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Ptrix reviewed on 23 May 2013
Not the best release... I've noticed that Skype conversations are no longer synching so that the histories match when viewing them on my IOS device vs. on my Mac.

My outgoing messages are now appearing as "Pending" on my IOS device, and incoming messages, while viewable on IOS (in the same conversation, mind you), are not displaying on the Mac version.

Maybe i'm doing something wrong, but i've NOT changed any of my preferences, so i'm confused.. Any ideas or suggestions, or should i just downgrade?


Ptrix reviewed on 24 Jan 2013
Excellent app, but i have a few questions that I hope someone would know the answer to: 1. is there a way to configure the software to prevent remote file deletion, and 2. is there a way to clear the recently accessed file list?
[Version 3.0]


Ptrix reviewed on 05 Aug 2012
version 1.5.0 FAILS to launch on 10.6.8, despite the notes stating that Monolingual requires at least 10.5. I understand the developers wanting to incorporate some of the feature sets available only to later versions of MacOSX, but why remove backwards compatibility with earlier versions?

I'm rather disappointed by this development, and will not be upgrading Monolingual for the time being...
[Version 1.5.0]


Ptrix reviewed on 25 Apr 2012
Awesome game!But i've noticed that it tends to crash a bit, and it would be to the benefit of users if you could create an english version of the website
[Version 1.5]


Ptrix reviewed on 15 Oct 2011
Very interesting software, but there's one issue that i'm unable to resolve. When I use the "Share Media" filter images and videos appears horizontally flipped (displaying in 'reverse' as it were), and nothing i've tried returns it to it's proper orientation. Does anyone know how to correct this?
[Version 3.0.2]


Ptrix reviewed on 01 Aug 2011
This is good software, BUT i had to revert to version 1.2.2 because the 1.2.3 update broke compatibility with .srt subtitles in Quicktime X and Quicktime 7. The video and audio would play, but the subtitle wouldn't. (nor would either version play subtitled videos in Front Row in 10.6.8. In Front Row, the audio would play, but there is a black screen, which makes it useless). Until the Perian team is able to fix/improve subtitle compatibility, i am unable to use this software to it's full and ideal potential.
[Version 1.2.3]


Ptrix reviewed on 04 Mar 2011
This is great software, but there's one feature that it could use that I feel would make it even more useful. If there were a way to enable transparency of the on-screen controller, (so that it won't completely obscure the image underneath it when accessing it), it would be perfect. I DO realize that that's probably something that the developer can't alter, as this pref panel modifies the hidden QTX preference options, but it would be welcomed if it were at all possible.
[Version 1.2]


Ptrix reviewed on 13 Jan 2011
I'm wondering how users who have already paid for PixelMator prior to its availability on the MacAppStore will be able to receive future updates?

If the developers are expecting existing paid users to pay again for that "privilege", than I'll be very tempted to jump ship and support developers who aren't going to exploit their customer base in such a way, OR seek out other alternatives, considering that I've already paid in full for PM, as far as I'm concerned.

They need to rethink their marketing strategy, because it could topple over on them very easily. I'm not going to pay twice for an application that I bought once, and they should have more respect for their customers before they lose them.

They have to choose whether their priorities are to the people who use their products in good faith, or to using the Mac App Store publicity to deceive people into adding to their profits. And it would be in their best interests to choose sooner rather than later.

Because of this conduct, I'm strongly looking into other software solutions. The top of the list at this time is Acorn, available at:

PixelMator, you threw down a challenge, and I'm not going to bow my head in the way you want us to. It's ON.
[Version 1.6.4]

ptrix commented on 08 Jul 2009
Ever since the Safari 4 beta, and continuing throw to 4.0.2, i've been experiencing a strange bug on my system whenever i enable the Private Browsing feature. Basically, when I enable it, it seems to automatically change Safari's security settings from 'Never Accept Cookies' to accept cookies 'Only From Sites I Visit', but without alerting me to the modification. And needless to say, i don't know why accepting cookies during what should be a private session would be in keeping with the concept of "Private Browsing". This did NOT happen in Safari 3.x, and I am at a loss to figure out why this is happening in Safari 4. I have Saft installed, but this happened before I installed it, and also happens when i uninstall it, so i don't think Saft is responsible.

am i the only person this is happening to, and if not, can anyone explain why Safari 4.x is behaving in this strange way? I have sent bug reports to Apple during the time Safari 4 was in open beta, and have sent bug reports every upgrade since, but they haven't fixed it, which leads me to believe that this behaviour is either intentional, or something's wrong with my system. Not sure which...
[Version 4.0.2]

ptrix commented on 03 Dec 2005
great software! however, one feature I'd like to see would be the abilty to choose between having the Rewind button go to the previous song, or going to the beginning of the current song before going to the previous song. other than that, this utility is excellent! Keep up the great work!
[Version 0.8.5]

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ptrix replied on 03 Dec 2005
Ok, me again. I did a little research and discovered that this could be accomplished in Applescript by having the rewind button call the "Back Track" command instead of the "Previous" command. Only thing I need is a tutorial for performing that change in ByteController, which the author didn't include, (or if he did, he made it VERY difficult to find). If anyone would be willing to lend a hand with that, could you please reply here? Thanks! :D

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