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Developer (as a hobby) of 30+ Mac utilities, including the once famous Extensions Manager. Worked at Apple in the CPU-OS team from 1989 to 1993 helping create new Mac computers. One of the hundreds of key Apple employees responsible for helping the transition to the PowerPC from Motorola CPUs.

Other companies I worked for besides Apple include Netscape, SGI, NetRatings, Compete and Miva.

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Ricardo Batista reviewed on 28 Apr 2009
This is the only timer app that I use and need, without it I would get lost in the computer and spent hours without taking brakes, eating or paying attention to other things that need to be done around the house. Not to mention pay attention to family.

I setup my timers based on what I am doing and the time of day/night that I start. Without Timeboxed I am lost for hours and my family is not so happy dinner didn't get done, cleaning didn't happen or I forgot to go to bed early enough (I know, it's 3:52 AM now and gotta go to bed).

You can find every possible option, and the timer is unobtrusive plus it can use awesome Growl notifications I love it!
[Version 1.1.3]


Ricardo Batista reviewed on 07 Mar 2009
Most Excellent!

A must have application for any developer who needs to use network services. And for the curious user, this app can even help you troubleshoot your mac and see if some app is actually working or not, you can also discover things running in the background of your mac you had no idea where running. Simply Awesome.
[Version 1.5.6]


Ricardo Batista reviewed on 01 Mar 2009
This program is simply amazing and always getting better. More and more I find myself using PathFinder instead of the Finder. Sure, it is missing a couple of things we are used to on the Finder that are simple but very useful.

The feature list is incredible, PathFinder is quite a piece of work that goes way beyond what the Finder can do so I find it incredibly indispensable for me. It saves the time it would take to use other programs to accomplish some tasks (such as opening Terminal, TextEdit, Preview and many more) so I do all my file management with PathFinder and I no longer use a lot of utilities that cost me time to open them, do a quick thing and close them.

When you first try it, it may look a little complicated due to the myriad of features and different look compared to the Finder. But as you start using it you start to see the huge benefits of this program.

Recommended 200% for power users and developers.
[Version 5.0.9]

Ricardo Batista (developer) commented on 18 Nov 2007
There is a problem which is a bug in Leopard that makes autoID think that it has not been registered and works in trial mode for 15 days. Someone created a small installer package that fixes the problem and makes autoID work again (and other eSellerate based programs).

The package, which came from https://spaces.umbc.edu/display/CIG/Web-based+VPN+on+Mac+OS+X+Leopard

After running that installer you can run autoID again with no problems. Thank you to Steve Smith for finding this and thank you for your patience.

P.S. If you also have Safari Extender we are working on the issues as Safari changed a lot in the Leopard version, note that you still need the fix enclosed to make the eSellerate libraries work.

Safari Extender does not seem to do anything under Leopard OS X 10.5, and Tiger 10.4.11 We are working on it, we could not support beta versions of Safari and we had to wait until the final version was available. Safari Extender is a very complicated piece of software and Safari has changed substantially so we need time to do things right. The features in Safari Extender may change for the Leopard compatible release.


[Version 2.0]

Ricardo Batista (developer) commented on 18 Dec 2006
From the developer:
Obviously this program raises certain issues, the freedom of users to block ads and the way web sites actually make their money which is through advertising. If you feel like trying this program then great, it does remove a lot of ads on web sites and gives you a choice of when you want to see ads. For people with dialup connections this can be a huge difference on their internet experience.

A proxy server is not an easy thing to do, it is actually a very complicated piece of software and SpeedManiac has features like DNS caching using multi-node B-Trees, tight code for speed, 40 simultaneous threads, removal of graphics that meet a certain criteria as set by the user, auto re-sizing of buffers according to file type and
server speed and much more.

When reading reviews, consider the source and any possible reasons behind a terrible review. Decide for yourself.

Thank you.

Ricardo Batista
[Version 1.7]

Ricardo Batista (developer) commented on 08 Dec 2006
PROGRAMHAPPY, Safari Extender and Saft are not quite compatible sometimes. I know that you run Saft but the two of them together is cause for trouble sometimes as they both try to do some of the same things (in different ways).

As for only 3 context menus, well there are actually a lot more and the screen shot is outdated. Somethings are actually quite complicated.

Note: Any registered user who downloaded version 1.6.2 please get version 1.6.4

thank you.

Ricardo Batista (sup@batista.org)
[Version 1.6.4]


Ricardo Batista reviewed on 13 Oct 2006
This product is just awesome. I only wish there was a way to make it hog less CPU sometimes. I was able to install and run Vista RC2 without a hitch.

Very intuitive, simple to use and solid. While it may not make use of all of the Mac gadgets you get a full windows machine.

Hats off to the developers.
[Version 2.2.1940]

Ricardo Batista (developer) commented on 27 Mar 2006
The beaty of autoID is that once you set a web page (autoid grabs the web link automatically) you only need to press option-command-/ and your id and password are entered in the web page. For sites that require a third field, a notes entry is used for it.

autoID keeps your data secret and the file can be moved around. You can have multiple macs and use a copy of the file in them without having to re-train safari or any other browser.

If you ever need to re-install a system or Safari, you don't loose your data. When you start having 30+ passwords for web sites, autoID becomes a life saver.
[Version 1.97]

Ricardo Batista had trouble on 02 Dec 2009
The download link is wrong, it goes to release notes. So instead click on the Development team link, then you'll find downloads in different formats on the right of the window.
[Version 3.2.4]

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