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Ray16 commented on 18 Apr 2010
[Version 2.3]

ray16 commented on 03 Sep 2009
I'm still using 10.3.9 last build....none of the versions work, what gives???
[Version 3.0b191946]

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Ray16 replied on 09 Dec 2009
NO ^&^%$#$$#% which version still works on 10.3.9 !!
ray16 commented on 04 Apr 2008
Macscan now crashes, might it be the lastest QT upgrade? Last time is was AOL! Just a thought
[Version 2.5.2]

ray16 commented on 21 Dec 2007
Hey guys I hear ya, if you have an older Mac! you begin to worry that a newer version won't work. I've learned to burn older DL files, SoundSpectrum doesn't keepan archive page. Right now I'm on a Slot Loading iMac, I was lucky enough to have DL files for G-Force v3.01 and whitecap 4.7.4

Moral is save those files
[Version 5.0.5]

ray16 commented on 14 Dec 2007
This might sound odd, I installed 7.3.1, when I went to startrek.com to play the clip of the day, and it seemed that QT dropped my cable connection. I tried ichat, no go, ym, no go, I even tried another webpage, still no connection.

I had to restart to regain the connection.

I don't know if this happens on other sites with QT content, but thismight be a bug that needs to addressed.

I this helps, I downloaded from software update.
[Version 7.3.1]


ray16 reviewed on 07 Dec 2007
It seems that 1.7.0 is the last stable for version 10.3.9 1.7.2 still doesn't work for Panther.
[Version 1.7.2]

ray16 commented on 03 Dec 2007
.dmg still doesn't mount, Zip would be better!
[Version 1.1]

ray16 commented on 27 Nov 2007
In the system pref window it shows it running, but when I launch it I get a white screen.
[Version 1.5]

ray16 commented on 18 Nov 2007
Is there a download link still for OS9???
[Version 6.1]

ray16 commented on 16 Nov 2007
Build 11 is a good start! don't leave Panther users behind, bring back it's own browser guide. another idea is different color skins, like Blue, Red, etc. Playback is not as smooth on slower Macs.

It's not really a knock, just want RealPlayer to be better without leaving older Mac users behind.

[Version 11.0 Beta (build 631)]

ray16 had trouble on 27 Sep 2008
java won't load, bad bug!

Machine Model: iMac
CPU Type: PowerPC 750 (2.2)
Number Of CPUs: 1
CPU Speed: 400 MHz
L2 Cache (per CPU): 512 KB
Memory: 1 GB
Bus Speed: 100 MHz
Boot ROM Version: 4.1.9f1
Serial Number: RN9512P3HTN

Java 1.3.1 Plugin Settings:

Version: 2.0.0
Last Modified: 3/5/04 9:09 PM
Location: /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java 1.3.1 Plugin Settings.app
Get Info String: 1.0.0, Copyright 2002 Apple Computer.

Java 1.4.2 Plugin Settings:

Version: 2.3.0
Last Modified: 9/21/07 11:13 AM
Location: /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java 1.4.2 Plugin Settings.app
Get Info String: 2.1.0 (for JDK 1.4.2), Copyright 2003, 2004 Apple Computer, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
[Version 0.8]

ray16 had trouble on 19 Jun 2008
An issue has been found with 1.5.1 it will not launch at all.........

been in touch with the Devolper, he provided me with v1.5


This will launch for 10.3.9 users.
[Version 1.5.1]

ray16 had trouble on 19 Oct 2007
The optsion button doesn't work
[Version 1.2]

ray16 had trouble on 26 Sep 2007
My G3 B&W went down awhile back, now I'm on an old slot loading iMac. 400mhz. Reinstalled last build of 10.3.9

updated all the software, but G-Force just shows a black screen, nothing. I think it's cuz at the moment there is only 128 of RAM, I will install 2 512's soon. Or could it be a bug???
[Version 3.7.2]

ray16 had trouble on 18 Jul 2007
In this Version, Forecast & Ext. Forecast has no info or images.

Conditions seems to be missing info too.

I run last build 10.3.9 on a G3B&W
[Version 1.9.8]

ray16 had trouble on 24 Jun 2007
3.7 doesn' install properly, when trying to launch the standalone, I get the promt window that the engine failed or can't find the folder.

In the itunes list G-Force is not listed.

bad bug for a great App.

Please fix.
[Version 3.7]

ray16 had trouble on 27 Mar 2007
Date/Time: 2007-03-27 04:11:00 -0400
OS Version: 10.3.9 (Build 7W98)
Report Version: 2

Command: JavaApplicationStub
Path: /Applications/Azureus.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub
Version: (
PID: 3269
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

dyld: /Applications/Azureus.app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub malformed library: /private/tmp/libswt-cocoa-carbon-3329.jnilib (not a Mach-O library file, bad filetype value)

No news is bad news :( I sent this along to Apple. We need a fix Asap.


ray16 had trouble on 22 Mar 2007
I now have 2.5 Crashing, steming from the java stub thing; something that I really don't understand. Then I reinstalled 3.0, still the bug: a big nasty bug. I sent a bug report to Apple, I have it in my earlier post. If anyone can pass on to the developer please do. I rarely use it but love the blue frog.

I have the lastest java etc.

To me this is major bug IMHO

ray16 had trouble on 12 Feb 2007
I've tried all the versions of BOINC, all crashed on launch. had jag, now panther, and still no go. You guys should had never shut down the classic.

I run the last build of 10.3.9

been a member since 2001
[Version 5.8.11]

ray16 had trouble on 17 Aug 2006
I have the last build of 10.3.9, has anyone noticed in AOL, that pics in news items are cut off, I have AOL 10.3.7

this issue is with flash
[Version 9.0.20]

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