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Roy-Van-Der-Woning reviewed on 05 May 2009
The purpose of this application completely eludes me.

It is advertised as a solution to cut down the number of applications and the complexity involved in printing your photos. But unless I am overlooking something blatantly obvious, it does the exact opposite.

The thing is that PrintSprint doesn't actually do what its name hints at, which is making prints. It is merely an aid in resizing and cropping your photos upon which it allows you to "generate an order". What this boils down to is that the resized/cropped copies of your photos are saved into a folder after which the task of actually printing them is still up to you.

In other words, PrintSprint does not diminish the number of applications, views, windows, etc. as it claims on the tin, but rather adds itself into the mix, duplicates readily available functions (cropping, rotating, etc.) in the photo management software it is advertised to coexist with (iPhoto, Aperture) and stops where it could have been most useful: making the actual print.
[Version 1.0.1]

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Roy-Van-Der-Woning replied on 02 Apr 2010
Apparently, our workflows are quite different.

First of all, you cannot crop and resize RAW files; they need to be processed to an editable format first. PrintSprint does not have a configurable RAW processor (at least none that I could find) so you are processing all your RAW files based on the same default set of parameters, which largely defeats the purpose of shooting RAW to begin with.

Furthermore, I cannot remember ever having applied the exact same crop on an entire batch of photos. If my pictures need cropping, they do so on an individual basis which I can easily do in whatever software I use to process my RAW files or edit my photos (Lightroom, Aperture, Photoshop, DPP, Capture NX, etc.). If you still want to batch crop your photos, these tools allow that as well.
Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 23 Apr 2009
I found this utility useful enough to purchase a license through MacZot, but less than 6 months later, the developer launches a new release and sets the grace period such that droves of new customers that were reeled in through MacZot are not eligible for a free upgrade and now have to plunk down the same 20 bucks they paid for the original license. Not quite as sneaky as the YazSoft debacle, but it does bear a canning resemblance.

As icing on the cake, the blog article announcing the new release has been closed for comments after the developer was called on these business tactics and questioned on whether or not the new features warrant a major upgrade to begin with. Apparently, the developer does not appreciate the expression of legitimate customer concerns on their website.
[Version 2.0]

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Roy-Van-Der-Woning replied on 24 Apr 2009
For the record, I never said or suggested that the developer "targeted" MacZot customers.

People who buy licenses through MacZot (and hence, not directly from the developer) likely feel that the reduced price is more realistic for what is being offered than the regular list price. Hence, the statement that they come out ahead doesn't hold water IMO, because many MacZot customers would likely not have purchased a license to begin with, if it hadn't been for that reduced price. I for one find $40 too steep for what's essentially a one-trick pony (albeit a very nifty and useful one).

Add this to the fact that a (questionably) major release is launched 6 months after the MacZot campaign (similar tactics have been heavily frowned upon in the past, and for good reasons), that the developer (by their own admission) did not finalize their FTP/SFTP implementation in the previous release and that they closed their blog article for comments after having their decision questioned (other articles still accept user feedback) and this thing just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

And I'll let those be my final 2 pesos on the matter.

Roy-Van-Der-Woning reviewed on 17 Dec 2008
Contrary to what seems to have become the popular consensus, my experience with Burning Thumb's support has been exceptionally positive.

After purchasing a license, I noticed that some of my tracks' meta data was not retained during the conversion, such as my album art. I contacted the developer about this, and one hour (!) later, I got an initial response. Not only did I instantly get a refund for my purchase because DRM Dumpster did not perform to my expectations, I also got an email the very next day with an update which addressed the problem with the missing meta data. When I subsequently reported a few more glitches, the developer sent me a second update which fixed those issues as well.

Even though there are still some nice-to-have's on my wish list, and I did experience one or two stability issues, I find that DRM Dumpster is the closest to ideal, and most convenient option to enable my protected tracks for playback on non-Apple devices like my SqueezeBox. The developer has been very forthcoming in identifying an fixing the reported issues, and did so within 24 hours. I will report the remaining niggles in due time and have no doubt that they can be ironed out as well.

Whether or not DRM Dumpster is worth the price is highly subjective, but it definitely pays off to contact the developer if something doesn't work as advertised. It got me a free license and a tool that does a hands-off conversion of my DRM protected tracks, allowing me to attend to a less mind numbing pastime.
[Version 3.3]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 02 Nov 2008
No sure why you felt the need to point that out, but I'm still interested to learn what makes your two alternatives "the best".
[Version 5.0.5]

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Roy-Van-Der-Woning replied on 03 Nov 2008
This was supposed to end up as a reply to the August 25th comment "thread".
Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 23 Jul 2008
No experience with this application whatsoever, but the interface is keeping me from trying it. It just doesn't feel right to me.

It's what I was used to back in my Windows days. It seems unnecessarily cluttered, like every feature needed a control and all of these controls had to be in the main window.

Then there's the toolbar which has a Windows feel to it, right down to the Open (folder) and Save (Disk) icons which were copied verbatim from Windows. And there's at least 3 different styles of icons; they just don't match together.

Then there's the gratuitous use of borders which reminds me of a Windows app I used to have (Qimage). There's a border around the left pane, another border around the image portion of that pane and yet another (blue) border around that border. I'm sure there's a purpose to it, but it detracts from the clean UI that I've come to appreciate from Mac applications.
[Version 2.2.7]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 05 Jun 2008
I'd never buy a plugin that costs 50% more than what it's supposed to plug into. What's next, a $1000 Photoshop plugin?
[Version 1.1]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 14 May 2008
It would be great if the frequent updates to this fine application could be handled via Sparkle instead of the laborious (by comparison) [download DMG/reveal DMG in Finder/mount DMG/close active app/drag new version from DMG to Applications/unmount DMG/delete DMG/restart app] cycle.
[Version 1.3.8]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 06 May 2008
This release must truly be a smack in the face of everyone who has been waiting 6 months for the developer to fix a bug in one of their other applications. Incessant complaints about the developer's lack of support fall on deaf ears as fail to respond to either forum posts or direct emails:

When I consider purchasing a product, developer reputation is every bit as important to me as the actual product quality and the iKey debacle doesn't bode well for a potential customer of CopyPaste.
[Version 1.0]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 22 Jan 2008
Brushed aluminum is so 2007...
[Version 5.0]

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Roy-Van-Der-Woning replied on 22 Jan 2008
There is nothing careless about making a factual observation.

If the app "looks thoroughly leopard", then its appearance must have been updated since brushed aluminum has no place in Leopard anymore. This would imply an outdated screenshot. And you call me careless.

So there!
Roy-Van-Der-Woning commented on 17 Jan 2008
Funny how, with the rising popularity of David Allen's methodology, so many todo apps have suddenly become GTD applications.

This app may be useful in and of itself but lacks virtually all relevant prerequisites for a GTD implementation.
[Version 1.2]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning had trouble on 27 Feb 2008
The widget's buttons don't look right on my MacBook (Leopard).
[Version 2.4.1]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning had trouble on 06 Nov 2007
Purchased an upgrade from Saft Tiger to Leopard, but am unable to download it because the site does not recognize my account info. Sent mail to developer: no response.
[Version 10.0.1]

Roy-Van-Der-Woning had trouble on 03 Oct 2007
Fails to show the contents of iPhoto libraries with version number 7.1. When selected, it just says "Loading" in the bottom right panel, but doesn't get past that stage.

I still have a couple of version 7.0.1 libraries which work fine with iPhoto Buddy, but get upgraded to 7.1 as soon as I open them with the current version of iPhoto. So eventually, iPhoto Buddy won't be able to tell me the contents of any of my libraries.
[Version 1.2.8]

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Roy-Van-Der-Woning replied on 03 Oct 2007

Roy-Van-Der-Woning replied on 16 Oct 2007
Alas, no response from the developer...
Roy-Van-Der-Woning had trouble on 02 Oct 2007
Amazing how even a "major update" fails to fix bugs that have been reported many moons ago like the counting of hidden files, even though PF's preferences have been set to hide them:

Cocoatech defends this "feature" by claiming it is by design, but it does not make sense to have system files like .DS_Store included in a folder's item count.
[Version 4.8]

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