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Rsmacupdate commented on 17 Feb 2014
I am a new 1Password user, less than a year, and as such have a bit to learn. However, I have twice had issues that resulted in my using their email support.

What I am about to say I want to say with you the reader having some knowledge of my background. I first starting working with computers in the seventies and for a time was in charge of a group that supported users and also involved in leadership in user groups.

With that said, it should be plain that I have some knowledge of customer service and over the years customer service has in too many instances almost become extinct as I used to know it.

I was VERY impressed with the email support I received from 1Password. It is the kind of support we used to give where we talked with the customer and made sure everything was squared away. No finger pointing, no lack of knowledge of the product AND we welcomed and our products thrived on changes suggested by customers and support staff.

I have not seen the changes, but the openly positive response to suggestions and the recording of them for future consideration is all too rare today.

My experience with AgileBits support was nothing short of excellent. I do not say this lightly and I rarely ever have reason to extend such praise and affirmation.

Thank you AgileBits for your excellent customer support!
[Version 4.1.3]

Rsmacupdate commented on 26 Nov 2013
I have version Data Rescue II v1.2.1. I believe there is a 1.2.2 version, but the developer website doesn't make it clear how to find support for the older version including updates. The program itself doesn't have a check for updates menu item. When I select the Data Rescue II Help menu item it takes me to a DR3 web page. Perhaps the developer can mention where DR2 users can find the latest updates and support knowledgebase. The Macupdate page doesn't even mention the DR2 product. Perhaps this too could be changed.
[Version 3.2.2]

Rsmacupdate commented on 26 Jun 2013
The note above says that ThunderBird is no longer being actively developed. Is this the case or still the case? Thanks!
[Version 17.0.7]

Rsmacupdate commented on 02 May 2013
It would be helpful if the REQUIREMENTS included all the range of Mac OS versions the app works with. It would let me as a user know that the app did or did not work with Mac OS Lion 10.8.3 for example.
[Version 2.2.0]

Rsmacupdate commented on 02 May 2013
The developer's site is listed as Marko Karpinnen & Co.Llc. Shouldn't it be AgileBits?
[Version 2.2.0]

Rsmacupdate commented on 11 Apr 2013
I was looking at this app and wanted to chime in with others. As a potential purchaser, I would like to see a demo/trial version. I also would like to see a non-Apple AppStore version. I and others don't like Apple or anyone else controlling everything. Sites like MacUpdate are a needed alternative as are developer sites. Finally, a comparison with similar products like NetShred and Cookies would be helpful. The app looks good and these are just some of my thoughts as a potential purchaser.
[Version 1.2]

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Rsmacupdate replied on 11 Apr 2013
A few more thoughts.... I wanted to thank the developer for including Snow Leopard in the range of requirements. A large number of Mac Users have stayed on Snow Leopard (about a third at this point)due to problems introduced with Lion and continued with Mountain Lion like the loss of Rosetta functionality. I also would liek the granularity to see and choose which files are targeted for deletion. Here is a summary as this is longer than I anticipated...

• Add a Demo/Trial
• Show which files are to be deleted
• Allow the user choice in files to be deleted
• Offer purchase apart from the App Store
• Offer as a MU Promo and in a MU Promo bundle
• Offer in other promo bundles too
Rsmacupdate commented on 14 Mar 2013
I have several questions about this software...

1) The review/comments section here hasn't been added to for 2 years... why?
2) FireFox 14 was a June 2012 release. It is now March 2013... almost 9 months later with no indication that NetShred has been updated to consider FireFox versions 15-19.
3) Considering MacApp store prices... the price does seem high... it might be a better marketing plan to reduce the price slowly and increase the customer base giving more exposure to additional developer products and reducing such criticism and hopefully raising profitability.

I realize FireFox's 6 week update cycle is quick, but people generally want to be current especially for security purposes.

Perhaps the developer could weigh in on how they are keeping current with FireFox's 6 week release cycle?
[Version 4.7.8]

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Rsmacupdate replied on 27 Apr 2013
BibJohnson: You are correct Thanks! Is there some way to edit my original post?
Rsmacupdate commented on 11 Mar 2013
SD! Speed vs CCC Speed

lemon-kun's review of 06 Sep 2012 entitled
Super Duper! vs. Carbon Copy Cloner raises a question for me. After a little math it appears that SD! takes 21% longer to create a copy than CCC. Is this a valid test? Is this the case?
[Version 2.7.1]

Rsmacupdate commented on 15 Feb 2013
It has been about 7 months since an update for 1Password for Mac and 5 months for the Knox product. Is AgileBits in trouble?
[Version 3.8.20]

Rsmacupdate commented on 09 Jan 2013
I am not familiar with this product and am wondering why it is better than Keychain and what makes it worth $50 more plus the costs of future updates. Perhaps someone can direct me to 3rd party reviews or any reviews that explain the rationale for the expenditure? Thanks in advance.
[Version 3.8.20]

Rsmacupdate had trouble on 22 May 2011
There is no uninstall that I can see. If the developer doesn't reply with an uninstall update or directions to uninstall then I will have to rate this app with a single star. I would rather not, but if they are not actively responding to posts here then that would be another reason to rate it low.
[Version 2.0.6]

Rsmacupdate had trouble on 23 Dec 2010
The listed Developer Website is non-existant as of 20101223. I can't see any correspondence or updates since August 2008 so I am wondering if the developer is still around.
[Version 1.5]

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