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Reel_mac reviewed on 07 Mar 2011
This software is very easy to use and I it seems rock-solid. It does everything it claims to do, but I wish I could do two things more:

1) Override the "MY_NEW_DVD" destination folder. Even when I custom-name a VIDEO_TS folder, DVDRemaster will still sometimes name everything "MY_NEW_DVD," which makes the batch export feature useless in some cases (because everything is named the same).

2) Export and/or Remaster selected chapters. For instance, if I want to export only chapters 3 and 10 from a training DVD and have them merged into one single VIDEO_TS.

These aren't criticisms, because I like the software and it works well, but just suggestions based on my personal use.
[Version 7.0.0]


Reel_mac reviewed on 07 Mar 2011
Amazing! Finally, I have a way to exchange huge files with Windoze users. None of the other NTFS mounters I've tried have worked properly, especially with larger files (10 GB's and up). I'd always get errors partway through the write.

I've tested NTFS Mounter, however, and it no problem whatsoever.
[Version 0.4]

Reel_mac rated on 20 Feb 2011
[Version 2.3]


Reel_mac reviewed on 12 Feb 2011
I can sum this up pretty quick: I can NOT live without 1Password. I use it everyday at home and work. Thanks to the brilliant integration of Dropbox, my passwords are always up to date no matter where I am. I can also store all my application serials, credit cards and more.

1Password is rock-solid, also. I haven't had one issue with stability. Love it.
[Version 3.5.4]


Reel_mac reviewed on 12 Feb 2011
This is one of my #1 must-have app's now. Wow, do I ever miss Default Folder when I'm on a computer that doesn't have it. I use Final Cut Pro daily at work and am constantly importing/exporting media. Default Folder saves me from manually navigating to the same old folders over and over again and that means lots of saved time. My favourite feature of all is clicking on open finder windows and having Default Folder automatically load the path. Simple and Amazing.
[Version 4.3.10]

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Reel_mac replied on 12 Feb 2011
Just a note: I forgot to mention the price. I purchased my copy as part of a MacUpdate bundle. The standalone price *is* quite high and I would have rated the value less if I hadn't gotten such a good deal on my purchase.

Reel_mac reviewed on 01 Feb 2011
Great little application!

I work in television post-production and we use a lot of high-resolution stills that are severely overkill for video resolutions. EasyBatchPhoto is the perfect solution for us. The settings are very flexible and the processing is fast.

Just as an example, I set my widest edge for 1950 pixels, drag and drop a bunch of high-res pictures into the well, set my destination (if it's not already set in the preferences or presets) and that's it. I've now got a batch of resized files that are Final Cut Pro friendly.

Support team is responsive, also. I submitted a question/feature request for an option to export saved presets and got an immediate response.

I've had no stability issues with photos averaging 4000 x 3000 pixels. Worth every penny.
[Version 3.0.4]

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Reel_mac replied on 08 Apr 2011
Someone's got a bug up their ar$e about this app, voting down all the good reviews.

MacUpdate should really remove this juvenile smiley crap.

Reel_mac rated on 02 Dec 2010
[Version 0.99b1]


Reel_mac reviewed on 05 Nov 2010
This is a nice little app, but very limited. There isn't anything I can do in here that I can't do in my NLE timeline using slugs.

What would be very useful is if the TC Calc functionality was combined into this app so that I can place actual in/out points from my show and get a total runtime with segment lengths. For example, if I could tell enter the in/out for an Act (starts at xx.xx.xx.xx and ends at xx.xx.xx.xx) then have the app tell me it's duration and the total runtime with all the Acts + Commercial breaks.

I love the idea that I can type out a report, though. But even this would be much more useful if I had segment in/out times so I can generate a final cue sheet.

One last thing, I wish there was a preference option for default time base. It defaults to 29.97 NDF, but I work in DF, so it needs to be changed every time I start a new sheet.
[Version 1.2]


Reel_mac reviewed on 16 Oct 2010
This tool works great. I used it to convert a BD rip to a Mac-friendly video format and MKVtools performed flawlessly.


I refuse to go through an obnoxious license structure for a $5 app. And tying it to a single computer is so 1990's. I've got four computers, but I use at least two everyday (MacBook Pro and Mac Pro) and it's only fair I can use it on at least two. Charge $10 if needed, I'd pay that.

Also, because of the work I do, I'm frequently upgrading hardware and I'd have to purchase this and re-license *every* time.

Thanks, but no thanks.
[Version 2.4]

Reel_mac commented on 01 Oct 2010
This is obviously an amazing little app. But that makes it so much more disappointing that I can't install the browser plugin on Portable Firefox.

Anyone know a workaround for this?
[Version 3.4.4]

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