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Psychiatry reviewed on 18 Mar 2014
Unfortunately, it is dead.

Wondershare AllMyMusic for Mac apparently is a goof replacement.
[Version 2.1]

Psychiatry commented on 11 Mar 2014
This looks like a joke - a bad joke. It doesn't appear to have been written with any advice by a physician.

If the developer were serious about creating an electronic health record, then he/she should realize there are federal regulations that he has to meet and certify the EHR.

If the developer were serious about creating an electronic health record, then at the very least, show us a progress note entry form sample. I don't see any screen that shows us as basic a document as a progress note.

If anything, this app is simply an attempt to lure people to buy it rather than provide a real service to physicians.

Daylite can do a much better basic job than this app.
[Version 1.5]

Psychiatry commented on 25 Jan 2014
Docker is / was the best of the Dock personalization apps.

Unfortunately, it is incompatible with OS X 10.8 and 10.9.

The last update was 3 years ago.

The developer as of 11/2013 reported he lacks time to commit to updating Docker.

[Version 1.6.7]

Psychiatry commented on 25 Jan 2014
Too bad DockDoctor has been dead for 6+ years.

I would love an app that can personalize the Dock in OS X 10.9


Psychiatry reviewed on 25 Jan 2014
AppDelete simply does a much deepr, thorough and complete search of an app and its related files than any other utility.

For example, I wanted to delete the DockMod app from my Mac.


1. DockMod
2. com.spyresoft.DockMod.plist
3. com.spyresoft.DockMod
4. DockMod folder

1. DockMod
2. com.spyresoft.DockMod.plist
3. com.spyresoft.DockMod
4. DockMod folder
5. DockMod alias in Favorites folder
6. http_www.dockmod.com_0.localstorage
7. com.spyresoft.dockmodhelper.plist
8. com.spyresoft.dockmodhelper

AppDelete simply does a deeper and more thorough search for an apps related files.

There is simply no comparison.

AppDelete is clearly the best. It is superior to its competition.

Highly recommended.
[Version 4.1.1]

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Psychiatry replied on 25 Jan 2014
Another huge advantage for AppDelete is that instead of deleting the app and its files, it can place them into an archive organized by what folders they came from.

This way, you can also manually reinstall an app if you want. This way, if there is data you want to save, can archive the files rather than lose them forever by deleting them.

Psychiatry reviewed on 09 Jan 2014
1Password is the best in class password and secrets encryption database.

1Password has been stable for all the years I have used it. It has exhibited zero bugs.

1Password works on the Mac OS X and iOS. It also works on Safari, Chrome, and FireFox browsers on Mac OS X.

1Password is worth the price for keeping your closest secrets encrypted and away from the NSA. It is worthwhile for missing critical work secrecy.

No software developer that is active in developing their software that is going to last your lifetime is going to give away product for free or cheap. They will appropriately sell product on both iOS and OS X. Any true Apple target customer would simply get a better job to afford this.

Any software developer that gives product away to the point they can't earn a living on it is simply doing it as a hobby. You can't trust that software to last your lifetime nor be supported since they can't afford to provide support.

1Password does an excellent job of using DropBox as the central storage area for the encrypted database - accessible on iOS and Mac. It is great using the same database on all of my Macs, iPhones and iPads. Backups are easily and automatically done.

I am highly satisfied by 1Password and highly recommend it.

It is the best. And it is actively updated and supported. Like the iPhone and Mac, it is worth the price.
[Version 4.1.3]

Psychiatry commented on 24 Dec 2013
It is easy to fax from the Mac.

1. Get an All-in-One Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax such as the Epson WorkForce WF-2540 Wireless for $89 or the Brother MFC7360N with built-in networking.
2. In the Printers & Scanners, add the printer as a Fax.
3. Scan your document
4. Print to the Fax printer driver - selecting the phone number of your choice from your address book.

If you are lucky, to send and receive faxes:

1. Install Parallels Desktop
2. Install Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard Server ($69) in Parallels
3. Install PageSender Fax Center in Snow Leopard Server. Share the Fax Printer
4. Attach a FaxModem such as the USRobotics USR5637 56K modem to the Mac.
5. Print to the Page Sender Fax Printer driver.

Note that if you have updated all along from 10.6 to 10.9, PageSender still works excellently for receiving Faxes in Mac OS X 10.9 via a FaxModem.

I simply send faxes via the All-In-One Printer's Fax function - which is cheap these days. And Epson and Brother make smart ones which can store jobs in memory as a job is being sent.

Or if I want the fax sent unattended, I simply print it from the Mac to the Fax Driver of the All-In-One Printer.
[Version 3.0]

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Psychiatry replied on 03 Jan 2014
@ Prince_Isaac:
Install the printer driver as you would a regular printer. The fax functionality is built into the printer-driver itself.

All you have to do is to Print the document after setting the Print-Dialog box option to fax:

1. When ready to fax, simply print.
2. When the print-dialog box comes up, go to the layout pop-up menu (this is often renamed as your app's name)
3. Select the "Send Fax" menu item.
4. The Fax options will then show up. Set the destination.
5. Then press the "Print" button.

There you go!

Psychiatry reviewed on 19 Nov 2013
Yay. Now that CandyBar is DEAD, it is nice that someone is working on a utility to customize system icons.

I am waiting for the official release version before I use it.
[Version 3.0b]


Psychiatry reviewed on 27 Oct 2013
TotalFinder WORKS with Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. I had to re-install it since the Mavericks Installer removed it as incompatible software.

All of its features work.

The best and unique features in OS X 10.9 are:
1. Dual Pane Finder Windows - which requires its version of Finder tabs
2. Colorized Sidebar icons.
3. Showing folders on top in Finder windows

There is one feature I wish TotalFinder has (which I twittered and support-forum posted to the developer): Finder Labels.

I wish it returned Finder Labels to filenames. It can use the top tag color to colorize the background of filenames. OS X 10.9 unfortunately replaced Finder Labels with tags and stopped colorizing the filename backgrounds.

TotalFinder works great and is strongly supported by its developer.
[Version 1.5.2]


Psychiatry reviewed on 27 Oct 2013
IconBox is a replacement for CandyBar. And it has a developer who is interested in updating it, unlike CandyBar, which was abandoned by its developer Panic and IconFactory. It literally does everything CandyBar can do including storing and organizing icons.

Unfortunately, it currently cannot replace the system icons such as the default folder icon in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. This is a key feature for this software.

Certainly, there are constraints imposed by selling it in the Mac App Store. But I would gladly pay for it again on the developer's site.
[Version 2.5.9]

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