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QuickBen commented on 05 Aug 2009
You can bet a buck or two I'll be waiting to d/l this update until I KNOW it fixes the monitor resolution problem. Apple has handled this issue poorly and they should inform everyone one way or the other about their HDMI compliant issues.
[Version 10.5.8]

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QuickBen replied on 06 Aug 2009
I tried 10.5.7, then had to revert to 10.5.6 which was a pain. Following the thread on the Apple user forums, it appears some resolutions have been fixed. Haven't heard word on 1360 x 768, however.
QuickBen commented on 09 Jun 2009
I wouldn't mind trying v. 4 against Firefox, but Apple doesn't seem to be in any hurry to patch 10.5.7 so that folks using LCD TVs with non-standard syncs can play, too. (see apple forums). Hopefully a solution will be coming soon so I can upgrade from 10.5.6.
[Version 4.0]


QuickBen reviewed on 31 Jan 2009
I originally received this as part of a MU Promo bundle. I sent it my wife's way and she loves it. I've even taken to d/l recipes from some of the online resources. It's quite simple to use and the layout (gui) is exceptional. Nice program for a very reasonable price.

Plus, it has a good beat and you can dance to it.
[Version 1.1]

QuickBen commented on 20 Dec 2008
I'm not going to give this app a rating as I take full responsibility for not reading the user's guide, etc as I should have. As far as working, it seems to do a fine job. My problem lies in the comment replacement this app makes. Thousands of comments about songs dating back several years--all gone (the word 'furious' comes to mind in this situation). Does this app really have to replace comments with their own drivel? If you don't comment your songs, then go for it. If you do, I cannot recommend it. (There is a preference check that allows one to turn off comment overwrites, but if you click it a warning message pops up stating the app won't work properly if it can't write over comments.)
[Version 3.1.4]

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QuickBen replied on 21 Dec 2008
Please disregard my post. The developers sent me a work-around to this problem. My apologies!

QuickBen reviewed on 11 Nov 2008
In 23 years of using Apple stuff, this is one of the best pieces of software I've ever used. I tried Parallels and Crossover (demo versions) and neither could come close to this app. Other than having a slight problem in pulling my VM from my old Dell (the problem was with VMware Converter, not Fusion), this app hasn't even hiccuped one time. I assigned two processors to the VM and 2 gigs of a 5 gig Mac Pro. Runs like a dream. Also, I purchased from Smith Micro and got $20 off the price.

Nice work folks!
[Version 2.0]

QuickBen commented on 16 Oct 2008
Now that Open Office is out for MacOS, I think I'll switch to it--not. The guys at Neo have been plugging along for a while and have a great program. No reason at all to switch that I can think of. Plus, I sent them a donation for their fine work, so I'm an investor. :)
[Version 2.2.5p2]


QuickBen reviewed on 22 Oct 2007
I recently awakened to find a Maxtor 500gb internal SATA drive making weird clunking sounds (less than one year from manufacture date). The drive wouldn't mount with any s/w I had so I traveled down to the local Apple store and picked up this app. Long story short, it failed to do anything constructive. I wrote the company and informed them the product was a bust for me. I also mentioned that before I ran a scan using the product I could see how much used/free space was on the disk, but after the scan all I could see was zero data used/remaining. I suppose the tech support folks got in a snit about my email because they didn't respond to a subsequent email I sent asking the the meaning of certain error codes the program showed, and whether or not attempting a reformat followed by another try with their product would increase the probability of recovering data. Bottom line: $100 wasted.
[Version 1.1.3]

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QuickBen replied on 22 Oct 2007
TO: iLoveMyMac

First, the advertising on the software package and Prosoft's website plainly state "If your hard drive won't mount" and my hard drive wouldn't mount (as I stated in my original review). Second, the drive was still working to some degree or I wouldn't have been able to get a volume count on it. Third, to your ill-informed comment amount me not checking the S.M.A.R.T. status of my drive...I have Diskwarrior mounted to automatically check for such problems and it obviously failed, too. Is there anything else you would like me to do...burn incense maybe?
QuickBen commented on 11 Jun 2007
For the most part, I only see Safari playing catch-up with FireFox, and still having a ways to go. The plugin and add-on development is simply too strong and well-developed on the FF side. Maybe in a year or so there will be parody, but not yet. I'll stick with FF for the foreseeable future and remain thankful that I have No Script (which I absolutely love using to block 'Google Analytics' and other tracking mechanisms) and Cookie Safe installed.
[Version 3.0b]

QuickBen commented on 13 Feb 2007
As a huge fan of the online Pandora Music service, I think it would be a good idea for you to change the name of this program. I imagine they have a wee bit more clout with this name than you.
[Version 2.0.6]

QuickBen commented on 27 Jan 2007
Graphics fail to work properly on my Mac Pro (dual 2.66 w/ NVIDIA 7300GT). I tried all the different graphics settings in the game, yet there isn't any background showing up during game play. In other words, the characters appear to be standing in space--nothing but black.
[Version 1.61revB]

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