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Qb commented on 27 Jan 2014
4.2 has been available since Aug-2012 direct from the developer's www site. The MU update is now the same 4.2 from that date.

I can understand the developer might be very slow to notify MU of their updates. I do wish the bugs mentioned in Sep-2012 would be fixed including URLMP asking to Save Changes when no changes have been made.
[Version 4.2]


Qb reviewed on 13 Nov 2013
So I've gotten the emails from both MacUpdate and Koingo. Koingo is graciously now giving us 3.x versions claiming they had only agreed to 2.x.

When the MU bundle was offered 3.x had been out for years - WHY would we EXPECT to get 2.x. Only if they then expected to get us to update and pay for that.

Okay - now they "give us" 3.x - but 4.x has been out so they expect us to PAY for that upgrade???

If MU was informed in writing about giving away only 2.x then yes, MU is wrong. Otherwise I too would expect the then current 3.x not some out of date 2.x to be given.
[Version 4.0.7]


Qb reviewed on 06 Nov 2013
Current version 2.4 (latests since Sep-2011) has even more issues running on 10.9 Mavericks. Most notable is the scroll bar under the thumbnail images has VANISHED. It is now impossible to scroll thorough recipes. And don't try to use it on a dual screen: if you move it so part is on the 2nd screen that part disappears.

For 20 months we have been promised a newer version (on Ken's Facebook) and now the recipe manager app seems dead and no support.
[Version 2.4]

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Qb replied on 06 Nov 2013
Ah - just discovered the dual screen problem can be fixed by UNCHECKING "Displays have separate Spaces" in the Mission Control System Prefs.

Qb reviewed on 15 Oct 2013
I am testing this with a current gen iPod Touch 64GB and have some issues:

First is is simply slow - took 10 minutes to scan and display the 34 Apps I have on this Touch.

Second, while faster with Music it is showing me only 2 rows of of about 6 characters in the music list. I can click any "empty line" and the title shows in the far right playback window and will play but the song titles never show in the central list.

Ah - discovered if I click another category and then back to "Music" it will show the list. However 50% of the "Artis" column is empty and 90% of the Albums are listed as "(null)" when I know iTunes and the iPod itself show them fine.

Third - the window cannot be resized to provide more width to spread out the columns.

Fourth - noticed a very basic oversight that does not instill confidence in me: in my running copy and it is even in their image here in MU, look at the upper left where it says "iDevice Statu" instead of "Status". This is v 1.4.0 and has the misspelling been overlooked since it was in beta?

This Touch has iOS 7.0.2 so is up to date.
[Version 1.4.0]


Qb reviewed on 09 Oct 2013
Certainly WindowMizer works as a windowshade application. And being an app is far better than Unsanities Haxie. Pretty much a one-trick pony and I have long wondered why Apple would take this pony away. (Yes, I know - minimize to the Dock took its place).

That said there is still a split second lag is shading or unshading that I find myself wanting to double click a title bar again thinking it had not received my clicks.

Why it does not get 5 stars: First from their www site I gather the original version of WindowMizer was released sometime around 23-Feb-2013. So now only 6,5 months later we have had to pay for v. 1, v. 2 upgrade and now v. 3 upgrade. Wow - I thought prepaying for a future version of Unsanity products was nuts.

Second - I wonder about their support. If you look in their General Discussion Forum for WindowMizer their last reply to any user is on 15-July-2013. And there is not that much traffic so why no replies to the other calls for help.

Third - and this may be resolved as I have email them: I purchased a 6-computer license of WM 2.x on 13-May-2013. Right now the only upgrade I see if for 2-computers. I feel that within 5 months I should be getting a FREE upgrade and I would like to stay honest and get a 6-computer license again. I'll report back about their response.
[Version 3.0]

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Qb replied on 09 Oct 2013
I need to make a correction: I now find I actually purchased THREE 2-computer packages of version 2.x (not a 6-computer). My mistake so please ignore the 2 vs 6 computer part of item 3 above.

Qb replied on 09 Oct 2013
So I got a very fast reply from the developer. He points out that WM has been around for 18 months (above I based my length on the only info I could find about WM on their www site.) I'll agree that 3 whole number updates over 18 months is far better than 6.5 months.

I was also not aware that v.2 was a free update to everyone. Very nice.

THank you for an application I've depended on daily.

Qb reviewed on 11 Jan 2013
Very very simple file rename options and not worth the $30, IMHO. I downloaded and used the demo as it is offered on sale via another site. What it does it does well but I see no option to serialize (01, 02...) file name nor rename based on EXIF data.

A Better FInder Renamer is less costly, does nuch more and has visual preview of what the renaming files will result in before actually applying it.

Perhaps FileMorph will grow and mature in the future.
[Version 1.1.0]

Qb rated on 10 Dec 2012
[Version 1.0.3]

Qb commented on 16 Jul 2012
I find the following GUI action of your Processes 1.0.0 application nauseating and wrong:

Launch the app and click on Cpu (which I believe should be CPU in uppercase…).

Now click the any process in the list, say the 3rd one. As the processes change in order due to changing CPU usage rather than my selection being followed the selection ALWAYS STAYS at position 3 in the list. This means the "Opened files" and the into to the right of that are constantly changing.

It is wrong as I want to watch ONE process not the 3rd process. It is also sickening to see it flash info up and changes each second.

yucccccccy! I won't be buying even at half price as offered in an email from you.

Apple's free Activity Monitor give only part of the info that Processes does but I'll stick with that for now.
[Version 1.0]

Qb commented on 01 Mar 2012
Looks like promising new things in version 2. http://www.mindersoftworks.com/blog/

I'll gladly pay an update fee but I do hope that at least my #1 feature request got incorporated: ability to download all comics in one swoop.

Best wishes for the "innovations!"
[Version 1.0.2]

Qb commented on 01 Mar 2012
I just received and email from MacUpdate that AcmeReader on my watch list had been updated. Still appears to be version 0.10 even if I download from the "developer" site.
[Version 0.10]

Qb had trouble on 18 Dec 2013
I've tried several times to use DM 3.0.3 to make a bootable FW partition of Mavericks 10.9.1 and it fails. It will produce a FW partition for 10.9.0.

I've notified the developer.

Has anyone else had success with 10.9.1?
[Version 3.0.3]

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Qb replied on 18 Dec 2013
Sorry I should have spelled out FireWire the first time. I'm using an external Firewire 800 1TB drive with multi-partitions.
Qb had trouble on 24 Jan 2013
I posted this to URLMP's Discussion list almost 3 weeks and as no response there I will cross post here:
I have problems with URL MP 4.2.4 and SN 10.8.2 identical to ones mentioned by others.

First picking a single URL or "Open in Tabs" from the Menu bar icon results in nothing happening in Safari. Does not matter if I have a Safari window open or not.

Second - most time when I startup my Mac Pro in the morning URLMP shows the partially drawn window (I read this is a history window) plus my URLs. It will not hide and if I QUIT it asks to SAVE CHANGES even though no changes have been made.

I've had these for a few releases and keep updating URLMP in hopes of a fix. However nothing seems to be forthcoming in recent months.

[Version 4.1.1]

Qb had trouble on 19 Apr 2012
Thanks for the recent update. However I still have the previously reported and documented problem of double-clicking an email in Mail App and having it open and window shade when I just want it to open.
[Version 1.5.3]

Qb had trouble on 11 Oct 2011
2.4 has been more stable than 2.3.x and after many weeks of troubleshooting repeated crashing when editing/saving recipes I have a breakthrough. From my 35 years of programming I was say there is a recursion bug in YS. I can open a new database with only default recipes and in 2 changes in the preferences / Smart Measurements get the app to crash repeatedly. Finding this out lead to a solution to many of the crashes I've had.

2.4 still has problems with modified images not displaying, searches not yielding correct matches, images added to the Notes section coming out huge and the developer's temper.
[Version 2.4]

Qb had trouble on 13 Jan 2011
Cisco VPN use to work for me but give the Error 51 - cannot communicate with VPN Subsystem since I've gone to 64-bit mode. This error use to be an occasional problem cured by restarting my MacBook Pro. But no longer - I've gone to using Apple's own VPN in the Network Sys Pref. THat works just fine.

I'm using the latest: and 10.6.6

Anyone know of a fix to make this work?

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