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Quortz commented on 12 Oct 2012
Well, version 11.1(1072) doesn't crash on me at least, but it still exhibits some flaky behavior. I tried updating from Toast's in-app option, but the download progress bar appeared as a barber pole which froze. However, the installation window appeared behind it, and bringing that to the front allowed me to go ahead with the installation (so I guess the download had completed after all). I ran Toast and first tried burning an audio CD with various AIFF files. I set the speed to 16x, to see if it would remember my setting, which it refused to do in the previous 11.1/1067 version. As before, it said I had not named the disc even though I had. I dismissed that and started the burn (at this point, 11.1/1067 would crash). It didn't crash, and the burn seemed to go OK. After that, I tried duplicating an audio CD from the internal drive to an external. When I was setting the source and destination drives, it only said "Audio CD" for the source, instead of specifying the drive by name which it has always done in the past (I think). Again it said I had not named the disc (this is getting old fast), and again it reverted to the "Best" speed option and forgot my previous setting of 16x. The disc copy did go OK however. I see that Gracenote is now implemented for adding disc/track titles after the burn. This seemed redundant and a waste of time in this case, because I duplicated a CD that already had correct title/track information obtained from Gracenote previously. Late '11 MacBook Pro, Mac OSX 10.8.2.
[Version 11.1]


Quortz reviewed on 28 Sep 2012
I don't need (or want) to work with MP3 files very often, but occasionally I need to make a minor tweak or two in MP3 tracks (dozens and sometimes hundreds) for a specific purpose: playback from an SD card or a USB thumb drive on a Bosch PowerBox. The PowerBox will only play MP3 or WAV files from SD cards or thumb drives, so I go with MP3. However, for whatever reason, you need at least one second of silence at the beginning of these tracks, or the PowerBox truncates a small amount of audio from the beginning of each. It's just a PowerBox quirk. More often than not, music files have less than one second of silence at the beginning, and sometimes almost none. So, I need to go through these files and insert silence as necessary. In the past, I would do this in Peak because it was quick and easy, but now under Lion+, Peak has a problem with MP3 files (for me at least). It insists on saving the files at low quality 128kbps, no matter what the bit rate was originally, and no matter what you set it for. And now, with the demise of BIAS, this problem will never be fixed. So, recently I decided to give Fission a spin for this task. It can do the job, but it could be much easier and faster with a few little fixes in the software. In fact, on top of some crashers I've encountered in Fission 2.0.0, this version makes this kind of task a little harder and slower than before. Let's say you have 50 tracks that need a half second of silence added to the beginning. You have a menu item to "Insert Silence," and you type the amount to insert. But that's the problem, it's only a menu choice with no keyboard command, so you are mousing/trackpadding up to the menu over and over and over. "Insert Silence" needs a keyboard command! Moving on, you insert the silence only to find it's inserted with one or two splits (depending on the playhead position). In other words, you haven't inserted the silence, you've created a separate track of silence, so the split(s) need to be removed. Here again, this is done from a menu item which has no keyboard command. Aarrgghh, more mousing to the menu bar to remove the splits that really shouldn't appear in the first place. Keyboard command please! IMO, rather than adding such splits by default, they should NOT be added by default. If the user wants to create a split, let them do so with a button or menu item (with corresponding keyboard command), but please nix the automatic splits when inserting silence. In Fission pre-2.0.0, I could somewhat work around this hassle by inserting the half second of silence, copying it, and pasting it as I moved on to other files (if you moved the playhead slightly into the beginning silence of a file, then pasted more silence, it was nicely inserted without splits). But now in v2.0.0, splits appear around pastes regardless of playhead position, so my workaround is no longer effective at preventing them, thus an extra step of going to the menu to clear them out, over and over again.

If I lost you there (i.e., you got sick of reading it), just sit down with about 400 MP3 files and use Fission 2.0.0 for the would-be simple task of adding a bit of silence to the beginning of each file, and you'll quickly see what I mean. ;-) I know other software is out there, and I don't mean to hammer on Fission, because I want to see it survive and improve. I like the dev's software, and they know what to do. The expensive, expansive (and probably dead) BIAS Peak, for example, now fails big-time for simple audio recording with Lion+. For me, it's really become unusable for recording, and Audio Hijack Pro shines in the face of it.

One last thing about Fission 2.0.0. I personally could do without the startup window. True, it gives you quick access to "Open" and "Batch Convert," and it offers a dropbox for files. However, if you'd rather hide this window and use command-O for choosing what to open, well, you can't (not me at least). This window keeps coming back to haunt me (not just on a relaunch, but even after closing the last open file). Besides, clicking "Open" in this window often causes a crash for me, but then, so does command-O. Something seems to need attention there, but nobody else has mentioned this. If this problem with "Open" hasn't bothered anyone else, maybe it's something about my own system that's conflicting, though I can't figure out what it might be, and it coincidentally appeared with Fission 2.0.0.
[Version 2.0.0]

Quortz commented on 28 Sep 2012
I really can't "review" v11.1(1067) because it only crashes for me (well, I guess that's my review). Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on two different MacBook Pros (one a late '07 model and one a late '11). When trying to burn an audio CD, it first tells me I haven't named the disc, even though I have. Upon dismissing that and trying to proceed with the burn, it crashes every time. I tried the internal and an external burner with each Mac, but it's a no-go either way. Reverted to 11.0.6 on both machines, and this still works just fine. I've used Toast for a very long time, and never had any real problems with it, until v11.1.
[Version 11.1]

Quortz commented on 23 Aug 2012
How about "Resolves an issue where Mail repeatedly will not retrieve email from multiple Gmail accounts (through our ISP which now uses Gmail)? Launch of Mail sometimes brings in a few emails for some of the accounts, but ALWAYS leaves that triangular "problem" icon on others (can't connect to server, seems random). Several subsequent manual attempts at retrieving mail from such accounts is futile, but oddly, if I wait for Mail to do the next scheduled check (1 or 5 mins.), more emails arrive and the icons are cleared. A pain, and I never had this problem with Lion.
[Version 10.8.1]

Quortz commented on 11 Oct 2009
Before trying this install on my MacBook Pro (late '07 model, OS 10.6.1), I ran Software Update. SU indeed wanted to update the drivers for my Epson RX680 (and CX7800, which is a network printer on AirPort). Afterward, both printers perform just fine, and now the Epson Printer Utility Lite shows the ink levels for the AirPort printer... something I have never been able to do since putting that printer on a network. So, I'm a happy camper.
[Version 2.1]

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