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Rod76 reviewed on 01 Sep 2010
This application was an instant buy for me.

I've been waiting awhile for an application like this that aggregates all the things I've accumulated over a lot of drives all over my network. Just wish it had an auto fill option for sites like Amazon to speed along the process of adding details and such.

It auto uses just the right app to play the file and outside of the afore mentioned wish does everything I could have asked for in a Movie Library Manager.

Look forward to future features and updates.
[Version 1.0]


Rod76 reviewed on 08 Oct 2009
Love this application & its iPhone companion!

I would recommend this to anyone who wants a system monitor that's always in view and uses very little system resources. As an added bonus its menu items link to the system applications they relate to.

iStat Menus looks absolutely amazing, any features that a competitor might have over it can not overcome its polish and quality.

A couple of things that would make it better would be an option for a Blinking Time Separator (for the Clock) and an option for combined Fahrenheit & Celsius (for the Temp Section). That would be a great way to get used to Celsius if you're seeing it next to the units you learned in school and relate to.
[Version 2.0]

Rod76 commented on 07 Sep 2009
I hope Apple doesn't put the kibosh on this since the Dev is using the actual Quicktime X icon.

Other than that, great Preference Pane. A big thank you to the Dev!
[Version 1.0]

Rod76 commented on 29 Aug 2009
I find A Better Finder Rename indispensable and its ability to produce complex renames unmatched. That said, I have one and only one complaint. I dislike how its name is truncated when used from a contextual menu. It would be great if the dev would just call it A Better Finder Rename (leaving off the version number) or abbreviating it some other way. Seeing "A Better Finder Rename 8..." just doesn't look good

A small annoyance easily overlooked when compared to the overall function of this excellent renaming application.
[Version 8.27]


Rod76 reviewed on 28 Aug 2009
I truly enjoy this application, it really makes my media files stand out. I guess you really don't know just how much you use something until its not there when you right click.

I'm really grateful to the developer for getting a Snow Leopard compatible version out on the day of release. I already found myself missing it several times today and am glad to have it back again.
[Version 2.0]

Rod76 commented on 27 Aug 2009
For those of you upgrading to Snow Leopard uncheck all the additions when installing DEVONthink i.e. scripts (those options you get when first installing/updating. Once unchecked DEVONthink operates correctly.

Looking forward to the fix!
[Version 2.0pb6]


Rod76 reviewed on 20 Jul 2009
This app was just sitting unused in my Utilities folder until I bought an SSD. What a difference it has made since. Xslimmer has given me back valuable disk space and now I can't do without it.

The exclude an application ability is what sets this app apart from its competitors. Every once in awhile I'll find an app that just doesn't like having its data slimmed and after a quick restore from back up I add it to the exclude list and it never gets slimmed again. Its a real sanity saver compared to the alternative slimming applications.

The only complaint I have is that System Profiler displays some apps as universal or leaves the field completely blank that are in fact intel only. Viewing "Get Info" directly from the application itself reveals the correct information and no amount of refreshing System Profiler rectifies this.

The afore mentioned quibble has no actual effect on application performance or the system itself (my MacBook Pro is just about trouble free). It's just a minor annoyance for someone viewing the application section in System Profiler and knows the information displayed there is wrong.
[Version 1.6.5]


Rod76 reviewed on 10 Jul 2009
Nice free tagging application.

Its a little rough around the edges (crashes sometimes), but for the price it's the one I'll be using. Overall its a pretty simple editor. I like it because most of my podcasts never makes it to iTunes and this app affords me the opportunity to add proper tags along with custom artwork to my podcasts.
[Version 2.0]


Rod76 reviewed on 18 Dec 2008
Its been a long wait, here are some of my observations.

The application finally changes the name of the actual file to match a name change in the database; this has been driving me nuts for years.

There are a few beta glitches that need ironing out, namely:

1: The new DEVONthink sorter doesn't play nice on multi monitor setups - it has to be placed on the furthest edge otherwise it doesn't properly collapse.

2: There are some refreshing issues when moving between files in the display pain - its not showing the view of the newly selected file unless you click it a few times or move back and fourth from another file

I'm sure I'll find a few more bugs before a full release is made next year. That said, I'm very pleased with this new version and expect great things from it.

The only feature I really wanted and can't find is full database encryption option. I keep sensitive info in it and I really don't want to create a separate sparse image to achieve what could be done in the app itself!
[Version 2.0 pb1]

Rod76 commented on 05 Sep 2008
This game should be ported to the iPhone/iPod Touch!
[Version 1.0.5]

Rod76 had trouble on 24 Nov 2009
I really like the interface of WireTap Studio and its utility is also satisfying. That said, I've noticed that when I use it to capture any input on my MacBook Pro there is a delay of at least a second or two, sometimes more.

Ordinarily this wouldn't be much of an issue, as you would set something to "Tap" and let it record. If the levels don't coincide with the actual audio coming out of the speakers it's no big deal right? (Sarcasm)

Well I use, or rather would like to use, WireTap Studio to capture audio from my Police Scanner. Watching the level bar fluctuate and than waiting for actual audio to come out from the speakers is annoying. Sound Studio and Audio Hijack Pro both correctly function in this regard and for the life of me I can't figure out why the "Tool" meant for this job has a delay. I've run all three applications at the same time and the other two correctly output in line with the scanner's output.

This really bothers me because I prefer WireTap Studio to the afore mentioned applications. It drives me nuts when I switch cities on my scanner and I have to wait a few seconds to hear the tone associated with the switch.

I have a 2.8Ghz MacBook Pro with 4GB of Memory running 10.6.2 on a very fast SSD, there is no good reason for this to happen on my machine. Especially in light of the fact that every other tool I tried doesn't have this issue.

I'm tired of using audio editors or one of your direct competitors applications (ugly & clunky in comparison to WireTap) to listen/capture from my scanner, please Ambrosia fix your application!
[Version 1.1.0]

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