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RavenNevermore reviewed on 10 Apr 2014
Note: the download link here is for the 32-bit version. You can get the 64-bit version from the developer's website.
[Version 5.3.71]

RavenNevermore rated on 09 Apr 2014
[Version 9.1.2]

RavenNevermore rated on 09 Apr 2014


RavenNevermore reviewed on 02 Apr 2014
Nice and fast on my early 2009 iMac.
[Version 7.0.3]


RavenNevermore reviewed on 11 Mar 2014
The over the air update went smoothly on my iPhone 5. Not a single hiccup.

Apple made some UI tweaks that look nice, and over all the update feels a little faster, which tends to be the case.
[Version 7.1]

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RavenNevermore replied on 16 Mar 2014
@Pirx, you mean to only use Wifi? The option is still there. It's marked Cellular Data.

If you mean something else, then I don't know because I never had a need to turn off 3G.

RavenNevermore reviewed on 26 Feb 2014
Mail is claiming this new version is not compatible...
[Version 1.2.4]


RavenNevermore reviewed on 20 Dec 2013
This version works with Mail 7.1. :)
[Version 1.2.3]


RavenNevermore reviewed on 16 Dec 2013
Seems we have the Snow leopard luddites down voting everyone's positive comments. Grow up already.

This is a solid update. If you are having problems with it getting slow, or things crashing, it's because your Mac's hard drive has become fragmented. (Hot file clustering only works with small files)

I know this because I started having the same issues. I had been updating the OS on this Mac since Leopard, and everything had been migrated over from two G4s going all the way back to 2000. Lots of old crud.

Mavericks was very fast when I first installed it. After a almost two months, it was starting to run slow, I had lots of spinning beach balls, the Finder would crash, etc. It was driving me crazy.

So I decided to wipe the hard drive clean, and reinstall Mavericks. Then I restored everything from a backup.

Now it was nice and fast and stable again. But what made it even better, was defragmenting the drive with iDefrag. Now it's super fast, and I have zero issues with the Finder or any other apps.

One problem was my Lexmark printer was not seen, even with the newest drivers. So I went back a few versions, and now that works fine too.

So Mavericks has a few bugs, and seems to not like to be installed over older versions of OS X as much as it likes a clean install.

Everyone, make sure your 3rd party software will work with Mavericks before installing it! Some things will break.
[Version 10.9.1]

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RavenNevermore replied on 16 Dec 2013
Experience. ;)

RavenNevermore replied on 17 Dec 2013
@Leesa, I'm very well versed in psychology, and you are projecting! Just read enough comments, and you will see what I mean. That's the experience I'm speaking of; just bad mouth Snow Leopard and see how people react. It's like a cult or something. These same people like to disparage Apple, and think it's all because Steve Jobs passed away.

It's an out-of-date and obsolete OS. Yes, it was fine at the time, and fixed a lot of the bugs in Leopard. But in my experience Lion was better, as was ML. Time marches on.

Snow Leopard is no longer supported by Apple either. Security updates have stopped, and it won't be compatible with the latest versions of iOS, etc. Is that really the user experience you want?

I upgraded to ML specifically for the new features, like gesture support, and got myself a Magic Trackpad. There are many other features that were introduced that I use on a daily basis.

Plus with some of the 64 bit software I use, it makes sense to have a 64 bit OS on 64 bit hardware. Some of the newer software I use will not even run on Snow leopard.

@Pik80, exactly!

I've used every version of Mac OS since System 7.1, including System 7.7 ;) I skipped the public beta of OS X. OS X 10.0 was enough of an inconvenience. I dual booted that with OS 9.

So my point is I'm an early adopter. I ignore the "wait until the 0.1 updates" and dive right in! Part of that was because I had to support lots of Macs at very busy graphics shops. So I got to test them out on a machine, usually my personal work station, and I tended to do that at home. I'm a geek, and I enjoy it.

So it always amazes me when people want to cling to an older version of OS X. This isn't Windows people! As long as your software is up to date, there's nothing to fear.

The only time I regretted an OS update is when I was still on a MDD G4, and realized that it ran better on Tiger than Leopard. It just didn't have the horse power. So I get it if you have older hardware.

But I don't have the newest Mac. I just made sure to have enough RAM (8GB). My ex wife has a new Mac Mini, and it only came with 2 GB. It ran slow as a dog. I upgraded it for her to 4GB and it's faster than my iMac now since it has a faster and more modern CPU. RAM is dirt cheap now. I once paid $800 for 8MB for my PM 6100! (I just dated myself!)

So if your Mac can support the latest OS, and it isn't RAM starved, you will usually see a performance gain and have lots of new features.

RavenNevermore replied on 17 Dec 2013
@Albabe, the interface is pretty much exactly the same. What is different in Mavericks than Snow Leopard? Where does it look like a game? It doesn't.

The Finder windows and the Dock are the same, even if they have slightly different cosmetic changes. You would be hard pressed to see the difference. The Finder has tabs now, which is nice.

But do you use your Mac just to move files around and look at the desktop, or do you use applications on it? In that case you don't have to look at the Finder very much.

Sire, Apple has been merging iOS and OS X. That makes sense since iOS is an offshoot of OS X. I welcome the newer versions of Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Reminders, as they sync right up with the versions on my iPhone.

iOS might be dumbed down compared to OS X, but Mavericks isn't. It does more than SL did, not less.

RavenNevermore replied on 17 Dec 2013
@Albabe, you don't know what my educational background is. Don't make assumptions.

If someone accuses you of something, especially in light of the fact that they don't know me, a reaction is the normal thing to do. So how am I being reactionary? Reactionary can also mean conservative, so that better matches you and others that refuse to move to a newer OS than SL. So you are the perfect example for the people I was talking about. You just validated what I said in my original post.

You are being defensive. I work on my computer too, I run a business with it. And Lion, Mountain Lion and Mavericks have all worked just fine. They also work for the big companies I have freelanced with, like Sony Music. They don't jump on a new OS right away, but last time I was there all the Macs were running Mountain Lion.

Even the guys from the MacWorld podcast found all the Snow Leopard people amusing. So it seems people in-the-know don't agree with you. I guess they are all being reactionary too? Or projecting?

So one can assume, either you don't know what you are doing, your hardware and/or software is out of date, or you just have a personal preference. Personal preferences are fine, but you do not need to try and rationalize it by blaming the OS. That's being reactionary. There's nothing wrong with the OS, so that isn't the problem.

RavenNevermore reviewed on 08 Dec 2013
This works great in Mavericks, and for those that don't see a reason for it, its implementation of tabs is so much better than Apple's. The Finder's tabs are so-so.

The big reason I use it is being able to merge two tabs as a split window view. I use this constantly. I pretty much only use it for that, and the colorful sidebar. But it has more great features too.

And it's free!
[Version 0.18.2]

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RavenNevermore replied on 03 Jan 2014
Vsop, I was also having crashing, and suspected XtraFinder, so I stopped using it, and the Finder still crashed and would get unresponsive.

I ended up wiping my hard drive and doing a clean install of mavericks, and then restoring from my Carbon Copy Cloner backup. Now my iMac runs faster than ever, and the Finder does not act funky, even with XtraFinder. The Mavericks 10.9.1 update helped even more. Now it's rock solid.

RavenNevermore reviewed on 08 Dec 2013
After updating to Mavericks, my iMac was running nice and fast. But now two months later, it was nothing but pinning beach balls, a unresponsive Finder which took minutes to draw in a window, and a bunch of other issues.

So I decided to wipe my drive and do a clean install of Mavericks, and then restore everything else from my backup.

That helped a lot, but still, it wasn't running like it should be. So I booted from a maintenance partition, and checked it out with iDefrag. Even though I had just installed everything, it was pretty fragmented. So I ran it over night and now it's as good as new, with Finder windows snapping open and their contents drawing in almost instantly. Applications launch much faster now too.
[Version 2.2.6]

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RavenNevermore replied on 17 Dec 2013
You would think so, right? It was not in my case. It probably would have been if I also reinstalled all my software, etc.

But since I restored from a backup using Carbon Copy Cloner, it seems to have moved everything over in the state it was. I think CCC does a block by block copy, and restores the same way. I'm not exactly sure.

When I checked the drive in iDefrag, the newly restored drive was fragmented. Not as bad as it was (it was really bad to start with), but it still showed quit a bit. It only had to run about 8 hours, and the performance improvements where worth it.
RavenNevermore had trouble on 11 Apr 2012
The new Safari plugins work great, however, they did not get installed with this update. After looking for them in the Library folders, I realized they were no where to be found. It did install the Firefox plugins however.

So I had to use Pacifist to extract the plugins from the installer package and manually put them in place.
[Version 10.1.3]

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