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Quorm reviewed on 18 Feb 2014
Due to a problem caused by software from a leading backup service (I'll leave them nameless), I had several copies of a file in the Trash that OS X Mavericks thought were zero-byte applications, that were locked, and were flagged as "in use". There seemed to be no trick or technique to get those files to go away. I even reinstalled Mavericks. No joy. Then I read a mention of TrashIt! in some blog. I downloaded and tried TrashIt! and my problem was immediately solved. This app is terrific. Don't hesitate to send a donation to the author -- they deserve it.
[Version 5.2]


Quorm reviewed on 01 Jan 2014
Inspiration 9 advertises its integration with Inspiration on iOS -- but the integration seems like an after-thought. Both the Mac and the iOS apps are good. However each platform uses a different file format and it is not possible to work within the same file synced between the two platforms. You need to create a file on one machine, export it to Dropbox, open it in the other, then export a new instance of the file, and so forth. Settings on one platform do not carry over to the other. Link links, shapes, colors created on an iPad are only approximated (not very accurately) when the file is opened on Inspiration 9 on Mavericks, and vice versa. Because of the amount of editing and fixed needed, it is not worth the effort to try to share Inspiration files between iOS and OS X.
[Version 9.0.3]


Quorm reviewed on 17 Oct 2013
Indispensable. Especially on a smaller-screen computer - the combination of features in Fresh is excellent. If your work involves grabbing documents from different locations and moving or copying them to another, then Fresh is a great companion.
[Version 2.5.1]

Quorm commented on 11 Aug 2013
Extremely expensive. Extremely buggy. For example, if a show has more than one track (which is the case in most shows) it is very very difficult to match slide durations to tracks.
[Version 4.3.1]

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Quorm replied on 11 Aug 2013
Last straw: 2 hours to render the .mov video for an 8 minute slideshow -- on a 2012 Air with dual i7s and 8GB RAM!!

Quorm rated on 06 Aug 2013
[Version 8.0.18608]


Quorm reviewed on 24 Mar 2013
U.S. App Store says "not available" here.
[Version 1.2]

Quorm rated on 08 Mar 2013
[Version 1.4.8]


Quorm reviewed on 25 Feb 2013
An excellent set of features that blows away the competition. XtraFinder defines what being competitive in this niche has to be. (And color icons in the sidebar, too!) Tran - please give us a way to pay you for this.
[Version 0.16]


Quorm reviewed on 29 Oct 2012
LiveScribe have announced their new Sky product, which will only work with Evernote. There will be no desktop application, and no way to view your data except by using Evernote. No PDF export. No local storage on your private machine or network. No control over your data. That's the Evernote business model, and LivesScribe have accepted it. IMO, this is a real loss of value for consumers.
[Version 2.8.0]


Quorm reviewed on 04 Oct 2012
The product is good, fast, stable, etc. After 8 versions that's to be expected. (There's really been only 3 versions with any innovation - but Parallels loves its upgrade fees). The product support is the worst imaginable -- so bad, that you're on your own if something doesn't work right. In v8 on a Mac laptop, Parallels is too responsive to trackpad gestures. Parallels Support's answer -- get a mouse. The Parallels' "Convenience Store" has been broken since forever. Parallel's Support's answer -- go to Best Buy.
[Version 8.0.18101]

Quorm had trouble on 14 Mar 2013
ClamXav has so many false positives with email that it is nearly useless for me. Almost every valid, verified message from my banks and credit card companies pop up as "phishing" messages. If there were a way to exclude messages from a given sender, it would be useful.
[Version 2.3.4]

Quorm had trouble on 23 Apr 2012
In release 5 the Save PDF to VoodooPad action in the print dialog doesn't seem to do anything - the PDF never makes it to a VooddooPad document. Is there a limitation on the kinds of content that works with this?
[Version 5]

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