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Pugwash reviewed on 29 Nov 2013
Since Apple/Filemaker have chosen to abandon Bento (why, I wish I knew??), I have been forced to buy Filemaker. Having worked with it for a week or so now I have to say that despite the large price difference between the two, I find Bento to be far and away more stable. While working with FM I'm finding that I get the spinning beach ball on a frustratingly regular basis while working.
While FM may have more under the hood I preferred working with Bento. Another there is no upgrade pricing from Bento to FM. If you're looking for a Bento substitute, don't leap straight into FM.
[Version 12.0.4]


Pugwash reviewed on 02 Nov 2013
I mainly got this so I could easily enter and sync with the iPhone version. It's not a bad application but it does lack two vital things:
1/ There is no field for Known Conditions. For example if you're a Diabetic there is no field in General Info to put this in along with other relevant info. Pretty basic stuff I would have thought.
2/ No ability for a user to add an Additional info/Notes section. In other words not at all flexible, you have to work with what the developers give you.

For the money I would have expected a lot more.
[Version 1.9.2]

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Pugwash replied on 02 Nov 2013
It's a minor point but the icon is soooooo ugly. Looks like a really bad bit of 80's design.

Pugwash reviewed on 26 Oct 2013
I currently own Mail Designer, and while it may be good, for a small business it's quite expensive. I looked at the Pro version, which costs even more, but because the developer doesn't seem to offer any upgrade path I'm going to give it a miss.

Note re: my rating - I didn't want to be unfair by giving the Pro version poor rating, and because I haven't tried it am basing my rating on Mail Designer.
[Version 2.0.3]


Pugwash reviewed on 01 Oct 2013
My advice is to stay away. I paid for the subscription service on this and found it slowed down my browsing experience quite a bit. Also for some reason or another the ads, which were supposed to be blocked with the subscription would suddenly appear every now and then.
But the clincher is trying to cancel a subscription, the information they provide via support is completely inaccurate and so it becomes a complete pain to cancel. Esellerate as well, say more.
I recently purchased NetShade which is far superior in my opinion.
[Version 2.90]


Pugwash reviewed on 11 Sep 2013
Good but Safari Integration doesn't work.

1/From Speed Download help: "Resume Safari downloaded files with Speed Download! If you have downloaded a file with Safari partially, you can resume its download reliably with Speed Download. Simply drag and drop the Safari .download file onto the Speed Download icon in the dock, or into the 'My Downloads' section, and watch your file complete 100%." Neither of these methods work.
2/ Downloading from the right click contextual menu doesn't work. I appreciate that this the help says this may not work with some sites but I've had Speed Download 5.3 for a while now and it has never worked.

Hopefully these browser integration issues will work in version 6.
[Version 5.3.0]


Pugwash reviewed on 06 Sep 2013
Good but I wish the window would remain 'hidden' when I tell it to instead randomly opening, gets incredibly annoying after a while.
[Version 1.0.2]

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Pugwash replied on 13 Sep 2013
Trashed! Can't stand this thing anymore, it's just a pain the a####. Contacted Support about 4 days ago and haven't heard back. So buggy app with absolutely no support. If I could downgrade it to a singe star I would.

Pugwash reviewed on 13 Aug 2013
This is a really good app however in their eagerness to make it easy to use the developers, in my opinion, have totally overdone it with the auto stuff. For example, it's now August and if I enter 'do blah, blah for Nov show' and I have already selected the date for next week, it automatically resets the date for the 1st of November. So I have to back and reset dates etc. Another example, If I enter the word 'to', anything entered thereafter automatically goes into the the location field. This type of thing gets very frustrating after a while because when entering an event or whatever you find yourself having to go back and edit the entry to get it the way wanted it in the first place or try to anticipate what Fantastical will do and word an entry in such a way that works around all this auto stuff.
As I said before I really do like Fantastical but all of this can severely detract from it's ease of use.
[Version 1.3.9]

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Pugwash replied on 27 Sep 2013
Ok here's another one: Trying to something for tomorrow the 29th Sept 2013. Enter the first word 'Set' in the entry field and it jumps to the 1st of September 2014!

Pugwash replied on 25 Nov 2013
Thanks Reowen! That's great little tip!

Pugwash reviewed on 30 Dec 2012
I've been a long time user of Rapidweaver and while on the whole it's a good app at times it displays some very quirkey behaviour.
The most annoying, and I have posted in the past about this, is that you can spend hours working on your site and despite constantly saving and having these changes reflected in the site while your working, the next time you open RW the changes are not there!
To be honest, I'm sick of having my time wasted by Rapidweaver like this. By all means download the trial and try it out but look around for alternatives.
[Version 5.3.1]

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Pugwash replied on 30 Dec 2012
I should add that this non-saving issue seems to arise when RW is open for a long time while working, ie several hours. Which, while I'm no expert, and I apologise if I'm wrong, would seem to indicate there's a problem with the basics within the app (I never have this problem with anything else I use). I mention this because as a few have mentioned, you can, like me, spend a lot of money on various plug-ins/'stacks', etc. So if you are trialling it be sure to give it a good, thorough work-out before you make a buying decision.

Pugwash replied on 01 Jan 2013
Ok the latest! It seems that this non-saving issue may be related to a plug-in. For those that aren't familiar with RW there are a whole series of plug-ins, and plug-ins that work within plug-ins. One or two of these are key for flexibility and features when creating a site.
This non-saving issue may be related to one such plug-in that will accept other plug-ins. So I guess RW itself may not be to blame here.

Pugwash reviewed on 17 Sep 2012
Has conflicts with DrivePulse/Drive Genius.
Have been trialling Espionage 3 and just couldn't get it to work i.e. almost every folder I dropped to be encrypted a got an error message saying 'resource in use', or something like that. I've sent an email to support but in the mean time have discovered that it has issues with Drive Pulse. The only work around is to turn Drive Pulse off, encrypt the folder then turn Drive Pulse on. Not very satisfactory if you're a Drive Pulse user. They have known about this issue for sometime now, 2011 at least, but no fix. This is just a heads up for everyone and not a critical review hence the stars. If it wasn't for this problem I would have trialled it a bit longer.
Link to Drive Pulse issue on Espionage forum:
[Version 3.0.2]

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Pugwash replied on 19 Sep 2012
An update: In fairness to Tao Effects this Drive Pulse issue doesn't seem to be isolated to Espionage. I did a quick trial with Knox and Concealer and these to have conflicts with Drive Pulse. Maybe that should be other way round; Drive Pulse has issues with these applications. Again to be fair to Tao I'm going to give Espionage another go.

Pugwash reviewed on 23 Jul 2012
The other thing about Accounted is that you are limited by the number of Macs that it will allow you to use it on. I purchased Accounted years ago when it first came out and my now on my third Mac since buying. Recently there was an upgrade notice and I thought I'd check it out. I tried to open my version prior to even looking at downloading the upgrade and was tole that I had to re-register my copy. When I tried to re-register I receive the following: "This serial number has already been registered on the maximum number of machines".
So there is no allowance for an individual upgrading their machines. What a load of rubbish!!!!
[Version 3.1]

Pugwash had trouble on 25 Jul 2011
I didn't want to put this in reviews/comments because I really like 1Password (when it works), and I understand that it is not necessarily the developers fault that it is not currently working in Safari 5.1.
But I really cannot understand the reasoning behind the 'new' ios looking window in the extension. Sure it might look 'cute' to some but as far as I'm concerned it's complete garbage. Takes up room, can't search and well, just looks really cheap. Please bring back the previous interface.
[Version 3.6.5]

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