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Rosenkrieger rated on 28 Apr 2011
[Version 1.2]

Rosenkrieger rated on 02 Dec 2010
[Version 1.0 Draft 1]


Rosenkrieger reviewed on 25 Dec 2009
As a longtime Dreambox 7000 user and a Mac user for a bout 3 years this is THE app for both. Really appreciate the work the author has put into this software. Works like a charm with my Dreambox 7000

A suggestion though. I would love to see an option to automatically load the Boquets, channels, etc. instead of having to click on "Get from box".

Keep up the good work! Its appreciated!


Rosenkrieger reviewed on 10 Nov 2009
I've been a long time user of the website but only started playing around with MacUpdate Desktop 5.0.1 yesterday and I must say - Woot woot woot!

I really like the comfort of this app. I can update almost all my apps in one single place and even apps I have not used for quite some time are shown to me.

The neat thing I really like is that I mostly do not have to interact with the apps installing but I get a simple popup telling me that MacUpdate has done its work and the app has been updated.

Of course there is always room for improvement. Things I would really like to see in future releases.

1. Blend out apps I mark for not checking - I don't want to see them at all
2. Tell MacUpdate to ignore certain folders ( for example the Utilities Folder )

And I even if this goes against the nature of a program looking for updates. A simple click to uninstall with cleanup of the plist files would be the cherry on top of a double cookie mega vanilla flavored milkshake :-)
[Version 5.0.1]

rosenkrieger commented on 27 Jul 2008
Also not available for German users :-(
[Version 0.1.37]


rosenkrieger reviewed on 02 Jul 2008
This is another of my "must-have-apps". I have been enjoying Skitch for quite some time now and I must say I have integrated it into many of my workflows because its simply, powerful and does what it says!

Love it and would not want to use a Mac without it.
[Version 1.0b6.2]

rosenkrieger commented on 01 Jul 2008
Why not simply use stacks???

WIth the different kinds of display modes for stacks, even list view, all you have to do is create a folder, put the aliases in there and drag that folder to the dock - done.

No app needed.
[Version 1.2]


rosenkrieger reviewed on 27 Jun 2008
By far THE best Audiobook Application for Mac.

The only thing I wish that would be added: Batch Processing.

I would love to setup 10-15 jobs to convert MP3s to Audiobooks and have my iMac do all the work while I am sleeping instead of having to one after another after another after another...
[Version 1.0.10]


rosenkrieger reviewed on 27 Jun 2008
I really like this app - BUT - I am not gonna use it anymore. I know its free but I want to have it work fast and easy.

I give it real ease of use, but if I have to click ( when its done deleting ) if I want to visit the authors website or do not want to visit it I am clicking more than need be and its annoying as he**

I am back to deleting via short cuts and then using another shortcut to empty the trash
[Version 1.3.1]


rosenkrieger reviewed on 08 Jun 2008
First of all - let me thank you for this wonderful little time waster - its changed my way of using YouTube. Makes it alot easier to surf and watch videos for me!

I just did a testdrive with Tubular, which is a PAID app and I must say - Tooble beat's it in the aspect of speed ( which is critical for me ) by a mile!

The only addition I am wishing for now ( since I saw it in Tubular ) is the possibility to ad a video to my favorite list within YouTube from within Tooble.
[Version 0107]

Rosenkrieger had trouble on 23 Sep 2009
I thought. Wow finally I get an updated version of "VisualHub", but hell now. The "converting" plain s*cks. Used a MOV File and wanted a MP4 - yeah I got an MP4, but out of 3:28 Minutes a 0:58 Minutes file was the result - WTF?!??

I then did the same conversion with VisualHub - smooth as silk.

Yeah its free - but if it doesn't work - why use it?!?
[Version 1.2.5]

rosenkrieger had trouble on 31 Oct 2008
Does not work for me. Says I do not have a Version of the software that is able for updates. ( I got 12.1.3 ) - when I googled "office update 12.1.4 won't install" I got a few hits.

So this seems another problem with the update that happend a while back with another version.

I tried the solution if one removed a language pack from office ( which I did not do, I also have an original version, did not change paths, etc. ) - but I still have this problem

Just have to wait for the update to the update of the update...

Crappy MS :-/
[Version 12.1.4]

rosenkrieger had trouble on 30 May 2008
The previous version already had a problem on Leopard 10.5.2 - UserAgent will hang if Hear is running.

Now with 10.5.3 the UserAgent hangs AND the coreaudiod also shows up red in the activity monitor.

This is a great app I would buy - but with these two problems I am not willing to shell out any money.
[Version 1.0.1]

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rosenkrieger replied on 03 Jun 2008
I'd love to beta test HEAR but I am unsure about the email adress, since it does not say in your post

or would that be devon @ prosoft DOT com ?
rosenkrieger had trouble on 20 May 2008
Tried to authorize my flickr account but getting an error from flickery

"An error occured

flickery encountered the following error:
Invalid API Key"

What do I do ?
[Version 1.0b]

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rosenkrieger replied on 20 May 2008
FYI got a Mail from the author of flickery...

Regarding the invalid API key thing: temporarily "pulled the plug" on my API key I'm using in flickery for communicating with Apparently, they weren't aware of how much traffic my app would cause them :)

They seem to have re-enabled it for now, but I can't say how long it will last.

I'm in talk with them and currently waiting for them to reply.

Please keep an eye on my blog ( for updates on this. Thanks.
rosenkrieger had trouble on 12 Apr 2008
Just tried this out and I am almost ready to purchase a license.

I configured my ports manually, because Papaya couldn't do it for me ( no biggie ). So I passed the server status test.

BUT for some reason it only takes my local IP adress, even if I set it to take my external IP adress. So I am unable to share to a chat friend of mine.

Is this a bug? Can I do something to fix it?

This seems like a REALLY REALLY superb quick share app ( and Apple is gonna hate you for making sharing iTunes music such an easy task hehe )
[Version 1.0]

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rosenkrieger replied on 12 Apr 2008
Hmm I don't what happend - but now it displays my external IP ;-)
rosenkrieger had trouble on 11 Feb 2008
I am just trying out 4.0.1 and don't know if there is something wrong with my system or with DFX.

I changed the settings in the menu to:
( the labels might be different, since I am translating this on the fly from the german Text I see )

1. Black Toolbar Background
2. Visual Effects de-activated

BUT the settings don't stick ?!? So when I reboot the checkmark at Visual Effects deactivated has disappeared.

And even IF its set, I still get a fade in/fade out effect.

I am also unable to use the greysidebar - I can klick the radio button but it has no effect. I still get a complete black background and no grey sidebar anywhere to be seen.

What am I doing wrong ?!?
[Version 4.0.1]

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