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Radd reviewed on 25 Jul 2011
Again, Logitech fails to deliver. For over a decade, LCC has been a joke, and the latest version ups the punchline ante even further.

This Lion compatibility update crashes when trying to install.

Seriously, Logitech, seriously... enough. This is absurd. There's this thing called "testing". You should look into it. Your products cost enough, least you could do is stop tossing Mac users such incredibly lousy drivers.
[Version 3.4.0]


Radd reviewed on 30 Sep 2010
While the functionality of LCC has greatly improved in the last many years... it's still the worst set of drivers I've ever had the displeasure of using.

On my new G510 keyboard, G-series Profiler must be launched to work at all (which is pretty silly for a set of drivers), the mini-apps on the LCD regularly crash, and the general keyboard driver (the driver that powers the non-G-keys) fails daily requiring the keyboard to be unplugged and replugged to reset.

Seriously Logitech... fire the guys you have on your mac software team... they are inept beyond words to have continued to fail at this simple task for far too long. It's been over a decade of watching you flail and release completely substandard drivers for your very excellent hardware.

And again, tho the features are pretty good and the ease of use it fine, the fact that they're so unstable really kills the deal. Drivers, first and foremost, need to be stable... all polish means nothing if they don't work at a basic level.

Back to ControllerMate for me.
[Version 3.3.0]


Radd reviewed on 04 May 2009
Looks pretty, searches great...

... but freezes constantly under Leopard and hasn't been updated in 19 months.

I love it to death, but it may be time to move on to something that's actively supported and does the primary job of a torrent app (downloading torrents) first and foremost. I'll miss the bells and whistles, but the freeze-ups... not so much.
[Version 1.1v53]

Radd commented on 22 May 2008
I really want to like Coda enough to switch to it as it has a number of great ideas. However, there are a few things that hold it back compared to editors that are more fully-featured on the text-editing side.

- Diff support: As far as I can tell, there is no method of diffing files, perhaps other than doing it through the terminal.

- Large files: forget opening large files. Coda crawls to a halt in a huge way in it's current state. It seems to be built for rather small files, which is fine, but it needs to be able to handle files of a few thousand lines to meet my needs.

- Online collaboration of files is wonky: I can get SubEthaEdit itself working in this regard quite easily, but Coda wants to create URLs to my shared files that will only work on an internal network (machine.local), even when it works fine when shared to the outside world. Compared to the newest SubEthaEdit's method of sharing files with the outside world, Coda is a hassle right now.

- Clip library: It's nice that I can auto-complete, but compared to the added clip features in BBEdit, Coda's clips palette is rather lacking.

Don't get me wrong, Coda is at a nice start, but the core of the tool for me is the editor, which just doesn't compare to something like BBEdit right now.

It's nice to have everything under one roof... but I wasn't really having trouble with my apps not playing nice with each other before anyway. At least not enough to warrant giving up power features that I need for a little less window switching.

I'm looking forward to future development, but until my top 4 improvements hit, I just can't make the jump, sadly.
[Version 1.1]

Radd commented on 17 Feb 2007
Please support SFTP...

Apple's OSX Server FTP daemon is horribly buggy... and this plugin pukes on it constantly.

I mean... cmon guys... it's not like SFTP is some new-fangled thing.
[Version 1.5.5]

Radd commented on 08 Sep 2006
Performance with just typing in large documents seems abysmally bad compared to the last version... this on a dual 2ghz G5.

Not sure if it's just me, but so far I'm not impressed in the least. Some nice features sure, but what good are they if typing is impaired?

Try the demo before you buy the upgrade... you've got 30 days to see if your mileage varies.
[Version 8.5]

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Radd replied on 14 Sep 2006
In trying to debug with BareBones help, I found that disabling elements of the navigation bar and status bar had an improving effect.

For my own purposes... I disabled both the navigation bar and status bar entirely. (under preference > text status display > show navigation bar AND show status bar).

Since disabling these, the problem has gone away.

However, these are features that were present previously and did not cause a slow down.

To BareBones credit... they immediately responded to my queries about this problem and admitted that it may be related to code that determines functions... and that they were already looking into it.

In the meantime... I'd suggest either disabling those features if you can do without them, or reverting to 8.2 until a patch is released if you cannot.
Radd commented on 25 Aug 2006
As always, this continues to be junk compared to USB Overdrive (yet still locks people with keyboard/mouse combos into using it, sadly).

The fact that they use most of text in the "What's New" release notes to advertise their new mice is also rather telling.

I've said it before... buy their mice (avoid the keyboard/mouse combos unless you enjoy using 3rd rate software like this) and install USB Overdrive instead.

It's sad that Logitech, after all these years, STILL produces such horrible, featureless drivers for such great mice.
[Version 2.1]

Radd commented on 31 Jan 2006
I've been a user of Sound Studio since before the first official release... back in the pre-release betas.

I have to say... back then, SS had a very reasonable price, but it had steadily climbed toward more "luxury" oriented pricing.

That said, since Freeverse took over, the price has rocketed to "insulting".

Not only has Freeverse turned me off to Sound Studio... but now, I will be very wary of purchasing ANYTHING else from them. I'd rather support developers who aren't trying to pull one over on me.

They should add a slogan for 3.0...

"Average User Functionality At Professional User Prices."

Time to come back to planet Earth, Freeverse. It's shareware, not a cure for cancer.
[Version 3.0.2]

Radd commented on 13 Jan 2006
Love the release notes:

"supports new mice and keyboards".

Except that Logitech's support for previous mice and keyboards on OSX was so bad that it was laughable.

Folks... do yourself a favor... don't use Logitech drivers. Also... don't buy a Duo (keyboard and mouse combo) as they all but require these lousy drivers.

Instead... buy a wonderful Logitech mouse (don't get me wrong... I LOVE their mice)... but then grab a copy of USB Overdrive... which will allow you to do all the things with your wonderful new mouse that you'd hope these driver could... but won't.

Save yourself the headache... don't download LCC.
[Version 1.6.2]

Radd commented on 21 Dec 2005
Not sure if I'm alone here... but more than half of my old widgets no longer work right with the "Yahoo" version of Konfabulator... plus, it pops a message to make me verify if I want to run 3rd party widgets... but won't let me approve or disapprove them... so i have to quit the app altogether. If I ever DO get a 3rd party widget running, they display incorrectly or not at all (though still suck up process).

I've tried reinstalling, rebooting, etc.

Having been a Konfabulator user & developer since day one, I must say I am quite disappointed since Yahoo took over. I hope this is not a sign of the kind of support for the Mac we can continue to expect since Yahoo's acquisition of this product.
[Version 3.0.1]

Radd had trouble on 15 May 2005
I too had problems getting Xounds to work on Tiger, and had noticeable slowdowns using ShapeShifter as well...

The solution that worked for me...

Use the installers for all the haxies I had installed to uninstall all of them... then reinstall them all for "this user only".

I'm not sure whether the performance & functionality fixes were in any way related to previously installed for all users or not... but uninstalling them all and reinstalling the most recent versions has allowed Xounds to begin working flawlessly and window dragging/redraws to perform at least twice as fast as before.

It's worth a try for everyone having problems at the very least.
[Version 2.3]

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