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Ronin_1 reviewed on 09 Sep 2010
Don't buy this piece of trash. The developer NEVER responds to requests for assistance. Saft simply is not worth the trouble. Once I got arid of it Safari was much better behaved.

Don't waste your money on this!!!

I would rate this software a zero, but the lowest choice allowed is one star and so that is what I gave it.
[Version 12.1.2]

Ronin_1 commented on 16 Feb 2009
In addition to MTR/Handbrake there is Fairmount and RipIt .

You can't have too many. Best wishes to the new developers.
[Version 1.0]


Ronin_1 reviewed on 08 Sep 2008
I tracked down a problem with either Java or Java preferences. I do not know if Vuze caused the problem or was a victim of it though.

I reinstalled Java from the OS X installer disc (with Pacifist) and Vuze now launches and runs.
[Version 3.1.1]


Ronin_1 reviewed on 08 Sep 2008
Currently unusable. It crashes on launch every time. (OS 10.5.4/Vuze

Rating is for this version. Prior versions which are unavailable worked OK.
[Version 3.1.1]


Ronin_1 reviewed on 02 Jul 2008
What a terrible company!

They have a "demo" download that is not functional in any way. How deceptive can they be? Just wait for them to try more such tricks. Why bother to annoy a potential customer with a total piece of trash?

I emailed their support with a few questions about whether it actually worked or not and got a very snide response "If it worked you wouldn't need to buy it."

Guess what, that is not a demo at all. If they are this dishonest about the demo, just what other dishonesty do they engage about the product's capability.

I put one star as the rating because there was no choice for ZERO.

Don't subsidize bad people.
[Version 3.0.1]

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Ronin_1 replied on 07 Jul 2008
You intentionally waste a prospective customer's time with a piece of downloaded "software" that does not do anything. You give smartass answers to email inquiries and wonder why people do not like it or you or your product.

People have been "burned" by far too many products that do not work when purchased to put up with the likes of you.

You earned this rating!

Ronin_1 replied on 07 Jul 2008
Each response you make provides further confirmation of my original evaluation.
Ronin_1 commented on 26 Jun 2008
I installed Portable Firefox 3 rc4 on a USB hard drive that had been formatted on a Mac (OS 10.5.3) which had previously run Portable Firefox 2.x. When I went to launch it there was a white circle/slash over the Firefox icon and when double clicked it says something to the effect that it does not support this architecture (the Mac is a G4). Bummer, it does not work.
[Version 3.0r4.0]


Ronin_1 reviewed on 27 May 2008
I purchased OmniWeb a long time ago and gave up on it some time ago. Although some features are innovative, I find the bookmarking system to be simply unusable in any practical sense. Specifically, it does not work the way the developers say it should/does. It is the worst of the many browsers I have tried in this regard.

For this reason alone I have quit using it after many communications with the developers which have been unproductive.

If you keep many bookmarks and add to them I do not recommend this browser.
[Version 5.7]


Ronin_1 reviewed on 20 May 2008
I, too, bought it during the recent promo.

Frankly, I can not understand what all the fuss is about it. It does not do much at all that is of any use other than, perhaps, block some pop-ups. I do not think it is worth half the price.

It somehow or other managed to uninstall itself which saved me the trouble.

Good bye and good riddance.
[Version 10.0.8]

Ronin_1 commented on 30 Apr 2006
Though some people have recommended Synchronize Pro X to me for its ability to backup over a network I must say that I find the author's policy about updates and the length of the supported updates to be particularly bad.

The statement from the website says that a purchaser is entitled to updates for two years from the date of purchase, but after two years only the original version purchased will be supported by that license serial number! There is a $49 "renewal fee" which allows the licensee to continue using anything other than the original version purchased and any further updates for another two year period.

This is crippleware. Expensive as Synchronize Pro X is I do not believe you get your money's worth from it.

I find this policy repugnant and do not think I can bring myself to support a company which uses it.

My view is that the company is taking advantage of the consumer.
[Version 5.0]

Ronin_1 had trouble on 26 Aug 2010
Over several versions of Safari and SAFT I have experienced numerous "hangs" with Safair...the spinning beach ball of death. I have to force quit Safari and try again. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
[Version 12.1.1]

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Ronin_1 replied on 01 Sep 2010
This is an update to my earlier post.

Repeated efforts to contact the developer have been unsuccessful which leaves me unable to recommend this product to anyone. This is unfortunate because there are several features Safari still lacks (come on Steve, get with the program).

I hope that open add-onx for Safari will soon be able to replace SAFT.
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