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Rooster reviewed on 11 Feb 2014
Excellent addition to the Finder!

The dual-pane, cut/paste, and superior tab browsing alone make it indispensable for someone like me that is always doing intensive Finder browsing and file manipulation.

All the other added features certainly add more value. The added option to turn features on and off make this really a configurable utility based on what you red and don't need.

Some of it takes some getting use to fi you don't know what something does and produces an undesirable result, so I recommend turning feature on individually over time, so you can see what something does, and if it will be useful for you.

Overall this is great: The feature are good; Ease of use is good; Value is excellent; and Stability is moderate.

I too experience the odd hang that also cause the Finder to stall. This is usually during a Finder operation such as a Spotlight search and/or a file copy. The first is not too much of an issue, but the latter is a problem if the file(s) did not copy completely.

For the first issue, its simply a matter of restarting the Finder which kills the hung XtraFinder and then starting XtraFinder again.

The second issue is more serious and requires not only restarting the Finder and then starting XtraFinder, but also checking the source and target locations to see what was moved and what was not. I often find faded file icons with zero sizes that have to be deleted fro the target location and then validating which files from the source location still need to be copied or moved.

The above only happens about 5-10% of the time and it seems to be primarily on remote volumes. However, this is more a nuisance issue that a critical fail, because I have never experienced file corruption of the source material like data loss.

Incidentally, the other similar Total Finder is good too, but I find that there are more features that I use in XtraFinder and the 'free' price tag has an influence as well :-)

I hope the developers of these two fine Finder enhancements continue to develop these. I would even pay for either just to have the stability improve... but not too much mind you :-)
[Version 0.18.2]

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Rooster replied on 11 Feb 2014
OMG... I'm sorry!
I can't believe i wrote all that...yikes :-)

Rooster reviewed on 07 Feb 2014
Great little app...
Occasionally after prolonged computer use, I would run purge via terminal. I wanted something that I could just click in the GUI and be done. I tried a few of the other free and shareware memory scrubbers (lets face it, they don't optimize, they just release and defragment), but they had their limitation or complexities that kept me away.

This app has been relatively effective and simple to use. A simple click is all I need to clear the RAM and prep the computer for apps with high memory use.

Word of caution: repeated memory clearing (two or more attempts in a row) may yield a lot of free memory, but you will find that apps that are already running are a little sluggish at first and the start up of other apps will be a little slow as well.

However, once they are running for a few moments, the degraded performance go away. This is very evident in the Finder speed which is slow at first after clearing the memory, but then picks up speed back to normal.
[Version 3.1]


Rooster reviewed on 16 Jul 2012
This is a great conversion tool that I have used for a few years now for almost every conversion need I have. It has come in hand for those odd formats you sometimes find and for cleaning up really poor video and 'other' odd conversions.

I was happy to see an update, especially with the updated presets but I quickly found this build to be unstable and it would crash about half the time and in a couple of cases would not convert the entire video file. In one case it even seemed to disregard the settings and encode to a really low bit rate and video size (I had it set on Normal).

The previous build was very reliable and rarely crashed or produced undesirable results. Therefore I am reverting to the previous build until i determine what it is that caused the issues described above because I am not ruling out some conflicting configuration on the two computers I tried it on.

I give Handbrake high ratings in features ease of use and value but low on stability (normally I would give it a 4 or a 5).

If anyone else has similar issues I would be interested in whether they were resolved and how? I am leaning towards this being an issue with an incompatible configuration on my part and not that of a developer issue.
[Version 0.9.7]

Rooster commented on 16 Jul 2012
Before I go off and spend a lot of time playing with this, can anyone tell me if this is similar to the old SharePoints app and preference pane (
I use to use that for AFP and SMB but it hasn't been updated in years.
[Version 1.4.1]

Rooster commented on 16 Jul 2012
Can anyone tell me what the difference is between SketchBookExpress and SketchBookCopicEdition (
[Version 5.5.1]

Rooster rated on 01 Sep 2011
[Version 1.5.1]


Rooster reviewed on 09 Aug 2010
This is a pretty solid application and the features are about what I would expect but since purchasing the product I have found that I get little utility out of it and when compared to the price tag I get very little return on investment.
[Version 2.1.0]


Rooster reviewed on 09 Aug 2010
Pretty darn good little utility! It has given me no problems since day one of getting it and I have it running all the time as a startup item. I hope the developer keeps it up-to-date with the evolving Mac OS so that it continues to function as Apple updates.
[Version 1.7.2]


Rooster reviewed on 28 Sep 2009
OMG! This works...perfect! a big, big, THANKS.

Sits in the menu bar waiting for read-only NTFS volumes, and bang...all you have to do is select the volume form the list and its automatically unmount and remounted read/write. Seem pretty stable, efficient, handy, etc., and all the other positive buzzwords. This has earned a place in my crowded menu bar. All it needs is a better Finder icon as well as a better Menu bar icon ;-)

I hope to have some time to do some controlled performance testing to determine what the average I/O rates are as compared to HFS as well as the Paragon and the NTFS-3G. I encourage others to share their performance metrics.

Anyway, as with any 3rd party development (free or paid) use at your own risk. Your data is your have to assume the responsibility for what you install and use on your computers over and above what Apple provides. If its a paid-for and a warranted product then sure, the vendor has a service level they should address if you encounter problems that their product caused (ie data loss). But a product that someone develops (and probably uses for themselves) and then shares with others is just plain kind and in the spirit of open development...blah...blah...blah. I provided criticism to this dev in my 1st post and it was constructive and I hope it helped the dev put out a better solution. I encourage others to provide constructive comments not trash talk ;-)

Well thanks again and BTW...I'm kicking my rating up a notch.

[Version 0.4]


Rooster reviewed on 22 Sep 2009
First of all a bit of praise and a thankyou for this app and the effort. Things I like are:
- That it is a menu item that is out of the way, out of the dock, and easily accessible
- I really like the ability to access NTFS and read/write.
- The simple interface is welcome

What is troubling though is that it is awkward to use based on the following descriptiopn (I could just be doing it wrong but this is the problem):
- With NTFS Mounter running, the first time you mount an NTFS volume, the volume is read only but shows up in the NTFS Mounter list of available volumes...OK
- When the NTFS volume is selected, an NTFS Mounter Error instructs that you must eject/unmount/eject the volume...OK
- When the NTFS volume is unmount/ejected in the Finder as instructed above it is no longer available to NTFS Mounter...not good...The act of unmount/eject basically removes it from the bus that it was plugged into (USB/FireWire) and it can no longer be seen by NTFS Mounter
- Remedy: by this point the external NTFS drive is no longer visible on the desktop (unmounted) nor connected (ejected) on the bus. I unplugged and plugged it back in and it mounts as before in read only mode but instead of unmount/eject in the Finder I used Disk Utility to unmount (only...not eject) at this point it is visible to NTFS Mounter to mount it in the Finder as read/write.
- Cumbersome but it works

The next thoughts I had were around performance. I found that older NTFS drivers had poor read/write performance as compared to using HFS on the Mac or NTFS in Windows. I found that NTFS-3G performance was not as good. And I also tried the retail Paragon NTFS driver which was comparable to native speeds but of course it was a little bit more expensive than free :-) It would be interesting to see what other peoples experience performance wise is with this implementation.

Thanks for the tool.
[Version 0.2]

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