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Rog commented on 11 Apr 2009
It was a good idea and when it worked it did just what I needed. Sometime it would not start up. I also noticed that something weird was going on on my Mac that I couldn't pin down to any other process. When opening any window or returning from screensaver there would be a long delay. This applied to any window of any app, even simple ones like address book and calculator. It would sometimes take 20+ seconds instead of the usual 1 if that. I would also see the memory and processor activity spike for that period of time. I took all the other Preference Panes and startup apps out and this was one of the only things left running. Ever since I've removed it, the problem has gone away. I don't know what it was doing for those 20+ seconds...
[Version 3.0]

Rog commented on 29 Apr 2008
It worked once, now I get "Error = -1".
[Version 7.60]


Rog reviewed on 31 May 2007
It still crashes just as often! The only reason I start it up is to quickly log into Yahoo Mail.
[Version 3.0b1r4]

Rog commented on 25 Apr 2007
I have been using this software for a while... I bought VirtualHub thinking it might have some more options and do an even better job. I couldn't get the Xgrid feature on VirtualHub to work and the file sizes ended up much bigger(I will check, but I think I used the same settings), and took much longer to convert. I went back to using iSquint. It does a good job for what I need and gets it done efficiently.
[Version 1.5]

Rog commented on 23 Apr 2007
It installed but will not work. I had the Import with LAME script installed and now it doesn't work either. When trying to launch the application it says it will not open because the application may be damaged or incomplete.
[Version 1.0b]

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Rog replied on 23 Apr 2007
The Import with LAME script/app problem may have been something else, it's working now.
Rog commented on 14 Mar 2007
This looks nice...but I run on on secondary computer (running my internal servers, BOINC, misc other stuff), and it finds that my website is would I know...I might not turn that monitor on for days. Can it be set to beep for the first minute that it's down and once every 10 mins after that so it will get me attention?
[Version 1.0]

Rog commented on 13 Jul 2006
Vers. 1.1.0 worked great for me for a while...on 10.4.7. Then it started causing Address Book to hang. I found vers. 1.1.1 on the website, released 13th Jan, 2005, but it does the same thing. This seems like something that is so basic that Apple should build it in. It would be nice if the Mac's modem detected CID info and displayed the address book entry.
[Version 1.1]

Rog commented on 28 Jun 2006
My only complaint so far is that when you set a display image and then trash/move/rename that file it will not work anymore.

I made a folder inside the package and put the file there.

I would suggest that Y!IM save any images somewhere. It could even have a forth option of image of the users log-in icon and maybe even their iChat icon history.

Another option would be the option of logging in to a users Y! 360 page and grabbing the users images from that.
[Version 3.0b1]

Rog commented on 18 Jun 2006
Doesn't start up. The screen blinks, blinks again and then nothing.
[Version 1.2.7]

Rog commented on 20 May 2006
I tried it but I don't know how often I would use it. But speaking of deaktops...I have a better idea for you or someone to pursue... Rather than adding more, I've been taking old smaller ones out. I have about 2000 backgrounds that I've collected over the years. Sometimes I start up and I don't really like the one that was randomly picked from the Desktop Pictures folder... in OS 9's desktop prefs it told you which file was being displayed, but not in OS X. How about a menu item that would pull down to reveal the name of the current background, the option to reveal it in the finder, the option to randomly pick a new image and on top of that...the functionality of DeskDecal that would be "Add new image to Desktop Pictures Folder and Set" And if it could do this for each monitor, that would be nice. I'm just saying... it would be helpful. If it could also replace the functionality of the Display menu item that one could be turned off.
[Version 1.0]

Rog had trouble on 25 Aug 2010
I installed the update, restarted and came back to find the screen blinking blue, black with a curser, blue, black with a curser. I powered off and ran AppleJack on restart. It is still doing it. I have the verbose startup on and I can see that it is starting up, then the nebula picture appears and then it goes blue and starts cycling. I'm debating starting time machine recovery now, so it will do it while I sleep...or waiting to find a solution tomorrow when I get up. I'm to tired to troubleshhot at 4am.
[Version 2010-005]

Rog had trouble on 17 Apr 2008
I started up for me the first time, then after restarting it wouldn't start up. I trashed the prefs, and tried again and it worked, but I had to reenter the username/password. I'm new to FB, so I don't have any freinds yet :( ... so I don't know if any of the functions are working.
[Version 2.5]

Rog had trouble on 24 May 2006
I was not able to get the extra files to install either. It keeps asking for them on startup. Hitting cancel will let me do some things, but it would be nice to get it all working properly.
[Version 0.0.9w]

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