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Robertcoogan reviewed on 01 Mar 2014
Finally got this to work after going to tech support on the Slink website. When you buy the Slink app on the App Store, there is nothing that tells you that the Slink Agent is not installed with the Slink app. The instructions do tell you that in order to use Slink, you need to get your Slink ID, which you get from the Slink Agent, which is in System Preferences. Only it isn’t there…and there isn’t anything to tell you where to go to get it (even on the Slink website). However Slink was very responsive in proving me with a link to download the Slink Agent. I don't know why there weren't any instructions to download the Agent when I first ran Slink on my Mac. But a link should also be included in the help menus for the Slink app itself (if it is there, it is very hard to find).

Overall the app itself does work well, and is well worth the money despite that wrinkle. I would give it a higher rating if it weren’t that for that one thing.
[Version 1.9.11]

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Robertcoogan replied on 02 Mar 2014
No, Olof, that is actually not correct. The first run pop up window did not appear. So no download link. Denying it doesn't make is so.

Every once in awhile when someone makes a bit of software, there are occasions when a bit of that software doesn't work like it supposed to. Probably the reason I didn't see the window. Don't take it personally, and don't make your comment sound personal. It just sounds like bad customer support.

Robertcoogan reviewed on 23 Dec 2013
Although this only failed me with respect to one problem, Mindplay hit the nail on the head. Do you really need a collector that links to a collector? I already have Evernote.

The one thing I had an issue with was I was not able to change, add, or otherwise modify my local folder. Irritating.
[Version 2.6.3]


Robertcoogan reviewed on 23 Dec 2013
Plays Game Boy roms with no problem...but overall it is buggy, with sound coming in and out. Graphics were ok, little skipping and no freezing. This with 4 roms. And no nintendo 64 support...? Strange. Better if people wait, this feels like it was pushed out when it isn't quite ready for prime time.
[Version 1.0.0b7]


Robertcoogan reviewed on 15 Dec 2013
This is a good application that really just needs some minor tweaks to make it great. It is only about 95% effective at removing DRM, but 95% is still pretty good. I have only four Kindle books that this app cannot convert.

It would be awesome if ePubor would allow for the viewing of actual titles for converted books. Right now I have to drag the converted file into calibre to see what it is. Also the ability to clear out the window - right now I have to click on each ebook individually and delete them one at a time.
[Version 2.6.11]


Robertcoogan reviewed on 06 Dec 2013
You can't beat Calibre for features, but JerryFisher1625 is right. The GUI is really dated, and it prevents any real organization of the library other than by tags (cumbersome). Adding the ability to create subfolders (or additional libraries) based upon custom criteria would be great. Using tags is a pain, I constantly feel I need to tweak the tags for different books, just to keep certain ones from popping up in certain virtual libraries.

Even viewing the books, files, etc. via a GUI like Delicious Library or Bento would be a plus.

But you cannot beat the value, it is what iBooks should have been.
[Version 1.13.0]


Robertcoogan reviewed on 28 Nov 2013
Overall a very nice and bare-bones db app. I really wish Filemaker would at least continue to support Bento beyond 2014, I bought it just three months ago and feel like I have been ripped off. Would have been nice to know they were stopping development and support, I would have taken my business elsewhere.

Awesome, Filemaker. Looks like I'm headed back to MySQL.
[Version 4.1.2]


Robertcoogan reviewed on 28 Nov 2013
Mostly stable, pages load fast but not as fast as Safari or Chrome. The absence of a bookmarks folder is mind-boggling. Very, very, very, hard to understand why the Opera devs did not include a bookmarks folder or bookmarks toolbar in the browser. Many browsers have them, they are convenient and easy to fill up with lots of bookmarks without creating clutter. This makes Opera all but useless in an enterprise setting.

Speed Dial and Stash are poor substitutes for bookmarks folders. I have WAY too many too try to cram them into those small spaces. Give us back our bookmarks folder, Opera!
[Version 18.0.1284.49]


Robertcoogan reviewed on 30 Oct 2013
Pretty solid and simple program. Does exactly as advertised, even under Mavericks with no issues. I had a copy of Mac the Ripper that stopped working - so it is nice to see that there is another to turn to. $50 seems a bit steep, though.
[Version 1.8.5]

Robertcoogan commented on 25 Oct 2013
It advertises organization by contacts, but doesn't say if you can also go to a date received view. There seems to be a lot going for it, it has some really nice features. But limiting the Inbox view like that really is a turnoff. Also there is nothing about spam filters, yet again (and not just this app, it is just a nut Apple hasn't allowed us to crack yet).

And it would be nice to have a demo available. Even for $10.
[Version 1.0]

Robertcoogan commented on 25 Oct 2013
Can't import new stations in the demo, or maybe it is just a limitation. I really hope that last one is not the case - it is a really confusing limitation to put on this software. I need to know if it can successfully import stations. I was trying to record Somafm, and it never shows up in the list.
[Version 2.1]

Robertcoogan had trouble on 27 Feb 2014
Slink Agent never installs, so I cannot start using Slink at all. I have checked the Slink forums and FAQ, but there doesn't seem to be a solution. Would be nice if I didn't feel like I just handed over $25 for used up space on my HD.
[Version 1.9.11]

Robertcoogan had trouble on 27 Feb 2014
Has crashed repeatedly since last update. Last night I had to run DiskWarrior to recover my main directory, a monumental pain. I don't know if that has anything to do with TotalFinder, but I am leaving it off for now, since I have left it off I have had no problems with the Finder.
[Version 1.5.19]

Robertcoogan had trouble on 27 May 2010
I have tried to add a new radio station and it won't accept it (it was somafm's Secret Agent). somafm's Groove Salad is already in Radio Gaga, but for some reason the app won't accept Secret Agent. I tried adding several other somfm stations, and it won't accept them either. I tried adding all of the different types of links to the stations that somafm provides on it's website, but no joy.

This would be a great app if it weren't for that one problem. It's a bit restrictive to limit a user to preset stations without the ability to add more on their own, I hope that this is just a bug with this release. I will stick with iNet Stream Archiver for now.

On a side note...users also cannot delete (or reset) any of the information in the most listened to radios list. It would be great if this was customizable, it would provide a quick reference list of custom stations without having to create a radio list for each.
[Version 1.0.3]

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