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Quixopix reviewed on 10 Feb 2013
I had assumed that the higher end VPN might be slower, but its still performing really well and I have noticed less attacks and attempts on my computer. I use iguard with Lingon to keep my account locked, I use a stealthed Alpha Shield firewall and cookie to remove cookies, Arpspoof, inet guardian, and HandsOff! to complement my security protocol

Nothing is perfect, but wow this is the nicest TOR like surfing I have had.

Netshade allows piece of mind knowing your a stealthed moving target
[Version 5.2]

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Quixopix replied on 13 Feb 2013
I had 256 days on a basic proxy and I bought the upgrade for the VPN account and my prior account was credited, I now have (617 days left) after writing support with both accounts.

I'm very happy with the product and I would recommend purchasing this to give you added security when browsing the internet online.

Quixopix reviewed on 09 Feb 2013
Love the app for the basic proxy,

I have 240 days left, not sure if its worth buying this upgrade for what amounts to 3 months extra time.

If the new app could be activated at the end of my subscription it would be a great time to buy but from others wrote, the countdown starts today.
[Version 5.2]

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Quixopix replied on 10 Feb 2013
OK I went ahead and bought it! Awesome deal, hope my account gets credited!

Tyrayner replied on 2/10 at 07:02:35
If you purchase a new code through MacUpdate, you can e-mail us your old code and your new code via the Support page on http://raynersw.com/support.php , and we can apply the additional days from your old code to the new MacUpdate code.

Quixopix reviewed on 13 Jan 2013
I tried the demo and it didn't do Hebrew text like Prizmo 2

I also tried old english Gothic

View Online: tinyurl.com/KJV1611Scripture

It couldn't handle it, so for basic OCR Vuescan or Prizmo does the job. I also want a scanner to have salt n pepper removal like Corel PhotoPaint, or digital ice scanning technology, this appears to be more of an OCR only app, so it didn't really handle my needs
[Version 8.3.325601]


Quixopix reviewed on 13 Jan 2013
I bought Prizmo 1 from the mac store and a year later Prizmo 2 came out, they reduced the price in the mac store and I tried out the demo but at the time I was trying to scan old English and Prizmo 2 couldn't handle it.

View Online: tinyurl.com/KJV1611Scripture

So my other research started leading me into Hebrew text and Prizmo 2 added Hebrew. So I wrote the developer with a screen capture of my mac store purchase and got a discount on the upgrade to Prizmo 2. The Hebrew is missing most of the fancy Cantillation marks but it does recognize the Hebrew text, its made a few errors, but certainly is faster then typing by hand.

I can move the text into Mellel and dress it up with Cantllation marks (all the fancy dots above and below Hebrew text) Looking forward to some updates, hopefully they add this in an update.

Would love to see Old English King James Gothic text added to their OCR. Lets face it, there are lots of historic books that we need to scan and preserve accurately, so Prizmo is ahead of the pack but still needing more improvements.

It would be cool if they built an engine that people could click on a letter and tell Prizmo what it is, so that the translation "profiles" could be built by MAC users correcting their work. Basically throw a tracing tool around a letter and allow you to type the answer so that Prizmo would use that in its recognizing engine, thats the update I'm looking forward to seeing.

Its nice to see Mac gaining a decent player in the market and I only hope the software grow in capabilities.
[Version 2.0.3]


Quixopix reviewed on 13 Jan 2013
I have an epson perfection 2450 scanner that I had used for scanning my art, however with Mac Os X the developer of Silverast dropped support. To buy a new version was a fortune, so VueScan was a logical next step that or buying a new scanner.

The price of SilverFast update has gone down in price for those with a license $40 so Silverfast are hurting somewhat, however the actual original software revamped comes out blurry unless you buy their $300 software with calibration, Vuescan is crisp right out of the box. So I did the right thing getting VueScan

I would like to see de-screening options to remove Moire patterns, also removal of dust, a salt and pepper filter, dust and scratch removal tools

Overall Vuescan works fast for scanning something to print out or email. When it comes to working with my art, I wish it had a few more features, but its fairly good software and Corel PhotoPaint does have salt n pepper, Photoshop does have a few tools there too, so I can get by and still come out less cost then SilverFast wants to charge.
[Version 9.2.02]


Quixopix reviewed on 12 Jan 2013
Searching & studying Bible text for almost 2yr looking for clean text of the Bible the authorized KJV and the Jerusalem Crown/Keter it appears that every Jot & Tittle is the same in Hebrew, spanning 2 Abrahamic religions, amazing similarities & historical pedigree.

Word for word of God KJV www.tinyurl.com/HebrewGreek




Only Mellel handles Hebrew text properly on a mac, some easy setups on youtube describe how to do it, simply amazing word processor for matching Hebrew words and working with english text too.
[Version 3.0.2]


Quixopix reviewed on 12 Jan 2013
I really like this Application iGuard, highest rating!
While its not perfect, it crashes often it does help to protect my computer from hackers. My computer seems to be a target for hackers probably because of the work I do, so they try to break in,
iGuard helps to prevent them from getting into my computer. Nothing is perfect, but it helps to keep the novice hackers out. I have used it for a year and would like to see some improvements.
but with the unfortunate bad ratings, that doesnt seem likely.
I did find a solution to prevent the crashes! Buy Lingon 3 with iGuard. There you can easily write a launch daemon script to keep iGuard running. even when it crashes it automatically opens up.
I may have two copies of iGuard running at a time but at least I dont have to monitor whether its running or not.
iGuard simply has been an awesome tool for my online protection and privacy. I also recommend HandsOff! as well as privacy guard, cookie, washing machine. broom is also good. Order of
importance, iGuard with Lingon3. Hands0ff!, then cookie, then the rest when you can afford it.
[Version 1.0.1]


Quixopix reviewed on 12 Jan 2013
I got an email from MUpromo saying its 39.99 and instead its showing $49 on the website. Any chance your adding old english gothic text OCR?

I want to be able to convert an OLD document using OCR

View Online: tinyurl.com/KJV1611Scripture
[Version 2.23.4]


Quixopix reviewed on 09 Jan 2013
Oh I forgot to mention that HandsOff! even caught my internet provider trying to access System preferences, also spoofing sites using their website attached, so I blocked all of those!

Basically it means with Bill C-30 in Canada the internet hosts want to hack every computer to track what your doing and they still can record things at the provider, even though the law didn't pass they are still using it.

When doing an OS X download off the app store thats when you start seeing a lot of monkey business, basically rouge governments treat your computer as a spying and listening device for them. While they can still turn on my mike, Mute my mike helps.

Basically we are living in 1984 so tools like this help protect you some from being robbed online or worse being framed by having others accessing your computer through vulnerabilities and holes.
[Version 2.0.5]


Quixopix reviewed on 09 Jan 2013
I love this program HandsOff! it has become a must have app in my arsenal for being online. The developer has been very good to answering any questions I might have on any of their products and I think I own everything Metakine makes. Its nice to view the packets going in and out and periodically tracking down some component or site thats doing more then I think it should, so I will block a piece and see if I can still surf a website without issue. This is a must have app for security online.

Overall you start finding out that a lot of it is spyware and ads and stuff you don't want bogging down your computer.

Love the app, along with HandsOff!, cookie, Applock, iGuard with Lingon to restart iGuard, Ghostery, and Glims using ixquick.com for privacy online, with a NetShade for proxy I'm fairly secure.

Cleaning all those cookies helps
[Version 2.0.5]

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