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Robert commented on 29 Jun 2010
This encoder would be terrifically useful if there were actually a tool that could get the results into the .avi and .divx container formats.
[Version 1.2.12r2]


Robert reviewed on 04 Mar 2010
I really want to like PandoraJam as it has great features over the other Pandora players, especially the scrobbling. (Although several of the preference settings don't actually affect anything.)

The performance is really making it hard for me to do so, however. Unlike the other players, PandoraJam pushes my my load average up to 3, 4, 5 and beyond, and routinely locks up my system if I don't minimize its window.
[Version 1.4]


Robert reviewed on 30 Nov 2009
Thanks for this app. I find it particularly useful on small displays, with the exception of the configuration dialog, which is too tall to fit some screens.
[Version 1.63]

Robert commented on 30 Jul 2009
Despite all the vitriol here, I'm seeing huge improvements in the official Mac client.

Can this one format spaces in your screen name?
Or do we still need to keep 4.7 around for that?

I'm not going to lie; like many, I don't actually use the official client, but it's great to have a decent one, anyhow--even if you personally only use it to set up various small features of your account before switching to Adium.
[Version 2.0b2]


Robert reviewed on 12 Jan 2009
I'm rediscovering Quicksilver after using it for years mostly as a launcher and Address Book interface. Doing more things immediately on the keyboard in its Bezel interface that I used to do by switching applications and to a mouse and back.

And I'm still amazed by it and finding out what I can do. Best interface contribution to computing since the mouse.

To answer some questions here, Quicksilver went open-source about a year ago. There is continued maintenance of Quicksilver b5X, and the start of something new (Google Code braintree-alchemy). This version on MacUpdate may still be what you want to use for the time being, if you're not having troubles.

For more info, google last year's interview on lifehacker. To improve performance, google Quicksilver Performance Issues on the Mac. To learn how to use QS better, check Dan Dickinson's intermediate Quicksilver tutorial.
[Version 1.0b54]


Robert reviewed on 26 Dec 2008
I'm pretty amazed at the performance of this on my iBook (900MHz G3, 10.4.11).
Developers of any eye-candy sort of app are quick to drop support for 10.4... but G3? Wow. It is totally usable and useful on it, it actually saves time if you do Google image searches and the like.

(I, too, had tried PicLens, and wasn't so impressed with it at that time.)


Robert reviewed on 05 Dec 2008
Reading the changelog for 1.1, it appears that the author is incorporating much of what I imagined was lacking in 1.0, to make an app as powerful as FacebookSync, but in an easier-to-use Mac-like interface.

There's one more feature that is new for 1.1, however. Crash on launch. (G3, 10.4.11)
[Version 1.1]


Robert reviewed on 07 Nov 2007
The keyboard controls are bizarre and counterintuitive. Once you figure them out, you'll find the app doesn't actually work.

Perhaps it did once, but not anymore. OS X 10.4.10
[Version 2.2b1]


Robert reviewed on 09 Jul 2007
I find it unstable and kind of sketchy. Ha ha. But really, in this range, it looks like Lineform > Intaglio.

It depends on what you want to do, and what formats you want to output to. For the best SVG compatibility, it's still all about Inkscape, even though it's an X11 app.
[Version 2.9.5]


Robert reviewed on 08 Apr 2007
With which CPU and graphics cards do the timing selections test as accurate for pictures?

Every setting seems the same--actually the shorter settings seems longer, though this may be because of my expectation that they be less noticeable. I find every image readily recognizable and quite superliminal. Images are even more intrusive by the white background that is flashed around them to fill the entire screen.

Oddly, pictures must be kept in a fixed subfolder of ~/Documents instead of a selectable folder or even a subfolder in... ~/Pictures. To make your images available to the program, you can make an alias to your folder of images, move it under ~/Documents, and rename it to "SMPictures".
[Version 4.5]

Robert had trouble on 03 Mar 2009
System Preferences throws up a sheet saying that this pref pane cannot be installed.

10.4.11 on a G3 PPC
[Version 2.0.5]

Robert had trouble on 29 Dec 2008
Crashes on launch, on my iBook 900:

Thread: Unknown
Link (dyld) error:
incompatible cpu-subtype

Ironically, a major reason I choose irssi over other irc clients is because of its low cpu usage and system requirements.

Robert had trouble on 03 Dec 2008
The widget seems to be truncating phone numbers, rather than parsing out spaces, etc.

i.e. my numbers in Address Book are formatted like: +48 6xx xx xx xx

but the widget just cuts it off to something like: +48 6xx xx x
[Version 1.7]

Robert had trouble on 24 Nov 2008
Well, this one works, as long as you get your copy of PithHelmet 2.8.3a out of the way. (Dig it out of the SIMBL plug-ins and put it aside.)

SafariStand works, opening multiple tabs works, turning on the anti-phishing feature seems to work, too.
[Version 3.2.1]

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Robert commented on 24 Nov 2008
(I'm on the 10.4 version.)
Robert had trouble on 28 Mar 2007
Hi, I've installed btpd versions many times in the past -- I do a full install each time with OS X installer since internal updating mechanism failed for me when I tried it. In the last two or three builds, the lower buttons in the GUI sidebar for starting/stopping the daemon are gone. Yesterday, I installed 160, and since then I've been getting perl locale errors in bash... ??
[Version 0.12b0160]

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Robert replied on 29 Mar 2007
Thanks for replying: I'm using the updated version happily.

As for the locale problem, it was caused by losing the path setup with a recent fink update.
Robert had trouble on 17 Nov 2006
Privoxy users: toggle Privoxy off to download btpd-front from here.
[Version 0.12b064]

Robert had trouble on 22 Aug 2006
I uninstalled this most ridiculous concept in software minutes after installing, months ago. I don't even want to review this thing now, the only way I can understand it is if it were a joke.

Now, several weeks (months?) after the fact, a dialog began popping up with every new app I launch...

It had left behind an input manager...go to /Library/InputManagers/ and remove the Amendment folder there. If anyone knows of other droppings it leaves, please add.
[Version 0.5]

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Robert replied on 25 Aug 2006
Nah. It just leaves nagging parts behind.

As for the app when it's installed, my review in June on another site was as follows:


I tried it.

The key-combo selection wasn't a problem, it's customizable and it seems to make a reasonable choice to begin with, depending on whether you're on 10.3 or 10.4, etc.

While the app is attractive and stylish in the Cocoa fashion, and smartly introduced as a preference pane, I found it to be almost hilariously intrusive. Really, you have to try it, it's much worse than you would imagine by reading the description.

You know how you'd be typing along and you make a typo and you FEEL it before you even see it, and you automatically backup a space and correct it? You can't do that anymore. Even if the error happens at the beginning of a word, even if you decided to use a different word. The grey pop-up appears, it's insisting, and it's modal. You must deal with it and its interface NOW, but it doesn't know what you want, and won't get out of your way.

I uninstalled it in record time.


Or so I thought, lol.
Robert had trouble on 26 May 2006
If after you install, you're wondering where it installed the DivX Browser Plug-In-check the Trash. Really :)
[Version 6.5]

Robert had trouble on 04 Dec 2005
No longer seems to work. Only loads the GMail login page, even if you're already logged in...

Google has since released Gmail Notifier, however, which can be chosen as a mailto: app, and seems to work fine for one account.
[Version 2.0]

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