling overall..hang on a sec though..it's now a 64bit process and together with Hardware Growler they both occupy well over 300MB of memory according to Activity monitor...Hm, there must be something nasty going on here, I never recall these two occupying such hefty system resources, granted these are now 64bit processes and this by itself accounts for a bit of increased memory footprint..and sure it won't be a problem on my iMac @ work with 8GB of RAM, but how about my MacBookPro2,2 with only 3GB (maxed out), now that could be a potential problem..for a combo that costs a bit over $5 if I'm correct..

** confused **
[Version 2.0]


Rtouris reviewed on 20 Sep 2012
Is it me or 10.7.5 did NOT deliver for us stuck on older hardware...Let me elaborate.

First off Finder issues that have been plauging the system since 10.7.0 namely the inabilty to zoom list-view mode windows properly and "automatic" column sizing in double clicking the appropriate boundary between name and size columns for example are just to name few of the ones that stand out. These may be small nuisances at first glance, but things like these made OSX what it is today...elegance and attention to detail.

Then there's the HUGE performance drop when it comes to GRAPHICS performance and specifically to openGL. I've tested this on 2 different systems separated by more than 5 years, a MacBookPro2,2 (C2D 2.33 15.4''), as well as an iMac11,1 (i5 4cores 2.66 27'') only to find out that both NovaBench and OpenGL extensions viewer yield substantially lower results in the graphics sector which is also apparent during the tests (i.e. lower fps counters and all)..I've not gone into extensive benchmarking using game's timedemos and all, but still this is indicative of the trend Apple's unfortunately chose to go towards...

For the time being i feel let down by this.
[Version 10.7.5]


Rtouris reviewed on 18 Apr 2012
This is an excellent piece of software of professional quality..It does at least what it says on the tin, maybe even more! Customer support is also a strong point, since a few quirks and bugs are squashed over continuous software updates that are rolled out on a steady basis...

...overall couldn't be happier!

If only there was a way to install small apps on AppleTV on top of this polished Apple-like interface, this would have been a 5-star rating..
[Version 1.5]

Rtouris commented on 12 Jun 2009
For some reason this latest version steps hard on the brakes after a while into the download, resulting in super fast startups and somewhat slow progress thereafter...This regardless of the file I tried to download setup, .avi, .mp4, .mp3 etc. Perhaps something went wrong in the code? I urge the developer to look into this and come back with a point release that remedies the symptom..
[Version 4.0]

Rtouris commented on 03 Nov 2007

I can't see the reasoning behind your unsubstanciated comment, ie. "Forget it". The app you suggest is just that, an app, not a widget that provides that much of an extra degree of freedom between the user and the OS. Granted ver. 2.0.1 might have some issues with Leopard, but i trully belive the dev will remedy asap.
[Version 2.0.1]

Rtouris commented on 04 Oct 2007
Seems to have solved a deteriorating trend that was building up recently with regards to my battery capacity. Having performed several calibrations and resets of the SMC unit, I was giving up hope watching the capacity dropping all the way down to 3500mAh with only 46 cycles. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to find out that after installing this update the capacity returned to normal values (5450mAh). However I'm holding back further judgement for I need to carry out some testing first in order to justify the capacity readings. Let's see how it does in actual battery life performance and I shall report back with the updated findings in a short while.
[Version 1.3]

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Rtouris replied on 29 Oct 2007
Further to my initial findings i can now support my claims after tests of about a week. The result is that the update DID surely resolve the reported capacity issue (down to 3500mAh after 45 cycles, it's now back up at 5450mAh), however I am experiencing extremely low real world battery life of about half an hour on minimal CPU strain and unexpected shutdowns attributed to the voltage of the battery. So at least for me this is a no-go, cell is going back to the distributor for a replacement. :-(
Rtouris had trouble on 11 Jun 2007
Seems to cause Adium's chat window issues...In all installing version 3.0b disables the transparency in Adium's chat windows and reverting back to version 2.0.4 rectifies this and brings back transparency...well beats me but it's still a beta for a reason..Can't say i was impressed with the release, final judgment pending...
[Version 3.0b]

Rtouris had trouble on 17 Feb 2007
Seems there is a compatibility issue between this and Forgetmenot 3.00...Upon launch safari quits instantly and the "report" outlines a rather sinister flood Forgetmenot thread0 exceptions...
[Version 1.1]

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