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Ptk3 commented on 26 Feb 2014
The demo video is not available…
[Version 1.0]

Ptk3 commented on 22 Jan 2014
No offense, but… can I have some more information for a soft in a more than full category? I know, it's free. But is it more than one of dozen mardown apps (although with integrated preview)?
How does it store, save, sync, open, modify, convert files? What formats does it open? In which formats does it export?
Does it display in fullscreen, using Apple OS feature, or does it have its own fullscreen mode?
As a journal app, how does it handle with calendar feature? Does it interact with Calendar?
Does it publish straight to the web? Does it sue ftp protocol?
That's a few questions which answer will help with the choice to finally download it ot not.
[Version 1.0.4]

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Ptk3 replied on 27 Jan 2014
"As its free, just download it and find out"

Or forget it without downloading, as there's not enough info to make you download. I really don't know how is your workflow but mine, and time to spend to try a new soft is really reduce, and the description really help me to make myself an opinion.

That said, I try it and, as you say, delete it quickly; already have several tools better in every feature…

Ptk3 replied on 23 Feb 2014
Very sorry to spend your time and mine with this, and I won't do it again; next time with a soft with less description for my convenience, I just forget it simply.
So there's more simple than the 3 steps you suggest:
1) read on it,
2) if you're not convinced, forget it.
Ptk3 commented on 12 Dec 2013
Ok, I understand what Marked is made for, now, though I read some review that are not so clear. But… I really don't understand the difference between Marked and Marked 2, unless one is on the MAS and the other's not.

So what do Marked 2 does that Marked does not?
[Version 2.2]


Ptk3 reviewed on 24 Aug 2013
MacJournal is still great; on the Mac, there are few apps that have its features, it's a great tool for everyday writing, taking note… But it misses now a good behavior between mac and iOS device, as every challenger has changed; the iOS app lacks of ergonomy, the sync process is out of age (closer to the Palm process than the cloud process), nor DropBox neither iCloud integration. The web export need to integer markdown (and a markdown writing mode could be offered in addition or replacement of the current edit mode - but in case of replacement, it have to be almost as good as the current mode).
Last but not least, the interface has to be really enhaced: the tag palette is too far for a regular use, the management of thumbmnails need to be cleared.
And the VERY feature that always missed, make me regretting for a long time, is the ability to create independant journal.

Shortly, MacJournal is still good but become to be old, and need a deep refresh that deserve a new number of a paid version; as is, the version 6 is not as major as it was claimed, and Mariner Software don't give it the importance it needs.
[Version 6.0.8]

Ptk3 commented on 25 Apr 2013
Is it me or is it unbuyable right now? No information about the price policy (introducing price? discount price for owners of the version 2?)?
Could we have more information?
[Version 3.0]

Ptk3 commented on 20 Feb 2013
I really would like to buy this soft (a very good idea I'd like to see in action), but unfortunately it seems there's no way without a paypal ID, even when paying with a credit card; why?
[Version 2.4]


Ptk3 reviewed on 30 Sep 2012
I loved this suite, really the first one to take care of mac users, launched natively way before open office began to think about leaving X11 dependancy.
But their payment policy that doesn't say its name really annoy me: it's NOT a donationware anymore as donation is not a choice, it's NOT a simple shareware as you have to "donate" (means pay) every year. That's simply not a commercial fee, but a commercial subscription. It could be, but HAVE to be announced like that.
So I decide now to erase any NeoOffice file of my hard disk and turn back to Open Office, as it's reborn under the wings of the Apache foundation (I really never like the much buggy Libre Office, and I don't really wanna know which power war is under the split with the former open office staff).
So long, NeoOffice, I liked you very much (name, icon and functionnalities) but it's over.
[Version 3.3]


Ptk3 reviewed on 29 May 2012
Really love this app and use it for long; I just have one wish and a little bug report:
- wish: make the app able to add more than one alert for a schedule;
- bug report: sometimes, the app can't enter any schedule because of mailapp schedule calendar, and force me to reinstall it…
[Version 4.5.1]

Ptk3 commented on 11 Apr 2012
In addition, trying to download it to see what enhancements are added by the version 4, I see that this is the slowest server I've seen for a long long time (more that and hour to download a 43 mo file… on a T1 connection)…
[Version 4.0.15]


Ptk3 reviewed on 06 Oct 2011
I'd like to add some informations from the rare good level review from ChrisPolus.
First, don't pay Rapidweaver the big price, it'll appear in any bundle once a year at least, and that's the right price to pay it, because of the extra charge noticed in the other reviews.
Second, as a beginner who want to find a good way to develop website, try WordPress first. It's free, had a very big community, and most of the add-ons are also free. But you need not so short learning curve to have result, even to install it on ftp on your internet provider space.

What ChrisPolus says very good, is that he's a webdevelopper; he knows how to code when it comes to enhance the look and feel of your website. And that's the very difference between him and me: I'm not a webdev, and I don't want to be, but I really need to use websites in my work, with no time to spend to learn a lot of changing rules in web development (I'm an assistant professor in visual semiotics and communication; if I have to know how the web works, I don't have to develop myself and have really no time to spend to learn how to).
In that case, RW is good, really good; I used it first several years ago (in version 2, I think), with a real urgence to find a solution to provide several different files in a cool way to my students that were blocked out the university; two years later, I'd like to find a way to give students lots of images files I show on courses, with the slideshows I use to present.
It took me half a day to make my first site with RW, great looking (for me) and helpfull for my students. I was able to give my students a web companion way before the university provide it… and in a very coolest and most elegan way.

For anybody who wants to show things on the web with not any money to hire a developper and not any time to learn html, CSS and javascript (or php bases, what you need to use correctly WordPress, Drupal or Joomla), Rapidweaver is the best software, although I agree with all that ChrisPolus says.

But if you have some times (I mean a dozen days), a well built project on paper, try this way: spend a day with each of the concurrent: RW, Freeway, Sandvox, Flux, Webacapella, even BlueGriffon if you want to defend open source, and spend two days with Wordpress (one day is NOT enough). If you are skilled enough, and if your project need several dynamic pages, I think you'll choose Wordpress to develop your site. If you're interest in the result and want to have a simple and flexible workflow, I think you'll choose RapidWeaver. If you are more graphic skilled and have some habits in graphic software, maybe you should choose Sandvox…
But if your project is too big, and need regular improvements, maybe you can look at the prices of some dev? :-)

You have the choice, and RW is not the best in every way, but according to what I say, it's the one of the shortest learning curve (as short as iWeb) and could be a companion for long years with progressive learn in webdev.

Last, but not least, some extra add-ons are NECESSARY: Stacks is the first (make your page open to built like a Lego), RapidAlbum the second (add many ways to slideshow your pictures - and it's free!), PlusKit the third (make you able to add slideshow in any type of page, and more, to import any page in any other).

Remember you can also embed any type of external page in your Rapidweaver project with a built-in plug-in. That means you can add a forum, a blog, a survey, a CMS, even a sellbox, you can make password pages, for free, but sometimes with a little code to add (all explained on the web or on the rapidweaver forums), though there are lot of paid add-on that let you do it smoother, without any code to learn.
[Version 5.2.2]

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Ptk3 replied on 03 Dec 2011
Tdu, what I meant is that you can learn it little by little while providing a good looking website; but if you're a beginner and have so time before your site is out, I think you better learn Wordpress. It's not only a question of learning curve, it's a question of needing quick results while you're learning.

Ptk3 replied on 03 Dec 2011
In other word, I spend much time to learn some specific aspects on RW, but AFTER my site was online, good looking and functional. I don't find another piece of webdev soft that make it possible (but maybe I have less time than before… or I get older and less open to learn?)
Ptk3 had trouble on 20 Jan 2014
I already use it in 6.3.2 version on a macbook pro with mavericks; but on an old imac with Snow Leo, it refuses to launch. Can fix this, as no earlier version is avalaible on the developper's website?
[Version 6.3.2]

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