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Pslieber reviewed on 23 Oct 2013
I almost never post reviews (I leech off the terrific collective wisdom on MacUpdate!), but this update inspired me to comment.

For this user, OS 10.7-8 turned me off SO much with their combined sluggishness, I was debating making my current two MacBook Pro's my last Mac portables. Even with a Time Capsule/AppleTV/Airport Express/2 iPhone household.

This update - knock on keyboard - is fantastic. Early speed returns are wonderful, likewise seeming stability. (Remember to run Disk Utility post-install; there are some nasty core permission repairs in there.) Can't beat the price either, of course!
[Version 10.9]


Pslieber reviewed on 08 Oct 2012
Short and simple review, as it appears opinions on browsers tends to a personal preference.

With 10.8.2, I started to find Safari sluggish, ability to handle embedded javascript and/or more script-centric pages troublesome. I couldn't believe Chrome wouldn't load the Gmail page, period (?!), thus ended up here.

Big upgrade in compatibility, performance w/ the base version of Firefox...nothing awkward in CPU (as reported below). Slight dings are for random crashes on my other Mac (the better half's computer), a Firefox devotee.
[Version 15.0.1]


Pslieber reviewed on 08 Oct 2012
Good program, terrific support...and does batch converting seamlessly.

Still, some limitations exist, most notably no ability to convert to specified subfolders (to avoid a mess of files and/or odd prefixes to avoid writing over existing files to the target directory), also an arguably high licensing cost requiring an individual user with multiple computer to pay full price per computer (sans 'household' license). I also ran into some issues on it recognizing files to be dropped into the batch conversion menu (it was randomly finicky), likewise over-compressed some images to render them useless.

On the first point, developers says they're working for it. On the second, they're adamant on this pricing structure.

Still, it does what it promises...and I know what I bought. I converted almost 3000 files in minutes re: use in a digital frame. Sure, some were unusable, and I had to add prefixes to files added in the future to the same memory stick.

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Pslieber replied on 08 Oct 2012
Apologies for leaving this off the review - I'm using 10.8.

Pslieber reviewed on 30 Sep 2012
Simple need, simple solution: dang dot underscore files were driving me crazy when transferring files to an exFAT drive intended for a media server. I lacked the stomach and patience to manually dabble in Terminal nor Windows deletion toward this end.

Clean My Drive works wonderfully in 10.8 toward this end, sports an easy-to-use interface and design. Let alone being free.

I'm also a big fan of its quick eject feature, also shortcut to access the HD/attached drives via the menu bar.
[Version 1.0.2]

Pslieber commented on 06 Jul 2007
Still a no-go (does not show up at all) on a 512MB, 1G shuffle w/ 1.0.2. This remains disappointing beyond words.

I'd give anything to have it simply SHOW UP as a device, on any OS.
[Version 1.0.2]

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Pslieber replied on 11 Jul 2007
I'd love to...if it would show up as a volume. Grr.

To be frank, after an iTunes 7x update, the Shuffle simply went undetected going forward. This appears a common problem re: Apple Support Discussions.
Pslieber commented on 26 Apr 2007
Way to make me eat crow. $20 for an upgrade to nothing-ness; ouch. Shame on you folks.
[Version 2.0]

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Pslieber replied on 26 Apr 2007
Agreed. They updated the site to reflect fulfillment at the new ($5.95) price. Kudos for the head's up.
Pslieber commented on 15 Apr 2007
I WANT to love Opera...but I'm not sure why it still struggles with JavaScript, Flash, select plug-ins/embedded objects.

This has all the makings of being the Mac's best browser; it still hiccups on handling of essential formats.
[Version 9.20]

Pslieber commented on 21 Jun 2006
Adobe finally re-established the download link for the stable version of Flash 8:

Uninstaller for Beta 9:


Pslieber reviewed on 21 Jun 2006
Akin to most Mac users, I remain confounded at the absence of a single browser that can do everything well and consistently (handle javascripting, secure scripts, Flash, page formatting, block pop-ups, password management, scripting, speed, etc.).

I love the customization of Opera, compatibility of Safari, speed of Shiira, rendering of Firefox, robustness of Mozilla, no frills of iCab. I do not, however, enjoy the need to consistently have 2 browsers open to compensate for flaws inherent in each of these offerings.

While Camino is far from perfect, I keep finding it back in my dock as the default browser. Combined with CamiTools, 1.0.2 remains -- in my humble opinion -- arguably the most stable, reliable Mac browser on the market.

Yes, it does suffer from 'beach ball' purgatory on occasion, but a nice respite from the endless reading of Crash Reporter logs and wrongly formatted pages with corrupt roll-over menus.
[Version 1.0.2]


Pslieber reviewed on 09 Jun 2006
What a wonderful, nifty little program that works as advertised. A must-have for visual-oriented folks who play their iTunes in the background. Good stuff.
[Version 1.0.5]

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