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Psychosynthesis reviewed on 13 Feb 2014
I like this app and endeavour to use it, but downloads seem to get stuck, or installations and as it is all going on in the back ground there is no way to intervene. Its a little frustrating when it doesn't work smoothly
[Version 5.2.3]


Psychosynthesis reviewed on 08 Feb 2014
Sorry @Fishscale but I did look at what it said on the tin and it kind of promises a lot but then is a sort of very cut down drag thing, or a launcher or something, its not good value, it does not have a lot of features, ooh then we get in app purchases...that IAP is bleeding us dry.
I know there will be some that love it, but I am looking for innovation. I did think it was perhaps a little unfair so i have put it up to 2 stars
[Version 1.4.3]


Psychosynthesis reviewed on 05 Jan 2014
I am forever searching for a better browser that gives me some features but doesn’t become a bloated everything net app like Firefox or Chrome. I use Safari when I can but add a few extensions and it becomes slow and buggy
So then I see Omniweb 6, (used omniweb before and quite liked it, but gave up after a while) used the post below went to the website downloaded and began to use, its excellent.
I have to ask where is the money in browsers is it in the search engines, tracking info and surfing and selling it on, why produce one?
My fave of all time was Shiira, where is that now?
[Version 5.11.2]

Psychosynthesis commented on 01 Jan 2014
So does it sync using icloud or not?
[Version 3.1.4]

Psychosynthesis commented on 31 Dec 2013
is it true that adblockers are selling advertising bypass to the ad people? At least so i read on a comment down at lifehacker
[Version 1.5.3]

Psychosynthesis commented on 31 Dec 2013
This site needs a more sophisticated review system.
The reviews under are not about the app so much as about the marketing, or the price
On MAS this app has 47 x 5 stars as of my comment.
Of course software rip off needs criticising, but I need to know about the app itself
[Version 1.1.1]

Psychosynthesis rated on 14 Nov 2013
[Version 5.2.3]


Psychosynthesis reviewed on 16 Aug 2013
When YJ stopped syncing I tried others, and I see Together syncs with iCloud, Voodoopad syncs with dropbox and Devon think syncs with Dropbox also.
As others have said YJ lags behind in its ability to store and sort items
The sync path for this app is innovative but too expensive. You will stick with what you know maybe, but at what price?
[Version 4.0]

Psychosynthesis commented on 21 Jun 2013
Hmm, lots of complaining about iCloud from the developers, because this product still doesn't sync across macs, so how come the rival Together syncs via iCloud?
[Version 3.0.4]

Psychosynthesis commented on 22 Apr 2013
I used to love this utility. But having downloaded 1.00 it won't install... admin password and then nothing.
[Version 1.0.0]

Psychosynthesis had trouble on 09 Jan 2012
it seems to have some problems with the app optimal layout, I can't get it to window shade
[Version 1.5.1]

Psychosynthesis had trouble on 22 Oct 2011
well I found the app for iPhone and iPad but I can't get it to sync, can anyone explain how its done?
[Version 2.8.0]

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