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RoadTripDK commented on 26 Nov 2006
I haven't used this app yet as I am wondering what the bugs in the G5 thermal control are (OS X - not the app) that are mentioned in the read ReadMe file are all about:

"Some users of G5 systems have reported that the fans ramp up very fast. This is not related to AppleJack, but is due to the fact that the thermal controllers are not loaded while in single user mode. If this condition persists after restarting into Mac OS X, you may have run into one of the many known fan-management bugs. See the support forums, or for extensive postings on this topic."

OK, there may be extensive postings on the issue, but why not try to be a little more specific? I have a G5 single with major problems with the HD. I don't want to have to fuddle around with more issues than I already have got.
[Version 1.4.3]

RoadTripDK commented on 04 Nov 2006
Anyone know if this will work with Yahoo (formerly Konfabulator) widgets as well?
[Version 1.1.1]

RoadTripDK commented on 14 Oct 2006
I can understand limiting what a shareware app is allowed to do in trial mode, but you can't even see and fiddle around with the preferences to see if you would want to pay for this!

I think a lot of users like to "trial run" an app before they pay. A new user can only get a vague idea of what CuteClips is all about.
[Version 2.0]

RoadTripDK commented on 11 Oct 2006
Why pay for this when you can get WeatherDock for free here:
[Version 2.5.1]

RoadTripDK commented on 03 Oct 2006
New dictionaries cost $10 per dictionary??? Stunned and amazed.
[Version 10.2.2]

RoadTripDK commented on 27 Aug 2006
Definitely a great little app. I just wish that it could handle events as well. Anyone have a suggestion for a similar app that handles events? Alternatively, a way to get Butler to handle ToDo and event items?

[Version 3.6]

RoadTripDK commented on 20 Aug 2006
I have a G5 single (PowerMac 9.1) and am experiencing problems with being able to keep the changes made to the desktop background for the different windows. Is this part of the preferences corruption issue that has hit VD? I thought that had been sussed out with the latest updates.
[Version 0.53r212]

RoadTripDK commented on 15 Jun 2006
I am getting a warning from Little Snitch everytime I start DockFun! The error refers to "DockInsteminator", but there are a number of users that have searched for "DockInsteminator" by name and by PID#. The Dock PID# doesn't seem to match the alert.

The number listed (in parenthesis) after "DockInsteminator" also changes if DockFun! has been quit and then restarted during a user login.

At this time, I am still using Little Snitch on a trial basis. It would be nice to get cleared up what is going on here.
[Version 1.2.3]

RoadTripDK commented on 10 Jun 2006
Little Snitch reports:

"Application "DockInseminator" (296) attempts to inject and execute foreign program code in "Dock" (295). This is a security risk as it may allow "DockInseminator" to circumvent Little Snitch."
[Version 4.7]

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RoadTripDK replied on 14 Jun 2006
Yup, same here. Interestingly, the PID# seems to change everytime that Little Snitch prompts with the warning, if you have allowed DockInseminator to perform its thing earlier during a session.

My point is that I was hoping someone more knowledgeable that could elucidate a little on this issue or that the developer might react. There have been complaints in connection with other products by this developer about lack of response.

I don't know how serious this issue is, but if nothing else the posting could be a warning to others, before they purchase
RoadTripDK had trouble on 26 Nov 2006
I just purchased the latest version to solve problems with a fragmented directory (catalog b-tree) after a crash that Fink Commander was involved in. My problem is that I run DiskWarrior for a couple of days (to try to solve the issuie above). DiskWarrior reports from the very beginning that it is taking a performance hit because of the condition of the HD, which is understandable, but Finder starts reporting that DiskWarrior is unresponsive and the whole OS (Tiger) seems to be taking a hit on my G5 single.

Ejecting USB pen drives are no longer registered by the system, quiting any other apps that have been running leaves me unable to get DiskWarrior back to DW, which seems to take on the persona of the last app that has been quit, etc.

I am running DW from a system installed on a Firewire drive.
[Version 3.0.3]

RoadTripDK had trouble on 17 Nov 2006
I just installed evolution from the Novell homepage (evolution 2.6). I can't get the Evolution droplet to work. The Evolution binary is installed in /opt/gnome-2.14/bin/ and I think the droplet may be looking Evolution in /sw/bin/

When I run the command '/opt/gnome-2.14/bin/' to determine why Evolution doesn't start, I get the following messages:

$ /opt/gnome-2.14/bin/

(evolution-2.6:5663): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "industrial",

(evolution-2.6:5663): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "industrial",

(evolution-2.6:5663): Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "industrial",
CalDAV Eplugin starting up ...
evolution-shell-Message: Killing old version of evolution-data-server...

(evolution-2.6:5663): e-utils-WARNING **: No parent set, or default parent available for error dialog

(evolution-2.6:5663): Pango-WARNING **: Cannot open font file for font Verdana 9.60546875

(evolution-2.6:5663): Pango-WARNING **: Cannot open font file for font Verdana Bold 11.5263671875

Can anyone tell me what is going on here, please?
[Version 1.0.2]

RoadTripDK had trouble on 23 Aug 2006
The installer craps out with a message that there were some errors. Never experienced that before. I am running 10.4.7 on a G5 single (PowerMac 9.1)
[Version 1.7.3]

RoadTripDK had trouble on 13 Dec 2005
I am having problems downloading both Fire and FinkCommander in Safari 2.0.2 (Tiger on G5 single). Clicking on "download now" returns a blank page, whereas control-clicking and choosing "download linked file" just downloads a .gif file that is 43 bytes. The same happens if i option-click. What is going on???
[Version 1.5.4]

RoadTripDK had trouble on 11 Dec 2005
I can't seem to be able to download the latest version. Even when I option click the URL in Safari, all I get is a .gif file. What is going on?
[Version 1.0.4]

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