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Ronald Price tipped on 27 Nov 2010
I thought the same thing for a while regarding my Canon N1220U scanner. I was used to the way VueScan just works on OSX, with no extra installs needed. It turns out VueScan has its own driver 32 and 64 bit driver installers for Windows. The installers are in the VueScan folder, labelled "dpinst32" and "dpints64".
[Version 9.0.b6]

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Ronald Price replied on 27 Nov 2010
Sorry, I had a brainfart, thought B. JEFFERSON LE BLANC's post was about cross platform problems, getting VueScan to work on 64 bit Windows as well as OS X. I sense another cup of coffee in my immediate future.

I wish I could offer help on 64 bit OS X but my 64 bit systems won't run OS X, just Win7 and OpenVMS. Hopefully it is just a temporary glitch and will be sorted out in the next beta update, probably very soon if history tell us anything.
Ronald Price commented on 25 Nov 2010
After 8 years VueScan continues to work as well as ever. The Canon scanner I bought in 2002 still works, now with 64 bit Win7 as well as OS X.
[Version 9.0.b4]

Ronald Price commented on 15 Aug 2009
Still no way to disable animated gifs. Seizures too painful. Cannot use Safari. Bug report submitted for Apple to ignore, again.
[Version 4.0.3]

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Ronald Price replied on 15 Aug 2009
Thanks, I'll try SafariBlock. Hopefully it works because I used to like Safari until it began inflicting debilitating physical pain.

Ronald Price replied on 15 Aug 2009
Nope, SafariBock didn't help. Maybe it needs a custom rule to block animated gifs. I may look into it.
Ronald Price commented on 15 Feb 2009
Functionally this build of NTFS-3G does all I need. I tried both the stable and ulibio versions and both allow me to mount ntfs volumes as read/write. I was able to copy files from my Sawtooth G4 to all 3 ntfs drives I tried and read and delete them when I connected the drives to my Vista 64 bit system and vice-versa.

While it does work it takes a while to mount ntfs volumes - an 8GB thumb drive took 8-10 seconds while a 1TB USB hard drive took 30-45 seconds. A 27GB USB HD was somewhere in the middle. Not a major problem but something to be aware of - if you are trying to use a large ntfs volume don't assume there is something wrong just because it doesn't mount immediately.

Another time/nuisance eliminating tip - when un-mounting volumes from the Windows system try to remember to use the Windows "Remove Safely" command, rather then just unplugging the drive. This will save the hassle of having to deal with the warning and "Force/Abort" dialog from NTFS-3G. So pretty much just deal with removable drives on Windows as we already deal with them on the Mac and things will work a little smoother.
[Version 2009.2.1u1]

Ronald Price commented on 10 Sep 2008
Works fine on my Sawtooth G4 with 10.4.11. Also works fine on my PC with Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Pretty much what I've come to expect from iTunes updates.
[Version 8.0]

Ronald Price commented on 07 Jul 2008
Assuming it is even possible, are there any plans to port MLB Schedule and or MLB Standings to the iPhone and/or iPod Touch? Just seems like a natural, pardon the pun.
[Version 2.4]

Ronald Price commented on 17 Jun 2008
A couple of the extensions I use are not yet compatible so I'll be sticking with FF2 for a while yet. I'll keep FF3 installed to play with and see if I can work around or figure out some of the things that don't work the way I'm used to.

I also noted some bookmark issues with FF3. It just doesn't show all my bookmarks. If I run FF2 they are all there. I wonder if maybe FF3 is reading one of the backup bookmark files. I'll try deleting them all to see if that makes it work.
[Version 3.0]

Ronald Price commented on 20 Mar 2008
Not bad, lots of features, decent overall performance. The preferences allow lots of customization and the individual site preferences make this even better.

Unfortunately OmniWeb has gone in a direction that is no longer relevant to me. I want things like the ability to remember my default window size/position. Some control over fonts would be nice too, though this is a problem with every WebKit browser I have seen. The big cartoonish tab drawer makes me wish I could disable tabbed browsing altogether.

So, while it works well enough, OmniWeb just doesn't work the way I want.
[Version 5.7 beta 1]

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Ronald Price replied on 10 Apr 2008
Windows size is remembered, position is not. Both were remembered in earlier versions of OmniWeb and I'm not sure when the behaviour changed. Whatever, broken is broken, probably not important how or when it happened.

I agree OW offers more finely tuned font and font size preferences than Safari. For the most part minimum font size choice appears to be honoured. User font choice is mostly ignored by WebKit as far as I can tell - web pages display in whatever the site designer specifies in most cases. This is a major annoyance with Safari, Shiira and a couple of other WebKit based browsers I have tried. Safari on Windows has the same bug.

Even so, I don't think OmniWeb is a bad browser. It renders pages quickly and legibly. Once upon a time I even paid for a license and don't regret it. OmniWeb used to be the best browser for OS X, period. Things change, that's life. Some people really like some of the features which have turned me off OmniWeb. That's cool.

Ronald Price replied on 11 Apr 2008
I suppose the bug is in the standard then. Whatever, I prefer the way Gecko based browsers allow me to force all web pages to display in a font I can read rather than whatever some designer thinks looks cool. This mangles formatting sometimes but I live with it.

As for remembering window position, OmniWeb has not done so for me for some time, probably since the 5 series began. Window size is remembered but it always opens with the window down and right of where I set it. This is 100% repeatable for me. I just assumed it is part of the New World Order, along with the big cartoon tabs, or that it only works properly on the paid version.

At least OmniWeb lets me kill all that seizure inducing animated crap web designers seem to love so much. And the basic feature set gives me pretty much everything I want but need several add-ons to get with Firefox. More annoying, on the rare occasions it uses the font I specify I actually prefer the way OmniWeb renders most web pages compared to Firefox.

If I could get OmniWeb to remember window position I could probably train myself to live with the font thing. The tabs are a no-go though. They just bug me.
Ronald Price commented on 26 Jul 2007
It has been ~6 years since I purchased my GraphicConverter licence but I seem to recall some mention of unlimited free updates until version 6. Sure enough, each new version has been a painless update until now. Considering how inexpensive it is, how well it works and how much I use it I don't mind one paid update after all this time.
[Version 6.0]

Ronald Price commented on 06 Jun 2007
As a browser Navigator is pretty much just Firefox. So I just copied my Firefox profile over to the Navigator profile folder and it works just like Firefox - all my prefs, bookmarks and extensions just as I like them. Navigator did warn me CookieSafe is not compatible but it works fine. That is the biggest issue I have had. Netscape Navigator 9 is a simple drop-in replacement for Firefox as far as I can tell.

This is subjective but I like the new theme. It is very clean and minimalist but the buttons are clearly legible and their functions are obvious for the most part. For some of the new stuff like Linkpad not so much but only because I didn't know what a linkpad was. Now I know and the button is easily recognised.

I haven't monkeyed with the mail and chat-social networking stuff so I can't say how well they work. The News menu brings up the stories listed in the menu/sidebar but I have not tried adding/removing feeds.
[Version 9.0b1]

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