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Robio commented on 28 Mar 2014
BEWARE 33.0.1750.152!

I updated through the App this morning and Incognito was completely GONE. Not in the menus, not in the key commands, I just couldn't get an Incognito window AT ALL.

Also, some other key commands didn't work, like CMD+SHIFT+[ or ] for navigating between tabs.

I restored 33.0.1750.117 from Time Machine.
[Version 33.0.1750.152]

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Robio replied on 30 Mar 2014
Funjoy, where are you seeing these reports in the Chromium forums. I went poking around there and just couldn't find my way. Can you URL me?

Robio reviewed on 22 Feb 2014
Ruined by recent updates that now require an account to use. This was my go-to screen-sharing tool for helping friend/family/others with computer problems. All they had to do was download and launch. Now they'd have to create an account and login before use — for no reason I can discern, other than as a way to hassle people into ponying up for the pro version.


Robio reviewed on 13 Jan 2014
Super easy to use and great for quick "let me show you that" screensharing and voice. It's a pity you can't pass the screen between users, like you can in more sophisticated virtual meeting apps. But if you don't need the bells and whistles of more bloated meetingware like GoToMeeting and WebEx, this is a great little app.

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Robio replied on 24 Jan 2014
Thanks bumper314. I would have never figured what that icon meant.

Robio reviewed on 11 Jan 2014
MU is out of date on this app. As of 2014-01-11 there's an update at I'm excited to see that too — I thought this was abandonware, and an update to my favorite photo viewer/navigator makes me sooo happy.

Now that I know it's still alive, I'm off to make a donation.
[Version 1.3]

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Robio replied on 11 Jan 2014
Looks like I spoke too soon. A couple hours later, and MU has the update.

Robio reviewed on 13 Dec 2013
I've been using this app ever since Apple crippled search with Spotlight. I've tried competitors from time to time, but always come back to Find Any File. I have it set up to launch using a universal keystroke (CNTRL+OPT+CMD+F), and use it several times a week. The only time I use Spotlight is when I need to search content, and I rarely do that.

It's worth every penny of it's totally reasonable price. Love it.
[Version 1.8.8]

Robio commented on 10 Jun 2013
Postbox is a very good email app — I prefer it over Apple Mail by degrees of magnitude. But their user support has vaporized.

In the first year or two this app was on the market, there were fantastic user forums, and the developers were very responsive to bug reports and feature requests.

But Postbox has deleted their user forums, and now provide only labyrinthine support pages with no search feature (on the landing page, if you drill down you can find one), and HIDDEN, 5-PAGE bug reporting tool which takes at least 5 minutes to fill out (even though you have to SIGN IN to use it, it doesn't remember your name, OS, version# or anything else).

So if you have a simple question (How do you rearrange the order of Topic shortcuts? The "Help" section sure doesn't have the answer.), you have to jump through a ridiculous number of hoops to even have a CHANCE at getting an answer. And in my experience, whether or not they respond at all is entirely at the whim of the Postbox team.

I'm especially disappointed by this change in corporate attitude toward users, as I was a very early adapter and watched the level of service devolve from 100% wonderful to 100% dismissive.

If you do need to reach them, this is the URL of the hidden bug reporting tool:

Good luck. You're gonna need it.
[Version 3.0.8]

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Robio replied on 09 Jul 2013
Most of my 122 support tickets were from the early days of the app, when I was sending back notes and bugs from betas. And to be fair, the number of tickets that have not been replied or handled are few — and ALL of them more recent, since you changed your system of handing user contacts.

I also apologize for publishing a URL that is not accessible to everyone. That was bad QA on my part — I should have first tried to reach it without being signed in to see what happened.

But I am not looking for special treatment, as you imply in your response. The complaints I have are about what you require from ANYONE who wants to communicate with you. And while the form has been simplified to a point that it's no longer a huge 5-minute hassle to fill out, the facts remain that...

- As near as I can tell, if you didn't buy Postbox before a certain date, you can't get any direct help from the Postbox staff (correct me if I'm wrong). In fact, the following page actually suggests SEARCHING GOOGLE for help if you can't find what you need ON POSTBOX's OWN SUPPORT SITE. (The logical next step for ANYONE would be to contact Postbox, not to pray someone has had the same problem and written about it somewhere else and that MAYBE you can find the answer using Google. That's not "product support" by any stretch of the imagination.

- Postbox DID take away users' ability to help each other. (I understand the forum got out of hand with people complaining about bugs and UI changes, but that could be easily handled by posting rules and moderation.)

- The form is still 5 agonizingly detailed pages that take 5+ minutes to fill out EVEN IF YOU JUST HAVE A SIMPLE QUESTION that you can't find in the KB.

- Although I did stumble onto a different form that was much simpler (the Feature Request form, which I won't publish here), I submitted something to that form a couple days ago asking JUST for an acknowledgement so I'd know it reached you — and you HAVE NOT RESPONDED.

If that were public and were the help form (and Postbox actually replied to people who use it) instead of that 5-page behemoth, everything would be fine.

- It's still NOT possible to get help on Postbox without knowing EXACTLY what to search for in the KB. Apparently I have to use the EXACT WORDS "Reorder Topics" to find an answer to the question posed above, and the KB article in which that answer is found has NOTHING about Topics in its name. You have to KNOW something about the answer (in this case, you have to ALREADY KNOW Topics are found in the Focus Pane, and have to think that might be relevant) in order to find the answer you need. (The logical place for Topics to be rearranged would be the same place you CREATE them: Preferences > Display > Topics.)

But the crux of the problem is that Postbox is flat-out not interested in helping anyone unless they're willing to commit 5 minutes PER QUESTION to filling out a deliberately over-complex form that is clearly meant for a bug-tracking tool rather than for simple customer service.

I understand that staffing and revenue may make it difficult to provide excellent, timely support — especially in a world where Apple forces developers to sell their products at ridiculously low price points in order to compete in their walled-garden storefronts.

But the way you've chosen to handle this volume problem is the worst possible choice short of not responding at all. Making users jump through 20 hoops go get any contact from you at all is just flat-out poor customer service.

Robio replied on 20 Aug 2013
Looks like Postbox (or MacUpdate?) has removed their reply in this conversation, so if you're wondering what invisible force massachute and I are responding to, it was the vendor. :)

Robio replied on 22 Aug 2013
Toby, I wholly disagree that it's not functional. As a passionate former Eudora user myself, I tried about 15 different email apps, and settled on Postbox as the best available option. The URL I gave was in error, and I shouldn't have posted it (see my 09 Jul 2013 reply in this thread). I'll reply to your review with more.

Robio reviewed on 18 Feb 2013
Does exactly what it says it will do, and does it very well. What would make it perfect is the addition of a Dashboard widget so if you're just uploading one image, you don't have to launch the app.
[Version 1.1]


Robio reviewed on 15 Jan 2013
When installed Adobe Reader takes over all PDF functions, including opening PDFs within browsers, even Safari.

It's slower than Preview, doesn't have the ease of annotations like Preview.

It's a bloatware dinosaur. Run for your life.
[Version 11.0.01]


Robio reviewed on 31 Dec 2012
I've been using this app since before Spotlight, and since Spotlight, I've been using it when Spotlight thinks it knows better than I do (bad habit of Apple's) where I want to search, and what I want to see in my search results.

Just discovered some recent (?) update included a programmable global hotkey, and now I'm in love all over again.

I've tried alternatives from time to time, and even kept EasyFind for deep drill-downs (e.g., file contents of invisible files). But Find Any File is
[Version 1.8.6]

Robio commented on 27 Dec 2012
Downloaded. Started up. But it never finished loading, even after 5m. And its various processes were sucking up huge amounts of CPU. I'll just keep using my Android for my Android apps. (Not sure what I was going to do with this anyway.)

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Robio replied on 31 Dec 2012
UPDATE & ***WARNING***: This thing installs a TROJAN called uHD-Agent, which cannot be found in the Finder (even with hidden files turned on) to uninstall, and places it in your Startup Items. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!
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