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Rochade reviewed on 05 Apr 2014
I just installed the update to V2 and have to say the sound is simply brilliant. There aren't many drum synths out there that aren't based on simple samples and so you can't compare it to such apps (e.g. NI Battery). It is a fully creative and customizable tool to create new drum sounds and play with them. The only thing that is similar is Waldorfs Attack - which I love too.
If only there were more pre made sets available - or a sharing site of user created sets. Everything else is just fantastic!
[Version 2.0.5]


Rochade reviewed on 02 Apr 2014
No review yet? What a shame. I canceled my dropbox account for security reasons and I was looking for a replacement. I found own cloud does all I need:

- Securely store and sync files across my macs
- Share files with others
- Calendar and contact server (incl. shared calendars and contacts)

If you are a computer geek, there are even more things you can do like cloud based subscriptions, ...

Yes, it isn't as easy to set up as dropbox but once you have configured your installation, you will get a secure and easy to use cloud storage system.
There are still some minor things missing like copy public links from the Finder (you can use Automator to create such an action) but the app and server is in constant development and I am sure this will be implemented in future versions.

Another drawback is that owncloud isn't as widely supported as dropbox by other apps and I hope other developers will include owncloud as an alternative to dropbox.

So said: if you are looking for a secure, encrypted dropbox replacement and you have some computer tech knowledge, give own cloud a try.
[Version 1.5.3]

Rochade commented on 06 Mar 2014
Well, even I love this tool and used it in the past, I just wanted to add a comment here: I am not able to purchase the new upgrade.

Hello, I am here ready to spend my money but the order won't get through, not with paypal, not with my credit card. So now I have to spend minutes (or hours?) to contact esellerate to fix it. Tried it with different browsers and macs: no go. I am using both methods regularly without any problems.

Sorry but I am not supposed to invest my time to be able to spend my money.
indev sent me another license for 30 days, thanks. But don't expect me to fix those problems for you.
[Version 3.0]

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Rochade replied on 07 Mar 2014
Thanks Indev
As I have a license working for 30 days, there is no need to hurry and I am sure you will help me.
btw: I contacted esellerate several hours ago and never heard back.
So, up to private conversations.

Rochade reviewed on 26 Feb 2014
I said I will rate this app five stars when we can customize the text. Well, we not only can customize the text but also customize the full content using HTML!
And I think it isn't mentioned anywhere but this nice little tool also support ownCloud, making it the easiest, best and most secure file attachment handling utility for mail! Thanks a lot.
[Version 1.3]

Rochade commented on 15 Feb 2014
Well, I am always interested in new tools to build web sites, but the created websites look so outdated. Good templates are the core of such an app. I can't even find 1 responsive example.
So, if the showcase is the best you can do with this app, I recommend another tool or even better: learn html/css ;-)
[Version 3.0]


Rochade reviewed on 21 Jan 2014
The easiest and most beautiful note taking app. It looks like the small brother of Ulysses III. But there are some important features missing for me:

- Insert images in the text (not only as attachments)
- let me choose a folder where I want to store my documents (e.g. to sync it with other services)
- unlimited levels to organize the notes
- more export formats (especially .md!)

Add those and Noted is the best note taking app on the app store! - and will receive the missing half star ;-)
[Version 1.1.0]


Rochade reviewed on 20 Dec 2013
BBEdit is a very solid and feature rich text editor but my standard editor is TextMate2. Why? It is much easier to find your way around. BBEdit is missing some important core features like an easy way to duplicate a file! Those features are the ones I need on a daily basis and makes my coding life easier. So, while BBEdit shines in many aspects it lacks some fundamental features.
[Version 10.5.7]

Rochade commented on 12 Dec 2013
Great idea, great value. But: I won't subscribe to any cloud hosting where the data isn't encrypted BEFORE the upload. Encryption on the server is fine but if I don't have it in my own hands, encryption doesn't make sense - except, it sounds good.
[Version 1.40.0196]

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Rochade replied on 13 Dec 2013
The point is: I don't own the encryption key, so even it seems to be secure, this security is only of a certain level as other users may decrypt my files when they gain access to the key - and I have no control over it.
That's why I moved away from dropbox and I won't use any such service for my data anymore.
It is up to each single human to decide about their privacy - or level of privacy and if they want to give away control over their data. While the service is great, it is no option for me.
Rochade commented on 03 Dec 2013
NewsRack was my preferred rss reader. It had tons of features, including the possibility to expand it to your own needs using applescript. As an example I used this to automatically repost news in MarsEdit.
I would have given this app 5 stars - but sadly it is discontinued now.

To end I want to comment on what is written on the product page:'s been clear for a while that NewsRack was falling behind the competition in a lot of ways...

No, sir. All other competitors were behind you!
[Version 1.2]


Rochade reviewed on 04 Nov 2013
I too loved DockView 1 and so I purchased V2 to support the developer only to find out it doesn't work with Bartender installed. After I paid for the app and installed it, I just got a notification that it simply doesn't work when running Bartender and I have to quit it.
Would be great if I would have found this info BEFORE I purchased and installed the app!
So, I have quitted Bartender and guess what: even then DockView hangs. Seems I have just purchased an app that simply doesn't work. I know, the dev already knows about the problem and is working on it but this is not the point here.
If the app will be fixed in a short time I will of course adjust my rating as this rating is not about the app itself - as I can't run it - but the above lack of communication.
[Version 2.1.3]

Rochade had trouble on 16 Jul 2011
Found that GB isn't working on Lion GM for me. I only received a cryptic message, telling me to deactivate and reactivate GB. Until I found the "Also download beta" in the Software Update checker. With v 1.4.15b7 I can use Glimmerblocker again.
[Version 1.4.14]

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